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Temporary tattoo — to make henna and without at home

Temporary tattoo with special paint and henna; How to do at home by yourself? — text and video instruction

Temporary tattoo — this is an excellent way out for those who are terribly afraid of pain or who do not want to have an “eternal label” on themselves. Unlike conventional tattoos, a temporary tattoo is applied in such a way that the deep layers of the skin are not affected. Simply put, a temporary tattoo is just a pattern on the surface of the skin, which eventually fades and disappears altogether.

Temporary tattoos are usually made with henna. This allows you to increase its service life, as well as preserve the skin in integrity and security. Some originals go to a very desperate step: they make a temporary tattoo at home without henna, and with the help of a ballpoint pen, a marker, or even use ordinary stickers. But this is more likely for younger guys, but tattoos special temporary paint — this is a higher level.

A temporary henna tattoo, as well as mehendi, is a way to decorate your body without causing yourself pain. Temporary tattoos can be on the body for several weeks, a month or a year. It depends on the paint for the temporary tattoo, as well as the desire of the client.

A temporary tattoo can be made through a special tattoo paper, but it will also look like a regular translation.

In the photo, a temporary tattoo made in any of the ways described will look like a real one, but if you look at it live, the differences from a real tattoo are obvious.

If you want to make a tattoo at home, you need to know that the henna needed for tattoos should be specialized. The powder sold in the hair dye department is not at all what we need. Henna for a temporary tattoo looks like a light green powder that needs to be stored in a dark place, preferably in a hermetically sealed container. This powder must be properly diluted so that it has the desired consistency, but if there is no time for this, then you can buy already diluted henna for temporary tattoos in the store. And if you still decide to prepare the solution yourself at home, then you will need:

  • eucalyptus or olive oil;
  • ground or instant coffee, which will give the temporary tattoo a brownish color;
  • lemon juice, thanks to which the powder is better absorbed by the skin.

By combining all the ingredients, you get a solution with which you can make a temporary tattoo at home.

Make such a temporary tattoo without a machine is very simple. It rests on the body from a few weeks, and ending with months. It depends on how quickly the top layer of the skin is renewed.

Apply paint on the skin should be very carefully. To do this you will need various tools: brushes, sharpened sticks, plastic stencils and some other devices. Spread the paint on the skin should be a layer of three millimeters, after which it should be well absorbed. When the paint for a temporary tattoo is dry, it should not be washed off. You need to carefully remove it from the skin with a spoon.

Note that a temporary tattoo is very sensitive to soap and hot water, so the more often you expose your tattoo to them, the less it will last.

There are also special stencils with which the process of applying a temporary tattoo on the body is greatly simplified.

Before you make a temporary tattoo with henna at home, you should make sure that you are not allergic to this product. How to make a temporary henna tattoo in the video below.

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