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Soft drinks — photo cooking recipes at home

Soft drinks (cold and hot) — photo cooking recipes at home

Features of home cooking recipes

Soft drinks — This is a category of dishes, without which we can not do a single day. Water is known to be the basis of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that drinks occupy such an important place in the diet.

What are non-alcoholic beverages? Conventionally, they can be divided into two types: hot and cold. The first are designed to warm up in cold weather, and the second, on the contrary, will help quench your thirst and refresh yourself on a hot summer day. Both categories of these soft drinks abound in a variety of recipes. Moreover, each country has its own national non-alcoholic beverages. So, for example, in Russia, it is traditionally kvass and mors, in Ukraine — uzvar, in Italy and the USA — lemonade, etc. As a rule, the basis of the drink are products that abound in the area in which they are prepared. Therefore, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of Central Asia, traditionally engaged in cattle breeding, often produce fermented milk drinks.

Of course, non-alcoholic beverages can be classified on the basis of nationality. However, in the framework of this article we will not do this, because you can get to know more about this or that drink in the corresponding step-by-step photo recipe of this section of the site.

Preparing soft drinks at home does not cause any particular difficulties. Even some national drinks that require a lot of time to create them are fairly simple. Even a beginner in culinary business will cope with them.

The variety of soft drinks does not allow to reveal any common secrets of their preparation. However some recommendations we can still give!

  1. It is best to use spring water for preparing soft drinks, but if this is not possible, you can use tap water, which is additionally purified with a household filter.
  2. Vegetables, fruits and berries for making soft drinks should be ripe and fresh, with no obvious signs of spoilage.
  3. Not all fresh juices can be drunk in pure form. The acidity of such drinks can be high, which can provoke a change in the acidic environment of the stomach, and can also lead to the destruction of tooth enamel. Therefore, fresh juice is recommended to dilute with purified water.
  4. Sugar should be used sparingly, keeping in mind that excessive amounts of it can lead to weight gain. In addition, it is better to use brown cane sugar, which did not arrive at the refining stage. This product contains a lot of useful microcomponents.
  5. It should be remembered that all varieties of tea are brewed at different temperatures. Therefore, before proceeding with the preparation of such a hot soft drink, you need to examine the recommendations on the package.
  6. You can prepare soft alcoholic drinks ahead of time, but hot soft drinks should be made just before serving.

Here, perhaps, are all the basic tips for preparing soft drinks at home. You can learn more about the nuances of creating this or that drink in the corresponding recipes of this site.

Many people ask: “Why do you need soft drinks at home, if you can buy almost any of them in the nearest store?”. Everything is very simple! Unfortunately, the producers of such a product are trying not to produce a quality drink, but to get as much profit as possible. Because of this, many natural components of beverages are replaced with artificial ones. In addition, non-alcoholic beverage stores are saturated with amplifiers with flavors, flavors, and dyes. All these substances have the most negative impact on health. Therefore, the preparation of soft drinks is a matter of personal safety only!

Do not neglect your health and prepare delicious soft and hot soft drinks in accordance with our step by step recipes with photos!

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