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Sugar paste color — types of shugaring paste, application and homemade recipes

Types of sugar paste colored for shugaring, home depilation, how to apply

Sugar paste color — This is a unique cosmetic product that is designed to remove unwanted hair on the body. In the context of this article, we will try to understand the intricacies of this procedure.

Epilation with sugar is a very ancient cosmetological procedure, which is commonly called “shugaring”. In this method of hair removal, the role of an epilator is played by sugar paste of a very thick consistency. The ancestor of this method of hair removal is Ancient Egypt. In those days in Persia, the procedure of shugaring was also very popular due to the fact that it was indecent to have vegetation on the body. According to one of the versions, it is thanks to this state that the name of this service “Persian Depilation” appeared. This procedure is very popular from the second half of the 80s to the present day.

When carrying out a shugaring hairs delete together with hair bulbs. After the cosmetic procedure, women’s legs, armpits or bikini area remain smooth for quite a long time, which can last for several weeks. Perfectly smooth ladies legs can not but catch the rapturous views of the opposite sex.

Services shugaring beauty salons began to provide relatively recently. For this reason, the one-time procedure is not cheap. According to numerous reviews of the weaker sex, getting rid of unwanted vegetation by this method is very painful.

The procedure of shugaring has some features that differ from other services provided.

What are they:

  1. Does not cause allergic reactions. Due to the fact that the main component is completely hypoallergenic, there are practically no risks of getting any complications or health problems.
  2. Safe. During the cosmetology service, in which the paste is heated to a temperature of about 38 ° C, it is unrealistic to earn burns or injuries of the skin.
  3. Extra skin care. Since shugaring not only removes unwanted vegetation on the body, but also produces a mechanical peeling, the horny layer of skin adheres to the described paste, and later it is peeled off.
  4. Effective. Hair removal with metol shugaring is accompanied by mechanical injury to the follicles. For this reason, at the end of the first session of the procedure, the hairs on the body lose their pigment, soften, and then grow less densely and become rare and thin.
  5. Easy to use. Due to the fact that the procedure of shugaring is quite simple, it can be carried out independently at home.

This cosmetic product is an excellent tool for depilating hairs on the body. It is necessary to tear off a small fragment of the paste, stretch it with your hands to softness and reach body temperature. It should be ensured that the hands of a specialist working with this product are as close as possible to the patient and move in parallel with the skin. The heated agent is applied to the skin against the growth of hair follicles and hold for about 20 seconds, and then disrupted by the growth of hairs. With proper adherence to the technique of applying paste shugaring procedure will not be so painful.

If a woman decided to use this professional cosmetology procedure for the first time, then it is desirable to conduct it first on not so sensitive parts of the body. You can start, for example, with the feet. When self-depilation at home, you will need some experience and skill to try to use this tool for hair removal. In just a few procedures, the necessary skills will appear, and the process of home depilation will take place «like clockwork.»

For a successful procedure it is necessary that the hairs of the industry at least up to 5 millimeters. This paste can simply not take shorter hairs. But too long vegetation at first needs to be cut a little with scissors or shave. Otherwise, the depilation process will be very painful.

More information on what types of paste for depilation can be found in the next section.

There is a huge number of varieties of colored sugar paste, intended for the procedure of shugaring. In this section we will try to understand some varieties of this product intended for the beauty industry.

Release sugar paste of the most various density. It tastes sweetish, so you really want to send it directly into your mouth, and not use it for shugaring. Although, experts assure that this product is completely edible.

Professional tool for shugaring includes:

  • sugars with all kinds of substitutes, such as fructose, honey or glucose;
  • citric acid or citrus juice;
  • water or herbal decoction.

Cosmetic products for shugaring produce such a density:

  1. Too soft. This type of paste is intended for carrying out a bandage method of procedure.
  2. Soft This type of product is suitable for working in a chilled room and is intended for delicate and sensitive areas of the body, such as the face, armpits and bikini area.
  3. Medium-tough. This type of drug is universal. It is used both in the cabin and in the walls of the house.
  4. Stiff and tight. These products came to our country from the East. Apply means of this density in a rather hot room. The product is intended for depilating hairs in sensitive areas of the body.

To date, the beauty industry produces a fairly large range of professional tools for sugar depilation. You can buy them in a specialized store, and on the site. In addition, special heaters and wax-melts for sugar paste are commercially available.

Many women are interested in the question of which is the best shugaring paste. Studying this topic, we have selected the most popular and effective professional cosmetic products for you, so that you can use them.

What means for depilation can use:

The components of the paste from each manufacturer are about the same. The main difference is the density, which determines the method of use of a product. Which of the following funds to choose, you decide.

More information about what the described product consists of and its useful properties can be found in the next section..

Many women are interested in the question of what is the composition of the means for depilation and what useful properties it has. In this section we will try to answer this question in more detail.

The described depilatory paste resembles a hard candy that can be pulled. The shade of the funds affects the proportion of specific components. The tone of the paste can be from light yellow to dark brown. The main role in the cosmetic tool is the structure. The drug must be quite plastic in order to be applied to the skin, and at the same time not very viscous.

