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Spanish cuisine — national recipes with photos at home

Spanish cuisine — traditional national recipes with photos at home

Spanish national cuisine or Spanish cuisine — This is a rich variety of dishes that vary from region to region. The formation of this country’s culinary has been greatly influenced by historical processes. For example, thanks to the ancient Romans, the Spaniards began to cultivate fertile fields, planting olive groves. By the way, Spain to this day traditionally holds the palm in per capita consumption of olive oil. In addition, the discovery by the Spaniards of America brought to this country such products: potatoes, tomatoes, beans, chili peppers, zucchini, zucchini, vanilla and chocolate. Also, the seven-century Muslim rule, which diversified recipes of dishes by adding products such as almonds, citrus fruits, as well as all sorts of spices and spices, had its influence on traditional Spanish cuisine.

Going to a cafe or restaurant of Spanish cuisine on the menu you will find in great abundance, the so-called Tapas. Tapas is, in our understanding, a snack. It is prepared on the basis of olives, nuts, citrus, cheeses, seafood. Also as tapas you can find jamon (dry pork ham).

Spanish snacks can traditionally be hot and cold. They are served in consistently small portions, but don’t let it be misleading that you will go hungry after a tapas treat! Spaniards snacks are quite satisfying. By the way, as a tapas, you can serve a pie with a vegetable, fish or meat filling.

As for the traditional lunch of the Spaniard, it begins with a light vegetable salad, which, as a rule, is seasoned with olive oil (this, by the way, is one of the specialties of the Spanish national cuisine). After the salad should be soup. It may be filling or, as it is also called caldo, and may also be cream soup or crema.

The real national pride of the Spaniards is Olha Podrida, which is a very thick soup, resembling meat rather stewed with vegetables. The most popular first course can certainly be called gazpacho. Prepare it, without giving heat treatment, simply grinding the vegetable components into a homogeneous mass. Serve gazpacho necessarily cold, sometimes even adding pieces of ice.

One of the culinary specialties of Spain is the fairly widespread use of rice in cooking. For example, a well-known dish based on this cereal is paella. Prepare it, as we said earlier, on the basis of rice with the addition of seafood, chicken, herbs, spices, and white wine. It turns out amazingly tasty!

If you still have not left the question: what else to try in the traditional Spanish cuisine, we recommend that you pay attention to the desserts. For example, one of the most famous is the turron. This is something like kozinaki, nougat with nuts. By the way, tourists love turron very much, which is why it turned from a category of festive Christmas dishes into a usual everyday dessert. Another famous sweetness among Spaniards is Polvoron, a very crumbly cookie.

You can continue the description of the national dishes of Spain for quite some time, but we suggest you pay attention directly to those recipes with photos that are given in this section of the site. They are much closer to introduce you to traditional Spanish cooking. Do not worry about the complexity of cooking, it is quite possible to cook them all at home, especially since there will be detailed photo recipes before your eyes.

Successes to you in preparation of traditional Spanish dishes!

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