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The growth of eyelashes — how to accelerate vitamins, drugs and folk remedies?

The growth of eyelashes — how to accelerate it with vitamins, cosmetics, masks, as well as other folk remedies?

Eyelash growth depends on many factors, in order to accurately understand how we can make our precious eyelashes even more thick and long, you first need to figure out what eyelashes are, what we need them for and what functions they perform while remaining a real treasure for every girl.

Eyelashes are tough and more saturated with color pigment hairs that surround our eyes. Nature has a function predetermined by them to protect the eyes from the ingress of various foreign particles, debris and dust particles into them. But since ancient times, thick and beautiful eyelashes have been one of the weapons of women in the fight for the hearts of men. A flirtatious glance from under thick, black eyelashes at times could at times decide the fate of peoples and civilizations.

Each cilium consists in its structure of four parts:

    • Bulb — is the basis of each cilia, its root, from which it grows and receives all the nutrients necessary for growth.
    • Core — This is the inner part of the hair of the cilia, which consists of a proteinaceous material and keratin, through which all nutrients are distributed along the trunk.
    • Cortical layer — this is practically the main part of the eyelashes, consisting of dead, keratinized cells.
    • Cuticle — scales covering the entire cilium, which protect all other parts of the hair from external influences.

The number of cilia, as well as their rigidity, depend only on genetic causation. The life span of each hair is on average three to four months and in its development it is divided into three phases:

  • anagen — active growth;
  • Patagen — rest time;
  • telogen — a period of rejection.

We all notice that periodically our cilia fall out, in our culture even some signs are connected with it, such as making a wish or conceiving a person we would like to see. But in fact, loss of eyelashes is a normal phenomenon, according to which we all lose every day about three to five cilia. If your losses exceed this amount, then this is a serious reason to worry. Another interesting factor is that our eyelashes never turn gray, the opposite cases are possible only with the presence of certain diseases.

Well, how can you affect the growth of eyelashes? In fact, we are almost every day influencing this phenomenon, unfortunately most often our influence is limited only by negative factors, such as are given in the table below.


Negative impact

Improper use of cosmetics

Here we can conditionally distinguish two groups:

  • Decorative cosmetics — the use of low-quality decorative cosmetics destroy the outer shell of the cilia, making its scales porous and unable to perform a protective function. But even using good makeup, we, however, constantly harm our eyelashes by not washing off makeup, at least for the night. Thereby we clog the hair pores, blocking the access of oxygen to the trunk.
  • Care cosmetics — to damage the eyelashes, you can either use low-quality makeup remover and care for eyelashes, or incorrectly using them. So, washing the makeup with ordinary soap, or another cosmetic product not intended for this purpose, we disturb the water balance in the trunk, make the eyelashes dehydrated and dry, slowing their natural growth and stimulating loss.

The main amount of nutrients needed for active growth of eyelashes, the bulbs are obtained with the flow of blood from the body. So, in the absence of a healthy nutrition, they simply do not receive the necessary amount of vitamins. Conversely, the more in the daily diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and other components of proper nutrition, the better the eyelashes, that is, they get their share of usefulness and become more beautiful, and they grow much faster.

Various pollutants, both in the air and in the water we drink, and, in principle, many other environmental factors affect all processes in the body, including the flow of nutrients into the hair follicles. And through the weakened scales of pollution and other harmful formations penetrate the hair, disrupting its natural development.

Beautiful, thick eyelashes are the dream of every girl. Therefore, we are so actively taking care of them and very upset when some unforeseen circumstances worsen their condition. Not only the above factors can spoil the decoration of your eyes, for example, you can accidentally burn the cilia with very heated eyelash curlers, or accidentally pull them out or cut them off. Do not immediately panic, eyelashes, like any other hair on our body tend to grow. Therefore, healthy eyelashes must grow to the natural state in a couple of months. But if you want to speed up this process, or even natural, healthy eyelashes to make longer and thick, then you should definitely use all possible means to care for them.

How to accelerate growth with healthy nutrition and vitamins?

Healthy nutrition and vitamins for strengthening and growth of eyelashes are very important, because the main part of the nutrients necessary for full and active growth, eyelashes get it from the inside of the body. That is why healthy food and the obligatory presence of some of the necessary cilia products in the daily diet is an excellent way to get beautiful eyelashes and accelerate their growth. By the way, proper nutrition can much better affect the health of hairs than even advertised nutritional supplements, since they are products of the chemical industry, and the following products are natural and fully absorbed by the body (see table).



The lack of omega-3 fatty acids dehydrates hair, and with a sufficient amount of eyelashes elastic and elastic. Vitamins of group B saturate and strengthen hairs, they become stronger. The remaining substances, such as phosphorus, iron and others, promote rapid growth.

Products such as celery, spinach, tops of other vegetables saturate the body with vitamins A and E, which nourish the roots of eyelashes, contribute to the normalization of sebum, and it serves as a natural protection for the hair column.

Peas, beans, lentils and other legumes are an excellent source of easily digestible protein, which will be an excellent source for building hair material, which means that new cilia will be strong and healthy.

