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Sandwiches — festive and simple for every day — step by step recipes with photos

Holiday sandwiches and simple sandwiches for every day — delicious step-by-step photo cooking recipes at home in a hurry

Sandwiches — it is a light or rather nourishing snack dish, which is a slice of bread or slightly toasted toast with a sauce, on top of which a variety of products are put: meat products, meat, fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables, greens, fruits, pastries and etc. It can serve not only as a snack, but also as a main course. For example, in Holland, a variety of sandwiches is the main course with which the Dutch satisfy their hunger during the day. In this country, you simply will not find a person who has not eaten sandwiches for at least a day.

The popularity of sandwiches since their appearance has been steadily increasing. And it is not surprising, because this dish turns out very tasty, it perfectly saturates, and besides it is prepared in haste. Some five to ten minutes of time and a wonderful snack is ready!

The secrets of making sandwiches at home are very simple and can be summarized in the following list:

  • The basis of the sandwich is bread. It can be absolutely anything — Borodino, bran, hearth, wheat, etc. Most importantly, the bread was fresh.
  • If you have to make sandwiches from different types of bread, then remember that white should be stored separately from black or garlic, as it tends to absorb surrounding smells.
  • A slice of bread for a good tasty sandwich should not be too thick, the optimal thickness is one centimeter.
  • Butter or sauce is important when making sandwiches. These components must be fresh. It is unlikely that someone will enjoy the sandwiches on the rancid butter. And mayonnaise is generally a breeding ground for the reproduction of bacteria and microbes. So the freshness of these components is not only a pledge of good taste, but also a pledge that snack will not cause poisoning.
  • If you grease bread for sandwiches with butter, it is better to pre-place this product from the refrigerator. Room temperature oil is easier to spread. In addition, you can in the process of working with oil, heat the knife under a stream of hot water. So it will be easier to cut it and cooking sandwiches will not turn into torture.
  • In order to make sandwiches with spicier butter, you can mix this product with a small amount of mustard.
  • If you plan to plant a piece of cheese on a sandwich, then when cutting this product, you can use the same trick with a knife as when cutting butter.
  • When choosing components for making homemade sandwiches, both for each day and for the festive table, you should consider the composition of the main dishes. It is advisable to select the components in such a way that they do not overlap, but complement each other.
  • Prepare sandwiches at home should be immediately before serving. Sandwiches — this dish, which storage does not improve the taste, but, on the contrary, worsens them. In addition, the design can «float».
  • You can decorate sandwiches with sauces, greens, as well as other food products, including vegetables and fruits, carved (carving is the creation of elements of edible décor through artistic cutting on the previously mentioned products).

Here, perhaps, are all the basic secrets of making delicious sandwiches at home. All other tricks will be given in each specific step-by-step photo recipe given in this section of the site.

Beautiful sandwiches on the holiday table can be seen, both at home and in an expensive restaurant. Such a snack is considered the most common for any special occasions. New Year, Birthday, Eighth of March, Valentine’s Day and many other holidays are not complete without sandwiches. Classic, such as sandwiches with red caviar or sandwiches with red fish, as well as thematically decorated, they become a beautiful decoration of the festive table.

Festive sandwiches just like everyday sandwiches can be prepared in a hurry. That is why, as a rule, prepare several of their varieties. Due to the variety of this type of snacks, the holiday table becomes richer and tastier.

Distinguishes festive sandwiches from sandwiches for each day a special design. We suggest to get acquainted further with the most interesting and original options for decorating such a snack.

In this section you will find a lot of recipes for making festive sandwiches. All of them, in addition to the step-by-step text description, also contain a photo of each stage of cooking. Thus, in the preparation and design of the festive sandwiches will not remain a single misunderstood moment.

Simple sandwiches for every day is the best option for breakfast or a snack between main meals. They can be cooked on the basis of any kind of bread and using any product. So simple everyday sandwiches can be shaped according to your taste preferences. Choosing your favorite sandwich recipe, you can easily replace one or another component. And, of course, the beauty of such sandwiches, is that their preparation takes a minimum amount of time, and it’s quite convenient to take them with you to work or study. They will not take a lot of space in the bag.

Among the sandwiches for every day, you can select a special category of hot sandwiches. Their only difference is that before serving such sandwiches are baked in the oven or microwave oven. As a rule, no matter what the filling was at the sandwich, a piece of cheese is placed on top of it. Hot sandwiches are baked until the cheese is melted. And, although it takes a little more time to prepare such a snack, it turns out that it is much tastier and more satisfying than its “cold” counterparts.

In conclusion, we propose to examine the proposed range of recipes for making sandwiches. Here you will find options for the holiday table, and everyday options for every day. Choose your favorite recipe, and go to the kitchen to create tasty and simple masterpieces.

By the way, all the recipes in this section are provided with step-by-step photos. That photo will help to better orient in the process of cooking and decorating sandwiches. Successes!

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