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Solution for washing the nose at home

Prepare saline solution for washing the nose for children and adults at home — text and video instructions

Nose wash solution You can cook at home using the tools at hand. Make it very simple, in our article we will tell you some recipes for preparing a solution for washing the nose.

You can rinse your nose at home with a special syringe, syringe or special device that looks like a small kettle. Inside this device is poured the solution, which you will wash your nose. It is advisable to do this over a bath or a wide bowl.

If you are worried about the question: “How to wash your nose at home?”, Then everything is very simple: through one nostril, you pour the solution into the nose, and fluid flows out through the other nostril. It can also flow out through the mouth, it depends on the inclination of the head. If you want the solution to flow out through the second nostril when you rinse the nose, then you should slightly open your mouth during the process.

Also, nasal washing has several contraindications.:

Do not flush the nose if it is heavily stuffed;

if the patient has confirmed the diagnosis of acute respiratory infections or SARS;

It is not recommended to flush the nose less than an hour before going outside;

ambiguous washing effect can give if the nasal septum is curved;

It is not recommended to flush the nose if there are polyps in it, since only a doctor can help here;

solution allergy;

inflammation of the middle ear;

tendency to frequent bleeding.

If none of the contraindications apply to you personally, then you can safely wash your nose for a cold, sinusitis, or for prevention. And how to do it — we will tell you in our article.

To wash the nose at home is better with a self-made solution. There are two ways to prepare a solution for washing the nose, and now we will tell you about them. More information can be found in the video.

The first thing you need to make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the solution, and then proceed to its preparation. And to prepare such a solution can be as follows: for 200 milliliters of water, you must take 2 teaspoons of sea salt and stir until dissolved. This solution can be poured into a saucer and alternately retract each nostril. You can also pour it into the nose with a syringe.

Another good option for flushing the nose is saline. To prepare it is very simple. To do this, take 200 milliliters of water and add 5-6 grams of salt there. It should be used in the same way as any other solution.

Among other things, there are many solutions that are based on herbal infusions. They can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Using the recommendations of this article, you can prepare a solution for washing the nose at home easily and quickly.

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