Nuts must be in the diet of every woman of fashion, because they are truly true sources of eternal youth. Specifically, for the rapid growth of eyelashes in nuts contains a large amount of selenium, which can strengthen them, making them more resistant to external influences. In addition, they have zinc, which prevents premature hair loss.

Be sure to include in your diet chicken or turkey meat, which will provide you with protein, a building material for eyelash keratin. In addition, poultry meat will become a source of proteins and iron, and without them the cilia will never shine with health, they will be brittle and dull.

Eggs should definitely be consumed regularly if you dream of beautifully curved and long eyelashes, because they contain a lot of protein, which is the basis of eyelashes. And besides, eggs contain biotin and vitamin B12, useful for epithelium.

Change the daily menu of baked goods from high-grade flour to whole-grain pastries, which will not only make the eyelashes beautiful, will accelerate their growth, but in general will be more beneficial to your health.

Seafood (in particular oysters)

Oysters can provide you with plenty of zinc, without which you can lose hair and eyelashes above normal.

Any products made from whole and sour milk will provide you with the necessary amount of calcium, which is so necessary for beautiful eyelashes, because it strengthens them, makes them strong and stable, does not allow them to fall out ahead of time. In addition, calcium compresses the structure of the eyelashes, making them more voluminous.

Carrots saturate the skin with carotene, making it an excellent conductor of nutrients in the ciliary bulbs.

Beer and Baker’s Yeast

There are almost all the vitamins of group B, which help the formation of keratin, that is, the basis of each eyelash.

Any liver, due to the large set of vitamins, iron and biotin, contributes to the very rapid regeneration of hair follicles and stems, accelerating their development.

In order for the above-mentioned products to most fully affect the health and beauty of your eyelashes, it is necessary that they are fresh, free from harmful impurities and preservatives. Therefore, you should choose only high-quality food, while exposing them to minimum heat treatment.

Cosmetic preparations for the growth of eyelashes are now presented in a wide range. Virtually every company engaged in the release of various care and decorative cosmetics, has in its arsenal such products. They all differ in texture and components, but each manufacturer seeks to create exactly the drug that could really help to fundamentally solve this problem. That is why in our time to buy a tool for the growth of eyelashes is not a problem.

The experience of using modern oils, gels, balms and serums for the growth of eyelashes shows that they are quite effective. With regular use eyelashes really become stronger, thicker and grow much faster.

There are two types of eyelash activators:

  • Hormonal — they are made on the basis of synthetic growth hormones. When using these tools eyelashes really grow instantly, becoming perfectly long and fluffy. But this is fraught with consequences, because with a long use of hormonal growth activators, the eyelashes, as it were, quickly wear out and become depleted, and can fall out very quickly. It will be very difficult to treat the effects of such drugs. Therefore, if you really decided on hormonal compositions, then do not use them for a long period and very often.
  • Non-hormonal — they are made on the basis of oils, vitamins and other beneficial substances. The result of their use is not as cardinal as when using hormonal ones, and it does not come so quickly, but such compositions have healing properties, and they can be used for a very long time, because of this the eyelashes will only become healthier and more beautiful.

Therefore, before you buy a tool for the growth of eyelashes, carefully read its composition, read the appropriate forums and only then make your choice. Also consider your own feelings while using it. If you feel any discomfort, itching, burning, and so on, then quickly change the remedy. Such symptoms suggest an allergy to some component of the drug.

Use any cosmetic product only on the eyes, which are pre-cleaned from makeup, in order to avoid irritation and infection. Be sure to remove contact lenses if you use them. And, of course, it will be very good to consult with a dermatologist or cosmetologist for the choice of the composition and brand that is right for you.

For a long time thick long eyelashes have been the decoration of every beauty. But still not all the girls had such treasures. What was to do to those who could not boast of such beauty? Of course, use the gifts of nature for this. And now there is a huge amount of a wide variety of home methods that can significantly accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

One of the most popular worldwide tools to help solve this problem is vegetable oils. Everyone knows the healing and activating properties of such oils as castor and burdock. Almond, linseed, apricot and sea buckthorn oils are also excellent activators of hair growth. Better yet, mix all these oils a few drops, add oil solutions of vitamins A and E, pour this mixture into a clean bottle from under eyelashes and use it as an activator of hair growth every day, applying to cleaned eyelashes before bedtime. In the morning, this mask can be easily washed off with a make-up milk. After a month of such procedures, you can see the result in the mirror in the form of longer, darker and more fluffy eyelashes.

You can also help your eyelashes in terms of active growth in the form of various compresses. Such plants as parsley, chamomile, linden, calendula, cornflower should be brewed and apply warm compresses of them on the eyes every day. Thus, you not only heal your eyelashes, but also contribute to the rest of your eyes, get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes.

And another means by which you can make your eyelashes long, elastic and fluffy is regular fish oil, which can be used as a mask. Simply apply this substance on your eyelashes with a brush or a cotton swab every evening and the result will not be long in coming.

In applying home remedies for hair growth, the most important thing is systematicity and patience. No plant or oil will make your eyelashes perfect in one evening. In order to see the result, you should still regularly use the recipe, do not forget about the procedure and enjoy the process itself. And then you might not need to buy the next tube of the extension mascara.

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