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Wedding hairstyles — styles and their options; description how to do it yourself

Wedding hairstyles — styles and their options; step by step description of how to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands

Wedding hairstyles, undoubtedly, among the first to feel the trends of all the new fashion trends in society. It has long been smeared with naphthalene styling with complex structures, filled with varnish and sparkles, but so far you can often see such a sad sight at the REGISTRY OFFICE. We will not find out whose fault it is — an agitated bride before a responsible day or a dubious master with a deprived outlook and lack of a sense of taste.

To help the girls not get confused and make the right choice of wedding hairstyle, we offer some systematization of modern trends in the wedding world, and these trends are set not by anybody, but by the first stars of the red carpet, crowned persons and recognized all over the world as Houses times and are wedding events — Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and others. And such monsters of journalistic genre as Elle and Cosmopolitan carry this work to the masses. So apparently it makes sense to listen to their opinion and create a holistic and, most importantly, stylish image, expressing their individuality and inner world perception. This will help you the following list, which collected basic hairstyles for the gala event, which are no doubt at the height of fashion:

  • Classic — clear lines, strict silhouettes were able to combine the simplicity and sophistication that will always remain relevant. So showing your wedding photos to children, you do not risk appearing ridiculous and unfashionable. To do this, use traditional accessories — veil, tiara, rhinestones and decorative pins.
  • Romance — softness in the whole image, symbolizing sentimental persons, characterized by light curls, fluttering strands. But even on short hair, such a wedding hairstyle is quite complex and will look attractive. As decoration is often used single decors, for example, a flower, a hat, a veil.
  • Glamor — Hollywood-style independent and sexy movie stars, whether they are on the red carpet or those of a spiritual state. The main requirement is a shocking and insanely expensive look.
  • Modern — the image for fashionable girls, following the latest trends, can be created on the hair of any length with the help of fancy styling.
  • Folklore — a growing popularity inspired by ethnic and national motifs. As the main elements of the hairstyle there are various weaving, braids, decorated with satin ribbons, flowers, lace and embroidered elements, repeating the wedding dress.
  • Retro — A choice for extravagant ladies who take the liberty to repeat the fashionable images of days gone by. The priority now is the hairstyles of the 20s, 30s of the past century with smooth hair laid with waves and decorative hoops and small veils. Peculiar French charm in minimalism.
  • Rockabilly — All fans of Elvis Presley and carefree 50s. Suitable for long hair. They are laid in large waves or «crown».
  • Bebidol — a touching and defenseless image with children’s features that are emphasized and amplified by decorative elements with bows, hearts, hoops.
  • Avant-garde — no restrictions and yes — any extremes. This is the general impression of such styling, which can be created using extremely exotic accessories (wires, feathers, etc.), asymmetrical and torn lines.
  • Greek — simplicity and elegance, worthy of the goddesses. The color scheme does not tolerate flashy colors, only natural white and pastel colors with a minimum of accessories. The outfit must match.
  • Baroque — truly royal style, embodying all the chic, luxurious solemnity. The presence of rich gems and expensive silk is a must. To create a hairstyle requires the construction of a special frame.
  • Beachstyle — hairstyles that have become popular thanks to the romantic wedding scenes on the beach. They are characterized by naturalness and easy negligence, decorations with fresh flowers.

As you could already pay attention, the main mass of fashionable hairstyles created is united by the theme of simplicity and natural natural beauty. Apparently, the whole world is already quite tired from the rather vulgar image of puppet glamor, and women finally strive to return themselves.

Laying options for the bride are so diverse, given the diversity of stylistic directions. In addition, there are so many «tools» for their implementation. Having laid hair in one way or another, you can achieve the necessary impression. We offer you the most common techniques for creating the desired image.

Bundles and French shells. Modern variations of classic styling today have become more simplistic and concise look. Some ladies like smooth, sleek hair, while others prefer aerial variations with curls. You can also make bunches by collecting and stacking them from several original braids. They can be decorated with flowers, large and small, various hairpins, decorated with a veil. A large number of intricate details will be superfluous, they will only add to the bride’s age.

For creating retro style There will be good high «babets», reminiscent of the famous Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. In this case, brides can complement hairstyles with veils or veils in the form of a Catholic cape — mantilla.

Loose hair If you have long and medium hair, you can put them in soft curls or Hollywood waves, diluting the image and adding solemnity and romance, various flowers, hairpins, hoops and wreaths. You can braid small pigtails from part of the hair to create framing lines. It is only important that your curls look healthy and shiny, without any problematic broken and burned tips.

A peculiar modification proposed in recent seasons is «Elf» hairstyle — hair is combed behind the ears, but the front strands are thrown forward. The decoration is also supposed to be special, for this purpose fashionable cuffs are used in the ears. The texture of the hair does not have to be perfectly smooth, you can use contrasts with waves, bumps, etc.

Braids and weaving. Regardless of the length of your hair, you can use braided pigtails to create a hairstyle. Even 10 years ago they were considered the prerogative of the village style, and today they are considered almost an obligatory element of a festive hairstyle. Hair braided in spikelets, Greek braids, «fish» tail, plaits, braided crowns and baskets, in which various beads, pearls, living flowers, ribbons and decorative cords are woven.

