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Salt for hair: useful properties, effective masks, principles of application

Salt — a simple way to strengthen and grow hair

To make the hair shiny and silky, they need regular care. There are many different recipes for it, including the available ingredients. But not everyone knows how useful the usual salt for beauty curls.

Comprehensive care for strands varied. It includes cleansing the scalp of dead skin particles, massage that improves blood circulation, nourishing hair follicles, full hydration and protection from the negative effects of the environment. A significant part of this care can be provided with ordinary salt, if properly used this useful product.

What is useful salt for strands?

For home care procedures, sea salt saturated with iodine is best suited. It has the highest concentration of beneficial microelements. In its absence, you can use and salt, stocks which are always available in the kitchen.

Despite the fact that the chemical composition of salt does not differ in diversity, it is incredibly useful for improving the metabolic processes in the skin and for the supply of oxygen to the hair roots. This is facilitated by:

  • sodium, with cleansing properties;
  • magnesium, which increases blood circulation;
  • calcium, strengthening the hair structure;
  • fluorine, reducing damage;
  • bromine, giving the strands shine and elasticity;
  • potassium, which retains moisture in the scalp;
  • strontium firming hair bulbs.

Large white crystals are an excellent abrasive agent that is useful for peeling the skin on the head. Added to the masks for curls, they contribute to the deep penetration of ingredients and at times increase their positive impact.

If you use salt for massage and rubbing in the hair roots, you can greatly accelerate the growth of the strands. This is due to improved blood circulation in the skin, which enhances the supply of the nutrients needed for growth.

A simple salt mask quickly helps to get rid of dandruff, prevents fungal diseases, disinfects, removes inflammation, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and makes hair strong and strong.

The crystals contain a lot of chlorine and iodine. These substances have the ability to dry strands. That is why swimming in sea water affects the structure of the curls. But by using salt for hair properly, negative effects are easily avoided.

Recommendations for use

If you decide to strengthen the hair with salt, do the procedure in the cold season. During this period, strands need such care, as they quickly become covered with greasy bloom due to warm caps.

In summer, the salt effect on the strands should be minimized. They are so much dried up the hot sun and rest in the sea resorts.

  • To salt treatment brought only benefit, do not use it for dry curls with split ends.
  • When scratches or other injuries are present on the skin, they must first be cured. Otherwise, the crystals will penetrate into the wounds, causing great pain.

These masks and scrubs are recommended for the care of quickly oily hair. They dry well and remove all contaminants. Indications for passing the course of procedures:

  • hair loss;
  • elimination of seborrhea and dandruff;
  • reinforcement of loose strands;
  • skin cleansing.

With the help of salt care, it is possible to prevent the early appearance of gray hair, which occurs as a result of impaired blood circulation in the scalp and lack of nutrients.

Rules of application

The secret of the effectiveness of masks with salt is that they are not applied to the hair. Crystals and mixtures based on them are rubbed into the scalp. This prevents drying effect on the hair structure, bringing great benefits to the roots. Caring procedures are recommended to do on contaminated curls.

Natural grease is a good protection against aggressive influence. Do not forget to moisten the strands with water before applying the composition. So the tool will work better.

Salt mask for hair before use requires processing the ends of the strands with heated castor or burdock oil to soften. On the face, be sure to apply a greasy cream that will protect against irritation if the crystals get on the skin.

  • To use masks, salt is mixed with other beneficial ingredients. Healing composition is allowed to keep on the head for about half an hour. At this time, cover your head with plastic and warm a scarf.
  • Salt quickly removes greasy deposits and dirt, but since the composition is applied only to the roots, it must be washed off with shampoo to clean the hair along the entire length.
  • In the end, it is advisable to wash the curls with a decoction of herbs, such as nettle or chamomile, and dry the hair without the help of a hair dryer.

Salt for hair loss and for complex care is sufficient to apply twice a week for a month.

After you need to give the roots a rest from such exposure, and a month later repeat the course.

Salt massage is done for about 5 minutes. To hold it, measure a spoonful of sea salt, pour as much heated burdock oil into it and gently rub it into the scalp. The procedure stimulates growth and gives strength and shine to the curls. To achieve excellent results, it is useful to perform it once a week.

When salt is used for thorough cleansing (as a scrub), the hair is not required to be covered with a film, and the composition should be left on the skin for more than 10 minutes.

Scrub Recipes

Try sparing scrub first. If the skin responds positively, stronger methods can be used.

  • One of the soft and effective ways to clean the scalp of dead particles and improve blood circulation is salt and kefir. Stir them in the same proportion and rub the gruel into the hair follicles with massage movements.
  • A simple and effective salt peeling provides large sea salt without any additives. It should be applied to the skin and carefully rubbed with fingertips in the hair roots for 5 minutes.
  • For very oily hair, soda and salt, mixed 1: 1, slightly diluted with some water, are suitable. The skin gets a double impact. The crystals dry, disinfect and heat the scalp, soda deeply cleanses and soothes.

These scrubs are indispensable for hair loss, poor hair growth, dandruff and to prevent the appearance of gray hair.

Growth recipes

Salt for hair growth provides an excellent result, awakening hair follicles.

To grow thick long strands, a recipe with the addition of egg yolk is helpful. To prepare the mask, dissolve two tablespoons of coarse salt in a small amount of warm water, combine the liquid with whipped yolk. At the end, add to the mass a half cup of kefir. Stir the mask ingredients and rub well into the skin.

Stimulate growth and give the hair volume and fluffiness with the help of a ripe banana. Grind it in a blender into a homogeneous mass, put in 1 tbsp. l salt, stir several times and mask the roots thoroughly.

Fortifying recipes

Strong healthy curls gives a simple mask for the hair with salt. Pour a glass of alkaline mineral water into the bowl. Add to the liquid 1 tbsp. l salt and burdock oil. Saturate the roots of hair with the composition and carefully rub into the hair follicles.

Honey together with salt quickly relieves dandruff, strengthens the hair, makes it healthy over the entire length.

  • In a bowl of hot water, put a container of honey and wait until it becomes liquid.
  • Measure out a spoon, mix 1: 1 with salt and beat the ingredients with a mixer.
  • Apply fluffy foam on your head and distribute from beginning to end of hair.

The softening effect of honey neutralizes the salt. This mask recipe is useful not only for oily, but also for dry hair that is starting to fall out.

Nourishing mask

Salt-based is an excellent nourishing mask for oily and normal hair. This mixture can be distributed along the length of the strands. Thanks to the accompanying ingredients, the salt is not able to dry the curls unnecessarily.

  • whipped egg yolk;
  • on the big spoon of mustard powder and salt;
  • 1 tbsp. l olive oil;
  • 1 tsp May honey;
  • juice of half a lemon.

Combine the components in a ceramic bowl, stir until smooth and apply first to the roots and then to the strands. Be sure to warm your head and leave the composition to impact for half an hour.

To bring curls in perfect condition, prevent dandruff, loss and improve their growth, costly procedures are not necessary. Salt to strengthen hair — a simple and effective solution.

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