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Safe, recipes tasty and healthy dishes for children and adults

Safe, recipes tasty and healthy dishes for children and adults

Afternoon tea — This is one of the meals, which in the daily diet takes a gap between lunch and dinner. By the time — it is somewhere 16-17 hours of the day. It accounts for only about 10-15% of the volume of food consumed per day. However, in spite of this afternoon tea is very important! But what is its significance lies, and we have to figure it out!

Tea time is, in fact, a light snack. It is necessary in order to quench the first feeling of hunger that occurs after dinner. Thus, the afternoon snack will help not to overeat for dinner, because the feelings of the “wolf famine” after the afternoon snack should definitely not arise! Doctors also confirm this. They claim that a healthy diet is possible only with five to six meals a day. By the way, for weight loss snack will be very effective. If you are on a diet, we do not recommend that this daily snack be excluded from your diet.

Often the question arises, but what to cook for lunch? There are many options! It can be all sorts of dishes from cottage cheese (cheesecakes, casseroles, as well as fresh cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar); fruits (fresh or as components of salad); vegetables (they will be best in the form of light salads); light cookies; cupcakes (but not in large quantities); light sandwiches (fatty cutlets with bread are not the best choice for an afternoon snack); corn flakes with milk; a cup of milk, yogurt, yogurt, juice. In general, as you can see, the menu for afternoon tea can be the most diverse!

The most important thing in making an afternoon snack menu is not to overload it too heavy for digestion with foods, such as fatty fried pork or mushrooms. In this case, you should adhere to the principle of the right afternoon snack — this is a quick afternoon snack. Although, of course, some dishes are better prepared ahead of time. This applies, for example, cupcakes, cookies, casseroles, etc.

The afternoon snack is especially important for the child. Day snack is simply necessary for the normal growth and development of babies. And for good reason in kindergartens they offer an afternoon tea after a nap! Only, in this case, attention should be paid to ensure that the food is healthy. Too fat food and an excess of complex carbohydrates will not bring much benefit to the body!

If you still have questions on making the menu for an afternoon snack, then we will help you to solve them. A lot of photo recipes listed on our website diversify your diet! By the way, even if you do not know how to cook, it does not matter. All recipes are detailed and contain step by step photos. Thus, the preparation of any dish should not arise any questions!

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