Главная » Beauty » SPA (SPA) procedures for pregnant women — what programs and procedures are possible and which ones are not?

SPA (SPA) procedures for pregnant women — what programs and procedures are possible and which ones are not?

SPA (SPA) procedures for pregnant women — what programs and procedures are possible and which ones are not?

SPA procedure 9 months long, each of us had experienced before birth, waving in the active biological environment in the womb, thus, mother nature disposed. There we were lulled by the sound of amniotic fluid and a smooth waving, the comfort of a mother’s voice and the warmth of the gentle touches of loved ones and relatives. We felt relaxed, unwittingly, felt peace, bliss, did not feel the need for anything. Such feelings envelop us when we are in the SPA center. Closing our eyes, we feel serenity, relaxation, as if returning after a long journey.

In the spa with your body work wonders that creates the right atmosphere for the harmonization of mind, body, emotions. Aromas, coloring, harmoniousness, SPA rituals, yoga, meditation, massage, water, aqua aerobics — all this is a charitable influence, stimulates all your senses.

What of this list is suitable for women in a position that is worth limiting yourself? For these cases, special projects have been created, on which the best specialists have worked, including spa therapists. All SPA processes are adapted for pregnant women, taking into account all possible and probably impossible “impossible” and “against”. Types of massage procedures, all details are selected and agreed individually. Scientists argue that it is during pregnancy that SPA procedures are necessary for physical and moral relaxation, improving mood and after the birth of a baby for the rapid renewal of the organism as a whole. A minimum program for pregnant women is designed for the main women’s problems: the fight against stretch marks, the low moisture content of the epidermis, swelling of the legs, stress, body overload. In addition, the healing cosmetology sessions have an incredibly beneficial effect on children who are still in the womb. The child has a well-developed relationship with his mother, he precisely feels her emotional mood and, like a sponge, absorbs the smallest changes in mood.

Consultation with the therapist is necessarily attached to the first visit to the spa. You will be provided with a range of treatments for your body that will help you to relax, recharge your batteries, achieve balance, splendor and excellent health.

SPA procedures in the fight against cosmetological problems

SPA procedures for pregnant women are a great opportunity to pamper yourself and avoid the accumulation of standard problems during pregnancy. The desire to be attractive and charming is characteristic of every girl since childhood. During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, the feeling of being feminine and desired doubles. All women are aware of some changes in their body. There are thoughts how to avoid weight gain, the appearance of stretch marks, age spots. As for the EU countries, such procedures for pregnant women are everyday things. The location of the SPA-rooms is concentrated in places where future mothers may need a rest at any moment, for example, large shopping centers, children’s stores, and train stations.

For pregnant women, a special complex has been developed using only natural hypoallergenic products.

The most recommended SPA procedures during pregnancy:

  • professional facial massage procedures;
  • SPA-face masks;
  • maximum care for hands and feet;
  • visiting salt caves;
  • yoga;
  • foot massage, prenatal massage, relaxation;
  • hypoallergenic (cold) wrapping of the legs;
  • swimming.

However, first of all, it is necessary to approach the choice of the SPA salon very responsibly and before visiting any complexes — be sure to consult with your gynecologist.

So, we will consider each of the above procedures in a little more detail.

During pregnancy, women are often faced with swelling of the face due to the large amount of water in the body. Activating facial massage contributes to the disappearance of edema and gives a luxurious radiant healthy appearance.

Various skin problems? For example, acne, inflammation, redness, hypersensitivity, dryness? You will need SPA-complex with all sorts of peelings, face masks based on natural cosmetics.

Worsening of the teeth, brittle exfoliated nails, dull appearance of hair and their intense loss, cramps of the calf muscles? The reason is insufficient calcium. In SPA-salons exist special hand and foot care complexes, which differ in the use of new technologies of rubbing nutrients into the bend of the nail plate, which compensate for the lack of calcium in the body. BUT paraffin therapy procedures for hands and feet, they will please you with proper skin and nail care, they will heal micro-cracks, arrange intensive nutrition, moisturizing.

Have you ever heard something about speleotherapy? This is a very useful stay in salt caves — the absence of allergens, slightly increased concentration of carbon dioxide, specific (but acceptable) air pressure, temperature, relative humidity. Salt caves in SPA-salons do not force you to go somewhere, they are much more comfortable. Visiting such procedures improve well-being, clean the lungs, strengthen the immune system.

Tension in the spine, feel pain in the lumbar region? In this case, your body, its spiritual and physical sides need yoga. Practically in all SPA-salons you will be offered similar classes, and especially if you have a subscription for a whole complex of procedures. This is your health, comfort and positive mood. The main exercises are designed in such a way that all the muscles that are directly involved in labor are maximally stretched and are appropriately prepared for labor. Proper breathing, lack of tension in the spine, tightened back and you understand that this is not the whole list of advantages.

There are several SPA procedures that should be performed without fail, for example, prenatal massages, foot massage. Very effective and delicate «medicine» that heals pain, fatigue, leg swelling, heaviness in the lower back, pain in the spine. Use homeopathic oil, which has a sweet, unobtrusive aroma, has no sharp odors, an effective remedy for softening, moisturizing the skin, completely eliminates pain, fatigue, swelling of certain muscles.

Another thing to avoid during pregnancy is very difficult, almost impossible without additional care — stretching and varicose veins. So-called, various unpleasant «surprises», which may surprise us with their appearance at any moment. Hypoallergenic wrap It is considered the best method of treatment and prophylactic course. Several sessions and the result is already visible — elasticity, tenderness of velvet skin. Very soft and delicate technique with aromas of avocado oil.

And finally, swimming in the pool. There is no need to explain anything here, the recommendations of the leading obstetricians and gynecologists are quite accessible — unloading the spine, increasing physical activity, training the muscles, which will be very effectively reflected in the future during labor.

As you can see, the SPA-salon for pregnant women is a real fairy tale, where everything around is saturated with a state of tranquility, which is very useful for mother and her baby. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to provide your body with the necessary thorough care for problem areas of the body, the result of which will please not only with the appearance, but also directly with the serious preparation of muscles for labor.

Contraindications for future mothers are made individually, but before you visit the salon, remember that in the first trimester and after the 35th week, it is not worthwhile for all ladies to appear in such places. Dear women, be very careful about the choice of spa and programs. If you have decided on the choice of procedure, this applies to anyone, be sure to talk with the attending gynecologist, and only having received the «blessing», proceed to the program.

List of spa treatments that are not acceptable for pregnant women:

  • procedures that require the use of high temperatures (cedar barrel, sauna, Russian bath);
  • photoepilation;
  • laser, sugar getting rid of unwanted hair;
  • heat treatments — hot wraps;
  • myostimulation;
  • Anticellulite massage;
  • cryotherapy;
  • vacuum, ultrasound massage;
  • aromatherapy;
  • hair dyeing, acrylic nail extension (with a content of harmful chemicals);
  • solarium;
  • permanent makeup, tattoo (in this case there is a risk of blood poisoning);
  • procedures that cause an unpleasant sensation that provokes premature generic activity of uterine contraction (for example, deep peeling, epilation, etc.)

Being a regular customer in the SPA-salon, you create a shell of beauty around you and within yourself, which helps to avoid stress, effectively repels many problems associated with the «restructuring» of your body. Provides positive emotions that have an excellent impact not only on the female condition, but also on the baby, which is still floundering in the amniotic fluid. And remember, before visiting, be sure to consult with your gynecologist and get his approval.

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