If you use fresh flowers, it is advisable to pre-treat them with special solutions to preserve the species during the celebration. The only modern difference from the usual children’s braids is increased shaggy and lack of gloss, a kind of modern grunge style.

Stuffed Ideal for girls who can not boast of voluminous hair, but the event still requires a magnificent view. With the help of a fleece it is very easy to create the appearance of a thick and luxuriant head of hair. Stylists offer a variety of hairstyles using this useful and decorative technique.

You can’t do anything to create a modern, beautiful wedding styling without accessories:

  • headbands — floral, inlaid with rhinestones, without them it is impossible to imagine a wedding Greek hairstyle;
  • lace — bandages, repeating elements of a wedding dress, will be able to decorate even the simplest styling with an element of vintage and nobleness;
  • tiaras — a necessary element for creating a real royal image of the bride;
  • veil — the most common and traditional symbol of the bride, so that he looks attractive, you should not get involved in complicated hairstyles, you also need a veil with the maximum light weight, because the bride will have to wear it on her head all day;
  • wreaths are a good option for stylized weddings, which allow freedom in choosing the color scheme of the dress, most often this technique is used for beach and folk weddings, the hairstyle and dress should correspond to the simplicity and slight negligence of the style.

Another trend of the wedding event today is hairstyle with the effect of wet hair, which is suitable for both long and short hair. For such a case, choose elegant jewelry in the form of hairpins with stones and feathers, tiaras and sophisticated rims.

You can vary the wedding hairstyle with such a modest element as bangs. It can be both straight and oblique, short and long, asymmetric and smoothly laid. With a bang, the bride will be able to look much more spectacular and brighter, so you should not suffer in anticipation of the wedding and try to grow it.

Is it possible to make a wedding hairstyle yourself with your own hands, without resorting to the services of a professional? This is the question most brides ask when preparing for a celebration. A wedding is a very expensive business — a dress, a banquet, so the banquet is planned in advance and all possible points are calculated that can be saved and, nevertheless, still look amazing. These include the services of a makeup artist and a hairdresser. Stylish makeup is quite easy to perform, but the hairstyle will require some effort, because it must hold out all day and remain attractive at the same time.

Despite the special requirements, creating an impeccable fashionable wedding hairstyle with your own efforts may be necessary only to know some of the tricks that professionals successfully use.

We offer you a master class on the implementation of the wedding hairstyle with a veil with your own hands. The role of the veil, despite all the changes in society, still does not change. Decorating your hair with this decorative symbol, as well as decorative hairpins, tiaras, fresh flowers, you can create almost a real work of art, which even after a year will cause constant quivering feelings. To complete the hairstyle you will need the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare a simple fixture — a couple of clips, stealth and thin hair tie.
  2. Comb your hair well and separate a strand of hair from the left side, flip it over your head and secure it with a clip at the top of the head, later you will need it.
  3. On the right side, fasten the strand with a non-plaited cord (10 cm is enough) and fasten it behind your ear with a crab or clip.
  4. For the rest of your hair, add a fine-toothed comb for a more lush handle. If you are the owner of a lush mop of hair, then you will not need this step.
  5. Harness on the right side continue to twist, turning it into a round bundle. Secure the bundle with an elastic band and an invisible one.
  6. Now it is necessary to return to the strand on the left side, remove the clamp and slightly wrap it around its axis and wrap around the bundle. Secure the whole structure with another stealth one. Do not twist it tight, strands should sag slightly curved. Both sides should look asymmetrical.
  7. Bundle arrange in the form you need.
  8. Fix the hair with lacquer and attach the veil. For example, a wedding hairstyle in the photo, offers a classic version with a veil attached at the top. You can optionally place it above or below the beam.

To make the result perfect, use some tricks, usually such trifles are overlooked:

  • Use the services of assistants in the person of girlfriends or relatives — they will be able to hold the strands or give the necessary tools, and you better rehearse the creation of hair in advance. Directly on the important day, take into account the time that you need for the hair, and add another half an hour to fix it. If everything comes out perfect the first time, spend it on a cup of soothing tea.
  • Prepare in advance all the essentials (combs, barrettes, hair dryer, styling products) and decorative accessories.
  • Do not start your hair in the evening, it is better to sleep and look fresh and attractive in the morning — this is the main makeup for the bride, framed by a beautiful haircut and a chic outfit.
  • Be sure to wash your hair before styling, even if it still looks fresh. You will have to spend a lot of time on the street before the camera flashes, and then in the stuffy hall of the restaurant, the hairstyle can lose all appearance.
  • Spray the lacquer for fixation no closer than 25 cm from the hair, otherwise you risk getting stuck together unsightly strands. Apply a layer of funds after fixing all the accessories. The only exception is fresh flowers, from the chemical composition they will fade very quickly.

As you can see, even on your own you can create a fashionable image that can be boasted in tens of years. Show taste and imagination, especially since today you are offered such a variety of means and images. And, most importantly, be beautiful and happy!

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