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Weathered face — what to do at home, folk and medicines

What to do if the face is chapped, how to restore the skin at home?

Weathered face, red and flaky? The skin of the face acquires such a painful condition very often, especially in frosty or windy weather. The skin due to its sensitivity are subject to various negative factors.

So why is the face weathered? In addition to the negative indicators, the temperature difference also affects the unprotected epidermis. Another reason is the strong gusty wind, which picks up dust particles and throws them hard in the face. And sudden temperature changes, and a gust of wind — all this dries the structure of the epithelium, depriving it of moisture.

After contact of skin cells with cold air or wind, capillaries and blood vessels instinctively narrow. As a result, hemodynamics are disturbed, the skin cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients in full.

On hot days, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which also contributes to the drying of the upper skin. Without protective useful elements, the skin of the face begins to rapidly lose elasticity, a general deterioration becomes noticeable, and painful symptoms appear.

Unpleasant manifestations on the skin of the face may have different symptoms. This is due to the general condition of the body, skin type and the individual characteristics of the skin. In some cases, a chapped person may become allergic.

The most common signs of obvetrivaniya are:

  • partial or complete reddening of such skin areas as chin, cheeks;
  • tearing and burning of the eyes;
  • unpleasant sensations appeared in the face in the form of itching, tingling, burning;
  • after some time, there is excessive dryness of the skin, which is accompanied by tightness, roughness and scaling (similar symptoms can be seen in the photo).

In rare cases, swelling or swelling occurs. Most often, rough spots appear on the face, which then, if improperly treated, begin to crack and turn into bleeding sores.

In order to prevent such sores, it is extremely important to reanimate the delicate skin of the face at the first signs of obvetrivaniya. It is possible to provide emergency assistance to the painful epidermis at home. You do not need to have a lot of modern drugs, the main guarantee of a speedy recovery is respect for the face.

After the face has become chapped, only one question comes to mind: what to do? First of all, you should try not to touch the painful face for no reason. Then, a little warm water should gently wash your face without the use of detergents, once again trying not to rub skin.

The following guidelines will help to quickly return the skin a more lively state.

  1. The next few weeks will have to abandon any washing, intended for the skin of the face, and replace them with baby cream soap.
  2. During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended not to use peeling and scrubbing drugs.
  3. After a warm wash, apply a moisturizing and regenerating agent to the reddened face. Inflammatory processes will help to remove such medicinal compounds as «Bepanten» or its analogues, as well as the antiseptic cream «Boro plus». If no medical products were found at home, you can use a children’s series of creams. It is desirable to use this drug up to 4 times per day.
  4. After a creamy mass in half an hour, you can apply sea buckthorn, olive, almond or peach oil to irritated areas. The oil consistency is applied with light movements, and not absorbed part is collected with a soft cloth. Oil handling is recommended in the morning and evening.
  5. Within 7-10 days you should not apply decorative cosmetics on your face or use any cosmetic preparation, which contains aggressive components, in particular, alcohol.
  6. A man should slow down with a shave, so as not to aggravate the situation even more. Those who are obliged to shave, can make manipulations in the direction of growth of the bristles and using a moisturizing gel.
  7. During this period, it is important to take care of the skin and the inside of the body, and use a sufficiently large amount of purified water and herbal decoctions so that the dried epithelium is more quickly absorbed with the necessary moisture.
  8. With a strong obvetrivaniyu face it is also worth limiting yourself to the intake of salty, sour, spicy and fatty foods, since these products can adversely affect recovery.

Do not forget about the humidity inside the rooms in which you spend most of the time. Low humidity can be fixed with a special device or periodically irrigate the room with your own hands with a sprinkler.

If the child’s face has become chapped, then it is very important to explain to the baby that it is necessary to try to touch the skin as little as possible. In addition, it is also not necessary to bathe the child in hot water, and after water procedures, wipe it thoroughly by blotting it. To apply dry cleansed skin of the face with cosmetic petroleum jelly, ointment or cream “Bepantenom”, or baby cream with chamomile or other herbs that relieve irritation. Also do not forget about the purified lanolin, which is often used by nursing mothers. In this case, you can apply this tool, because it is absolutely harmless to the child’s body.

It is extremely important to monitor the condition of the child, as red cheeks can be not only the result of obvetrivaniya, but also a sign of the disease.

A wide range of procedures for weathered skin of the face carry folk remedies that suggest the use of masks, lotions or compresses. Home medicine has always been famous for simple and affordable ingredients, as well as versatility and the almost complete absence of contraindications.

