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Sea salt scrub — useful and effective recipes for face and body skin

Sea salt scrub for face and body skin, as well as for hair — home cooking

Sea Salt Scrub designed to cleanse the upper layers of the skin, under the action of which all dead and dead cells of the epidermis are removed. In addition, the marine abrasive product is widely known as an active ingredient for slimming certain parts of the body.

People have been extracting salt from the seas for 4 thousand years. In different coastal areas get completely different types of salt. Unusual black salt is mined in India and is called Himalayan, a dark gray shade acquired due to a certain type of clay and algae. Sea salt with such a tint is also available in the Hawaiian Islands with the exotic name «Black Lava». The crystals obtained their color due to their combination with black lava and red baked clay. Also salts with blue or pink color, obtained in France, Korea, Australia and a number of other countries, have found their application both in cooking and in cosmetology. But, by the way, such exotic varieties of mineral are quite expensive.

Incomparably, rare types of salt have a bunch of useful elements in their arsenal. But who said that at home you can make a less useful product? Today we will tell about the remarkable properties of ordinary sea salt and how to make the recipe with salt as useful and effective as possible!

The properties of the marine product differ significantly from each other, depending on the technology of its extraction. Properties similar to sodium chloride, however, are distinguished by the fact that all micro- and macro-elements are initially present in the composition of the sea.

The set of mineral elements is as follows:

In addition, in some types of marine mineral there is a presence of such components as clay, volcanic dust and various algae.

The most concentrated is considered to be salt from the Dead Sea, since the high content of particles does not allow the body to even sink into the liquid. With its healing properties, this product is most widely used in salon and home cosmetology.

The benefit of sea salt is noted by many women who use this tool regularly in various manipulations. Salt is used as wraps, salt baths and, of course, body scrubs.

At home, you can easily use all these procedures. Using the following recipes, you will not only save on cosmetic procedures, but also get the maximum pleasure and benefit.

So, the useful properties of sea salt:

  • exfoliation of keratinized and dead epidermis;
  • cleansing of pores and sebaceous ducts from accumulated sebum;
  • toning the skin of the face and the whole body by narrowing the pores and tightening the epithelium cells;
  • smoothing of small age or mimic wrinkles;
  • whitening pigment stains;
  • moisturizing and nourishing the skin due to its constituent elements;
  • an increase in blood circulation due to friction, which has a positive effect on the flow of oxygen into the skin cells;
  • restoration of the water-lipid layer;
  • reduction of stretch marks and scars;
  • prevention of acne and inflammatory formations.

In addition, the sea salt product is a highly efficient abrasive that can break down stagnant adipose tissue, called cellulite. With regular use of this tool, you can transform many problem areas on the body with your own hands.

Salt from the sea can cause significant harm to health only if it is eaten with certain contraindications. In other cases, salt crystals can deliver only discomfort and discomfort at certain moments.

Many skin diseases react negatively to this product. In addition to such diseases, unacceptable factors include scratches or inflamed rashes, which, in contact with salt, will ache or burn.

Also, persons prone to allergic manifestations should first carefully examine the product, and then do a test test to identify the reaction. Or only after that apply scrubs, but, preferably, without fragrances and dyes.

If you are worried about any chronic disease that you have, then you should consult with a specialist before using salt scrubs.

The options for using scrubbing compositions with sea salt are incredibly many because of the additional components in the recipes. Plus, scrubs can have a variety of actions aimed at certain health procedures.

Salt can be used as a mask for hair, face, body, as an anti-cellulite or peeling product. Depending on what you choose in addition to sea salt, the procedure may have added value.

For example, coffee perfectly tones skin cells, the use of oils nourishes and moisturizes the skin with vitamin complexes, clay impurities will help to give the skin a more uniform and matte color. In general, salt scrubs are aimed at massage the whole body and relaxation after cleansing processes.

How to make a salt mixture for scrub at home simply and quickly? Very simple! To do this, you just need to buy sea salt, and the rest of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen or in the first aid kit. Salt of the seas is a relatively inexpensive product, if you do not take into account the rare varieties described above. But in the choice of a simple product you need to take into account the composition, manufacturer and other nuances. In addition, salt for scrubs should be finely ground, in contrast to the composition for baths.

However, the most beneficial will be scrubs considering the classification of your skin. Here the skin can be divided into two groups: dry and fat. Accordingly, components from vegetable or essential oils, yoghurts, egg yolks are excellent for dry epidermis, and citrus juices and clay for fatty ones.

To choose the best recipe scrubbing composition with sea salt, you can by means of samples. It is better to prepare mixtures with salt and products before direct application, and if it is necessary to preserve the mass for a short time, then it is better to place it in a tightly closed glass jar. But for long-term storage of perishable ingredients just do not fit.