The main ingredients of sugar paste:

  1. Sugar. This product is the main component of a cosmetic product. Sometimes manufacturers add brown cane sugar, which gives the tool the necessary plasticity and the desired lubricity. These components have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Sometimes manufacturers can use instead of sugar, fructose, which is a product of dietary nutrition.
  2. Honey. In some cases, some manufacturers use this sweet treat, and not sugar. But as a result of heat treatment, the beneficial properties of honey are significantly reduced, and the finished product is nothing more than fructose.
  3. Water. The liquid in this product is in a very small dose. Water can act as a kind of sugar solvent at the initial stage of making pasta. As a rule, the liquid is usually used purified, drinking or soft. Sometimes boiled or spring water is added to the paste.
  4. Herbal decoction. Manufacturers may use medicinal herbs such as mint, sage, chamomile or plantain as components of a cosmetic product. These plants add vitamins and minerals to the product, and also have a calming, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant effect.

Products with such components can be considered a universal remedy that can also be used to treat sensitive areas (face, armpits and bikini area).

To date, there is a huge amount of sugar pastes with different densities. As a result, it will not be difficult for a specialist to choose one or another tool depending on the stiffness of the hairs and the type of treated areas individually.

What properties has sugar paste:

  1. Plasticity. The consistency of the product should be sticky, but at the same time not to lose shape.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Natural components make the product safe for sensitive skin, as well as for sensitive areas that are prone to irritation and inflammation.
  3. Bactericidal. The presence of such an indicator suggests that a professional tool is safe.
  4. Long shelf life. This circumstance can not but rejoice many beauties, who often have to carry out the procedure of shugaring with the help of the described product.

In addition to the listed ingredients, manufacturers can add citric acid and essential oils to the shugaring agent.

More information on how to work with the described product at home can be found in the next section.

Many women are interested in the question of how to work with a sugar depilator at home without the help of a specialist. In this section we will try to answer this question in more detail.

What actions need to be performed:

  1. Knead the paste with hands to the desired state, and then roll the resulting substance on the desired area of ​​the skin. The latter must be pre-treated with talcum powder.
  2. Apply the product exclusively against the growth of hair follicles. This should in no case be forgotten.
  3. After applying the paste for depilation, the frozen tool must be very sharply disrupted. This procedure needs to be made, moving on growth of hair.

With this method of removing unwanted vegetation on the body, it is possible to significantly halt the growth of hair.

As you can see, it is not as difficult to make a salon procedure with your own hands at home as it may seem at the very beginning. With the appearance of the necessary experience, you will be able to perform such manipulations rather quickly and practically painlessly, no worse than a professional in this field.

Remember that the quality of the procedure is affected by the medium, the choice of which must be approached with all responsibility. Clearly follow the annotations to the product — and you will succeed.

In order for the hair removal process to be as effective and painless as possible, you need to follow a certain technique of depilation.

What not to do:

  1. 1 day before the depilation do not use peeling scrub or gel.
  2. On the eve of it is undesirable to sunbathe in the sun or in the solarium, as well as to visit the gym.
  3. Do not use a cream or lotion before depilating.
  4. Shugaring while taking a course of antibiotics is impossible. You should wait until the end of the process, and only then carry out the procedure.
  5. During critical days, shugaring should also be abandoned, because during this period the woman is very sensitive.

What should be done:

  • cleanse the skin with those cosmetics recommended by a specialist;
  • a week before the first session of the procedure, you should stop shaving or choose other ways to remove unwanted vegetation;
  • at the preparatory stage of the process, use a special lotion that will cleanse the skin and reduce pain;
  • immediately before shugaring on the treated areas, it is necessary to use talcum powder, which will absorb excess perspiration and improve the hitch of the product and hair.

If in advance to properly prepare for the procedure of shugaring, the process itself will be very effective and painless. It is only necessary to clean the surface of the skin before and after depilation with sugar paste.

As in any procedure, there are a number of contraindications in shugaring, which will be discussed in this section.

What diseases can not perform the procedure of sugar hair removal:

  1. Skin diseases (acne, eczema, dermatitis and others).
  2. The presence of a large number of benign formations (papillomas, moles or warts).
  3. Hematomas.
  4. Open wounds, cuts or post-traumatic ulcers.
  5. Epilepsy.
  6. Burns
  7. Infectious diseases (viral, bacterial or fungal).
  8. Herpes in acute form.
  9. Phlebeurysm.
  10. Thrombosis of the lower extremities.
  11. Diabetes.
  12. The appearance of unknown formations on the skin.

In the presence of at least one of the diseases, first of all, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of carrying out this procedure. If, after the prescribed therapeutic treatment, one or another ailment was eliminated (with the exception of chronic and non-treatable diseases), then, waiting for a complete recovery, you can use the procedure of sugar depilation.

Along with industrial products for depilation, some women prefer to use folk remedies, the recipes of which you can find in this section.

Many people prefer to use home remedies to remove unwanted body hair because of their relatively low cost. On the Internet you can find a lot of video tutorials on how to properly prepare the tool at home.

If you decide to use pasta prepared by yourself, then all you need is to go to the kitchen and make a composition of the improvised ingredients.

How to prepare a home remedy for depilation:

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