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Side dishes — the best homemade cooking recipes with photos

Side dishes — the best delicious homemade recipes with photos

Garnish — This is the food that goes in addition to the main second course. The word “garner” of French origin also means to enclose or decorate. Thus, the side dish is not just some kind of additive to meat or fish dishes, it is also its tasty decoration. While the side dish on the plate should be less than the main course.

The purpose of the side dish is to emphasize the taste of the main course. With it, you can increase or decrease acid, sweetness, sharpness. There are versatile side dishes and side dishes, combined only with a specific main course. The ability to combine them — this is the art of this chef. However, there are certain recommendations to this effect. We will give them later in this article.

Professional side dishes and professional side dishes prepared by chefs can be divided into two main types — simple and complex. In the first case we are talking about one-component dishes, in the second — about multi-component, usually consisting of three or four ingredients.

Types of side dishes emit depending on those products that underlie them. So, in accordance with this classification feature, the side dishes are divided into the following main types:

  • vegetable;
  • mushroom;
  • cereals and legumes;
  • cereals;
  • pasta.

Each of these types of side dishes combine thousands of different recipes. In this section of the site there are not so many of them. However, the recipes of the most delicious and original side dishes, you will definitely find here. By the way, in addition to the textual description of the cooking process, all recipes contain step-by-step photos that will help you visually see the whole process. No problems with the preparation of our proposed side dishes should not arise!

The best side dish for meat is the side dish that will not only set off its taste, but also the one that will not make the food digestion process harder. For example, a stew perfectly with cereals — buckwheat, millet, rice. These porridges are rich in fast carbohydrates, which will help you quickly and easily digest fatty protein foods. In addition to the meat, especially the fried, perfectly fit vegetable side dishes, including in the form of salads from fresh vegetables. Light and low-calorie, they will be a tasty and easy addition. In addition to meat dishes, various kinds of mashed potatoes are well suited, including mashed potatoes. But the kebabs cooked on the fire, just perfect with grilled vegetables.

In more detail about what meat, with what garnish is combined, we suggest to learn from the table resulted below.

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