Some application tips will help you carry out wellness procedures, because depending on the area of ​​the body, the method of applying scrubs may differ. So, for the facial area will need sparing manipulation, because the skin on the face is more sensitive.

  1. It is recommended to peel at the weekend or at bedtime.
  2. Before salt scrubbing need to clean the skin.
  3. Even better, together with the cleansing immediately steam out the whole body and face in a hot bath or shower.
  4. Apply abrasive to slightly moist skin with light massage movements. In the face area do not affect the eye area.
  5. The procedure should last from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the condition and type of epidermis.
  6. After a thorough self-massage, rinse with water again, and then wipe off the remnants with a blotting motion.
  7. Reddened skin after friction must be reassured with a cold compress or an ice cube. Ice can be both water-based and herbal decoction.
  8. At the end, the skin of the face or body must be moistened and nourished with creams.

For dry skin type, such manipulations should be performed no more than 1 time in 14 days, and for oily skin, it can be cleaned once a week..

Sea salt as a face scrub should be crushed before use, so that the coarse grains do not traumatize the delicate tissues. With the addition of olive oil, a scrub is perfect if there is dry skin. It will be enough 2 tbsp. l oil and 1 tsp. fine salt to get an excellent nourishing scrub. Oily substance can be replaced with sour cream or yogurt. But excess fat should be treated with salt and zest or lemon juice. Instead of a lemon, the pulp of orange or grapefruit will do.

With the help of «sea» scrub, you can reduce the number of black spots and traces of acne. Here you will also need sour cream, and in addition to the lactic acid product, you should add soda. All components are mixed in a mush, applied to the face and a light massage is made in problem areas. Soda acts as a bleach and antiseptic, such a tool with regular use will help significantly discolor freckles and other pigment spots. After 5 minutes of the mechanical process, the face is rinsed with cool purified water or herbal decoction.

The course of procedures for oily hair and scalp should not exceed 4-6 sessions, and then you should take a break for half a year, since glutting the hair with microelements can cause a number of undesirable consequences.

But if you stick to the course, use the salt scrub once every two weeks, you can not only clean the skin of the head, but also improve blood stimulation, which will lead to oxygen circulation and hair growth.

In order to make at home such a scrub will need fine sea salt. Abrasive is often combined with coffee grounds, cinnamon, crushed stones or clay, but these ingredients are very difficult to wash off the hair, especially if they are quite long. Therefore, in order for the procedure to bring maximum benefit and pleasure, we advise you to mix salt with vegetable or essential oil, sugar, honey, pepper tincture, kefir, rye bread or egg yolks.

To achieve the best effect, after a short massage of the skin, it is necessary to cover the head with cellophane and wrap it with a towel on top. After half an hour you can wash off the scrub, of course, you will have to do this more than once to thoroughly wash the remnants of the scrubbing mask.

But the result is worth it! The positive effect can be seen after a few months, when you notice a significant reduction in hair loss.

A scrubbing body massage is an especially pleasant procedure that helps relieve fatigue (especially in the legs), over-exertion, and aches in certain areas of the body. In addition, such a scrub — an effective remedy for cellulite and stretch marks, about which you can hear only positive reviews.

In this case, perfectly proven:

  • coffee scrub with sea mineral. Bulk substances in equal proportions are mixed with any oil, depending on what effect you expect to get from the oil fluid. Essential oils for the most part tone up, and vegetable — nourish. Such a composition can be distributed throughout the body, not forgetting the most needy areas of the skin, as well as hands and feet;
  • honey scrub An excellent product will make your skin soft, smooth and supple, but only if you are not allergic to honey and similar products. For this relaxation, you will need 3 tbsp. l liquid natural honey and 1 tbsp. l ground salt from the sea;
  • Laminaria scrub. Dried seaweed, as well as salt, can be purchased at the pharmacy. Laminaria is rich in vitamins and minerals, its excellent properties are used by many cosmetologists all over the world. For home scrub, you will need 1 tablespoon of algae, 2 tablespoons of salt and a moisturizing component in the form of oils or sour cream, you can also add 1-2 tablespoons of bran or oatmeal to the mixture. Before using the bran and kelp brewed in boiling water until swelling, after which all the ingredients are mixed. Massa carefully rubbed the body and leave for a few minutes so that the useful substances are absorbed into the skin.

Household salt scrubs help to solve many problems associated with the skin, and also serve as an excellent preventive and massage tool to improve skin condition and well-being. Even if there is no time to prepare a variety of scrubbing compositions, you can simply purchase the finished product, for example, handmade soap from sea salt and other natural ingredients. This wonderful tool can be stored for a very long time, and will always be at hand.

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