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The rate of hair loss per day in women: external and internal factors

What is the rate of hair loss per day in women?

The problem of hair loss worries the vast majority of men and women. People who are afraid of baldness, very carefully monitor the condition of their locks and scalp. And they are nervous every time they brush their strands.

Is there any norm of hairs dropped in a day, in which cases is it worth sounding the alarm? Let’s understand this difficult situation.

What is the norm?

The rate of hair loss in women and men is different. For men, it is normal to lose 50–100 hairs per day. For women, this figure is slightly higher — 70–150 hairs, which is associated with regular hormonal fluctuations in the female body, periods of pregnancy and lactation. In addition, hair loss in men is less noticeable due to the short length.

Losing this amount is the norm. This is due to the fact that the hair bulbs need a short rest. Then they will resume their work. Short protruding strands, which are knocked out of the hairstyle, are the absolute norm and indicate that the hair is in order, and baldness does not threaten.

If the hair falls out when combing, then also do not worry. These are the strands that have already fallen during the day and night, but are confused and did not have time to fall. Hairbrush just helped to remove them.

Hair loss during pregnancy and lactation

Modern doctors believe that the rate of hair loss during pregnancy is 30–70 pieces per day. This is due to changes in the hormonal background of a pregnant woman. While the organism is rebuilt, certain transformations take place.

The reduced rate of hair loss per day during pregnancy in women is due to the fact that during this period of life, the majority of women change their lifestyle and diet. An increase in sleep hours, a balanced diet and walks in the fresh air have a positive effect on the state of hair. However, after childbirth, many women note that hair loss increases several times.

What is the rate of hair loss per day when breastfeeding? Approximately 100–150 pieces. After pregnancy and childbirth, the body is in a weakened state. Most of the forces go to care for the child, and the internal resources of the body are directed to the production of milk. That is why a young mother needs to eat well and get enough sleep. Different masks for curls will give only a temporary effect, if you do not deal with this problem in a complex.

And you wonder what is the norm of hair loss in children? The number of hairs falling out in babies is very small and amounts to about 10–20 pieces. Sometimes it doesn’t get that much. This is due to the fact that in infancy the hair follicles are just beginning to awaken.

Small test

Are you wondering what is the rate of hair loss when washing? Of course, no one will tell you the exact figure. But during the shower and when combing the strands naturally fall out, this is absolutely normal. An active massage of the scalp with the hands and teeth of the brush strengthens the flow of blood to the hair follicles and removes the dead hairs.

To find out if everything is fine with your hairstyle, do a small test:

  • After combing, carefully inspect the strands on the comb. Dead dropped hairs should have a white hair bulb. If you see a black strong onion, it means that the problem really exists.
  • In the morning, comb your hair and lay your hair. In the evening, try to separate a few wide strands on the back of his head, at the temples and above his forehead. If more than 7 hairs are drawn several times in a row, then this is already a lot. In this case, we recommend to visit the trichologist.

General recommendations

Only an experienced trichologist can answer how much hair should be lost per day. It is necessary to turn to him, if the test results you determined that hair loss exceeds the norm.

After examination, the doctor will determine the cause of excessive loss and prescribe the correct and proper treatment. No need to take any drugs yourself. Incorrectly diagnosed disease and uncontrolled self-medication can only aggravate the problem.

Main reasons

Having understood how much hair falls out per day, let’s look at the causes of this sad phenomenon.

  • Avitaminosis. Iron and zinc — the main elements responsible for the beauty of the curls. Often a lack of vitamins and minerals is manifested in the spring season. It is during this period that you need to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. But summer is a great time to stock up with natural vitamins for the whole year.
  • External influence. If you do not take care of your hair, their beauty will quickly fade. Substituting curls under the summer baking sun or snow and rain, you can quickly aggravate the problem of precipitation. From too high or too low temperature in the scalp is impaired blood circulation. Nutrition of the hair follicles slows down, they become thinner, lose their vitality and begin to fall out. Remember that hair loss can be prevented if you “make friends” with headgear.

Negative impact on the condition of hair dryer, blow-dry, styling with the help of ironing or curling, a large number of styling products, improper combing and mistakes when washing the head.

  • Male hormones. The problem of hair loss in men really exists. Under the influence of male hormones baldness comes pretty quickly. To cope with this problem requires daily care, adjustment of nutrition and lifestyle. Male hair care should include regular massage of the scalp, gentle washing, the use of balms and masks. After some time, the number of hairs falling out will decrease.
  • Stress. Modern doctors have recognized that the overwhelming number of diseases is manifested due to stress. If hair loss has become a serious problem for you, you tried a lot of tools, but did not achieve the result, then perhaps you should pay attention to the organization of your life and eliminate annoying factors. Think about how well you allocate work and rest time. Try to relax and get enough sleep.
  • Taking medicines and diseases of internal organs. If the lost hair has a black onion, then this indicates a problem. Often healthy hair falls out due to problems with the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and gall bladder. The cause of great hair loss can be antibiotics or contraceptive drugs.

Daily hair loss when combing and washing is the norm. In order not to worry, do the simple test described above, and you will understand whether everything is fine with your curls or not. Only a few of us can feel comfortable without hair, so do not neglect the proper care of your hair.

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