Soothing masks will help to quickly remove the unpleasant tightening or other discomfort. It should be noted that the improvised ingredients can be smeared skin without visible bleeding damage.

  1. Mask with aloe. This versatile plant can significantly reduce pain during inflammation of the epidermis. To prepare the mixture, one leaf of aloe should be ground into a gruel, and a small spoon of cosmetic or olive oil should be added to it. Apply the resulting mass in soft movements on the face and hold for about 20-30 minutes, then remove with a napkin and rinse the skin with water. Using this recipe several times a day, you can get rid of painful symptoms in a couple of days.
  2. Yogurt mask. The formulation of this mixture will moisturize irritated tissues and nourish with beneficial vitamins. In order to prepare a simple medical gruel, it is necessary to mix the crushed oatmeal, yogurt (sour cream) and honey in equal proportions. Soak a lot on the face for 20-25 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Applying these products, you should avoid the eye zone, and if eyelids are also weathered, then cucumber rings or cotton pads dipped in chamomile, yarrow or calendula decoctions can be put on this part. But, the symptoms of peeling in the eye area can be the cause of very different diseases, so it is important to closely monitor the condition of the eyelids.

As a soothing and nourishing compresses, you can use a special pad on the face or regular gauze soaked in oil. Oil compress can be prepared with castor oil, sea buckthorn, coconut, apricot, flax, sesame, mango or amaranth oil. Before applying, a viscous mass should be slightly warmed up to approximately body temperature and applied with a lining on the entire face. The procedure can last for about 15 minutes, after which the excess oil is blotted with napkins.

Herbal decoctions of sage, chamomile, birch, yarrow, succession, lemongrass or calendula are also considered effective. You can brew as one herb, and the collection: a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp. l dried substance. Infuse the liquid with the components for 2 hours, then filter and gently wipe with light tapping movements at least 3 times a day.

Medications are good for those who do not have time for masks, compresses, or other long-term actions. In addition, pharmaceutical drugs can solve the problem with a severe degree of obvetrivaniya: swelling, cracks and so on.

Wound healing and antiallergic actions include such products:

  • Boro Plus is a cosmetic and medicinal product made in India based on local herbs. The ointment has an incredible amount of indications for use, the difference in the color of the packages is not particularly different with its use, therefore any composition will work in this case;
  • «Traumel» — a homeopathic remedy, manufactured in Germany, is used for inflammatory diseases of the skin and not only;
  • «Fenistil» — an antihistamine drug, produced in the form of a gel and drops. It is used for various types of allergic reactions;
  • Radevit — dermato-protective ointment has a softening, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect, enhancing the protective functions of skin cells;
  • «Advantan» — an emulsion that suppresses allergic and inflammatory reactions in areas of the epidermis;
  • «Uniderm» — a cream with anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative and antipruritic properties.

All these drugs can be purchased at pharmacies without a doctor’s permission. Each tool has a specific instruction that you must read before using.

In order to treat the treatment of skin chapping of the face as quickly and efficiently, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist and an allergist.

To resort to specialized (salon) procedures should be after the inflammatory reaction has gone down. In the beauty salon, you will be recommended several events (half of which you can do at home), aimed at mild and effective care of damaged skin.

You can give preference to the following procedures:

  • fruit or chemical peeling using acids will destroy the cornified particles of dead skin cells, speeding up the peeling process;
  • intensive hydration due to various cosmetic compositions;
  • biorevitalization or mesotherapy. Both procedures involve the use of injections most often with hyaluronic acid.

If the face has become darkened and the skin has reddened, cosmetologists will quickly return to it not only the former, but also a more well-groomed appearance. The only disadvantage here is a fairly high price..

Preventive measures are recommended for persons whose skin often fades not only in winter. By adhering to certain recommendations, you can protect your face from many negative factors.

So, what should be done so that the face becomes as light as possible?

  • during the cold seasons, it is better to acquire nutritional cosmetics, and also to exclude all products containing alcohol or acid;
  • such a fashion accessory, like a scarf, will not only emphasize your image, but also save your face in case of gusts of wind;
  • before you go out into the fresh air, you must apply a special seasonal protective cream or any nourishing cream mass;
  • if you do not want to abandon decorative cosmetics, then go to the oil or cream-based products;
  • in winter, it is very hard to massage the skin of the face in order to improve blood flow and enrich the tissues with oxygen.

In addition, proper nutrition, taking vitamin preparations, a healthy lifestyle and plenty of water are able to maintain skin in good condition all year round without the use of salon techniques.

Take care of your face in advance, to be completely safe from the appearance of negative consequences. Care and tidiness require regular attention.

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