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Rice face mask: what is the use, how to make and apply

The effectiveness of rice masks for skin

Every woman at some point thinks about how to protect her skin from wrinkles. It is impossible to stop time, it is fleeting and irreversible. In order for the face to remain flawless, smooth and have a healthy color, it is necessary to constantly maintain it with various cosmetic procedures.

A good result can be obtained from this method of rejuvenation, like a rice face mask against wrinkles. The procedure is available to each, as it is carried out at home and includes the most affordable and inexpensive ingredients.

The uniqueness of the composition of cereals

It is not surprising that women began to use rice. Japanese cuisine has proven the healing properties of this product. Groats are simply created by nature itself to preserve feminine beauty and youth.

Rice flour from time immemorial has been used as face powder. This cereal was mixed with pigment components and used to eliminate skin imperfections. Moreover, this component not only masks the flaws, but is an excellent adsorbent, the powder is able to absorb all the harmful substances from the skin.

There are a lot of vitamins B in rice groats, among which choline and folic acid are very important for the skin. It is these substances that have a softening effect, smoothing wrinkles.

Folic acid itself is able to eliminate inflammation on the skin, while preventing the formation of acne, ulcers and pimples.

There is in the composition of rice and tocopherol, that is, vitamin E, which is popularly called the pantry of youth. In addition, there is a high content of micro and macro elements in croup:

  • potassium necessary for moistening;
  • magnesium and phosphorus — for food;
  • calcium and iron — against inflammation;
  • zinc — for bleaching;
  • selenium — to rejuvenate.

But the main anti-aging component is an amino acid. Now it is widely used in cosmetology for the rejuvenation of the skin. Methionine acid is used in its pure form.

The mask of rice for the face does not irritate the skin, so it is suitable even in those cases if you are allergic. You no longer have to spend huge sums on hypoallergenic cosmetics. You can make masks with rice flour and other ingredients at home, and without much effort and effort.

With the help of polysaccharides and useful acids, rice acts on the dermis as a natural collagen. The effect of such masks is very similar to gelatin. Therefore, to achieve good results, you can alternate these procedures.

How to get the maximum effect from the procedure

We draw attention to the fact that a complex face mask with rice and milk will help to whiten and cleanse the skin, while smoothing wrinkles. As part of the cereal has starch, which softens the dermis, giving it whiteness. Cellulose with polysaccharides retain moisture, make the skin soft and supple.

Those who have already used this tool, did not notice any negative points during the procedure. Therefore, there should be no negative manifestations (unless there is an individual intolerance), even if you will do the mask quite often. For an accelerated effect, try to follow some rules:

  1. The main ingredient of this mask is flour. You must thoroughly grind the rice so that the useful ingredients are absorbed faster. It should turn out rice flour for the face, otherwise you get the effect of scrub.
  2. To prepare a mask, take unpolished rice varieties. It is in them that a large amount of nutrients that are necessary for rejuvenation is preserved.
  3. The skin before applying should be well steamed. Such preliminary manipulations will open the pores on the face, and this is necessary to achieve a positive result.
  4. Rice masks with honey or other ingredients stay on the skin for 30 minutes. In less time, the full impact of the components will not work.
  5. For prevention, apply a mask every 10 days. But if you need treatment of the dermis, then the course should be repeated more often, reduce the time interval of the procedure to 10 minutes.

Applied to rejuvenate rice face mask at home will allow you to refuse expensive visits to the beautician. The regularity of the procedure can be a guarantee of success. It is the systematic use of rice that will help eliminate wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Kinds of face masks

A rice face mask using various components is considered the ideal solution to many problems. The classic recipe is based on rice flour, goat milk or cream. All components are mixed and infused for 15 minutes. Honey is added to the resulting infusion. Next, you clean your face from cosmetics, steam it, apply a mask and … you are rapidly becoming younger.

The Thai recipe is distinguished by the fact that it contains overripe banana, walnuts and oatmeal. With the help of water, all the resulting mass must be brought to the state of liquid sour cream. This infusion for the face of rice is aged in dishes for 10 minutes.

The magical composition will tighten the oval of the face, eliminate swelling from lack of sleep, cope with swelling and flabby derma.

The composition of whole grains has specific features in the manufacture, therefore, requires more time than the mask of rice flour. Wash rice well and leave to soak in water for at least 10 hours. After that, all the present composition, without stirring, cook over the smallest fire. For the procedure, you take only the top layer. Adding egg yolks, gently knead the porridge.

In conclusion, we describe how to make a Japanese mask based on rice cereals. The rejuvenating effect of this composition is much stronger than the above. After a month of systematic carrying out, you will get glowing and cleansed skin on which no wrinkles will remain. Its uniqueness is in the combination of rice broth and flour.

The composition of this mask is added pearl powder, which promotes active tissue regeneration. The skin is filled with health and looks great. Half a cup of rice must be cooked and kneaded thoroughly. In the resulting gruel add honey and a spoonful of powder from pearls. Apply the entire solution to pre-cleansed skin for 25 minutes. After removing the mask, you will look like after a cosmetic procedure in a beauty salon.

Remember that before using any composition must take into account all possible contraindications. If you are allergic to any component, then refuse to add it to the mask. Replace the missing ingredient with something more appropriate.

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