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Summer skin care: rules for normal, oily and dry dermis

Proper care of the skin of the face, neck and hands in summer

Here, finally, the long-awaited warmth has come, and our skin can relax from the harsh winter. But you should not relax. If you think that in summer, when it is warm outside, there is no cold and chilling wind, it’s not necessary to follow the face, then you are wrong.

Summer is not only sea, sunburn, hot days, but also dust, and harmful ultraviolet. Their effects can lead to flaccidity of the dermis. About how to be the right skin care in the summer, you will learn from the article.

Summer trials

At this time of the year, the epidermis is exposed to new challenges: the sun, heat, sea water, and the wind make it weak and unprotected. The dermis becomes dehydrated, dryness appears, various stains can appear and the existing problems (acne and acne) can worsen. In addition, all of the above problems can cause premature aging.

Therefore, you should think in advance about how to take care of your skin in the summer, learn about preventive measures, so that you do not spend fabulous sums on beauty salons and various drugs that can harm both your skin and health in general.

Rules and Recommendations

It is necessary to start to protect the face and the neckline in early spring, since the first sun rays after a long winter are a real stress for the dermis. How to protect the skin in the summer? What exactly needs to be done?

  1. Be sure to use sunscreen, and it should be updated every 4-5 hours. It is recommended to distribute the texture on all open skin areas without exception. This cream should be chosen based on its type of dermis and climate (cold, moderate, hot and very hot). Care for oily skin in the summer should also suggest a similar tool.
  2. Do not forget about vitamins and minerals. Remember that they are best absorbed from fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. If you went on vacation at sea, then when you are on the beach you should cover your face to the maximum, thus you will save him from additional wrinkles.
  4. Do not forget about the time spent on the street in the summer. The safest are: 9–10 am, from 5 pm and until sunset.
  5. Facial skin care in the summer does not involve peeling, you can only use soft scrubs for cleansing.
  6. Do not apply makeup cream too often. Before going to bed, it is imperative to clean your face from makeup and apply a nourishing night cream Do not forget to regularly make homemade masks.
  7. Remember that a person is 80% water, so you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and as for the summer period, this amount should be increased.

Additional facial treatments

How to care for face skin in summer at home? Instead of a face scrub, you can make a special herbal bath, which cleans the pores well. After this procedure, it is recommended to apply a thick cream based on herbal ingredients — gommage. This procedure can be carried out 3 times a week.

Several times a week it is worthwhile to make masks that relieve irritation, protect from the sun and reduce pigmentation.

Care for the normal type of dermis

How to care for this type of derma, what should be the care of combination skin in the summer?

If you have normal skin of the face, it does not have a greasy luster, then care for it is simple. It is necessary before applying to the street to apply a protective cream, and in the evening to remove makeup cleanser designed for this type of dermis.

But if you are the owner of a mixed type (T-zone), then it is useful to make such a caring mask a couple of times a week:

  • take a small bunch of dill and parsley, chop in a blender and mix with sour cream. Apply on face for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Dry Type Care

In the summer, the skin is subjected to severe dehydration, and for some it becomes a real problem. Moisturizing masks, special tonics and creams are used to care for the dry type of dermis.

  • Honey mask recipe. For its preparation should take 100 g of honey, add the juice of one lemon. This composition is applied in a thin layer on the face for 10 minutes. Then you need to wash with cool water.

Fatty care

How to care for oily skin in summer? First, you should not use the tools for deep cleansing. It is better to choose a more gentle cleanser (foam or mousse). Do not use formulations that contain alcohol. In this case, the sebum will be much more active.

You should choose the cream only according to the type, if the skin under it sweats, it means that you have chosen the wrong remedy.

Care for problem skin in summer is exactly the same as for oily. Cosmetics should be preferred only for the mixed type.

Terms of care for sensitive dermis

Of course, oily skin in the summer gives a lot of problems, but also care for sensitive skin requires a lot of attention.

So, all cleansers should be as mild as possible. This means that you should not wash soap, you should not use too greasy creams, you need to limit the use of scrubs for cleansing.

Choose specialized cosmetics that are suitable only for this type of dermis, do not forget about the use of moisturizing facial masks.

How to care for your hands during this period?

Our pens also suffer from heat and dry air, they often dry out and crack. How to reduce dry skin during this period? Here are some basic tips:

  • Often the skin of the hands dries after visiting the pool and from the effects of various chemicals. For cleansing, you must use only liquid soap.
  • Skin protection is inconceivable without additional funds, such as rubber gloves, which must be worn when washing floors, dishes, etc.
  • If you observe excessive dryness of the skin in the summer, then you need to purchase a rather oily hand care cream.
  • Proper skin care in the summer involves the occasional application of anti-UV protection products. Such creams are useful not only in the summer, but also in the event that you visit the solarium. To protect your skin from the scorching sun, you need to use them daily.

So, we looked at ways to care for normal, dry and oily skin in the summer. Correctly determine your type of derma, and then your face, neck and hands will not suffer from too bright sun.

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