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Tattoo healing — stages and means at home

The process of healing the tattoo and its stage; skin treatment products (cream, film, ointment)

Healing tattoo — This is a long and far from the most pleasant process. The fact is that you should properly care for the tattoo to prevent such that you have to immediately go on correction. Care for the tattoo should be carried out properly, based on the recommendations of the tattoo master. Unfortunately, many people ignore the recommendations, which is why the tattoo begins to peel off and turn pale.

Tattoo healing often occurs in several stages. It’s no secret that the wound can not be delayed for a short period of time, the same with the tattoo. When applying a tattoo master on the skin also appear wounds that should be healed. Let’s try to figure out how to heal a tattoo properly, so that it does not fade or fade.

  • The first stage of tattoo healing is initial treatment by tattoo master. After he finishes applying the tattoo, he will surely smear the inflamed area with a special healing cream. Above, several layers of film are applied to prevent the infection from getting into a fresh wound. It is recommended to walk with this film for about a day.
  • The second stage of healing is home care. Immediately after coming home, you should wash the tattoo with warm water and soap that does not contain alcohol. Then it must be anointed again with a healing ointment.
  • The final stage of the healing process is itching. When a tattoo heals, it always itches, and that’s fine. In no case do not scrape the tattoo, as it will begin to peel off, which is fraught with its violations. If you do not hold back, then it can change color or turn pale, because of which you will have to go for a correction.

The healing time of a tattoo may vary according to its size. One thing is for sure: the tattoo will not heal quickly, no matter how much you want it. Each person has a unique healing time.

Also, it would not be superfluous to mention that the right care for a tattoo is also a big responsibility.. If you do not follow the recommendations of your tattoo master, then your tattoo can change its appearance far from the best. And you can only blame yourself.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of ointments that will help to heal the tattoo:

Before buying an ointment, carefully read its properties and composition!

By following the instructions for the care and healing of a tattoo, you will always look at your patterns with pride and happily demonstrate them to those around you.

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