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Recipes for cooking that do not require heat treatment

Recipes for cooking that do not require heat treatment

Dishes without heat treatment — These are, above all, those foods that are best cooked in summer. In the heat because you do not want, something to cook, fry, bake. I want something very light, not requiring too much time to cook. That is why among the «summer» recipes, there are so many that exclude the heat treatment of products.

The dishes in question in this case are very diverse. This is all kinds of soups, main dishes, salads, snacks, sauces, desserts, drinks. Thus, dishes that do not require heat treatment can be prepared for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. At the same time, the main component of such dishes is not only vegetables and fruits. It can also be meat, fish and eggs. For example, the famous Tartar is a raw ground beef with a raw egg, salted and peppered. Such a dish is considered a real delicacy. In addition, the composition for the famous sushi and rolls includes various varieties of fish that have not undergone heat treatment. Although, of course, rice still have to boil. However, for this operation, you can use a special device for cooking rice, and then in the heat will not have to languish in front of the stove.

However, not only the reluctance to use the stove in the heat can induce the preparation of dishes without heat treatment. For syroedov, for example, such food is the main. They adhere to the theory that during the heat treatment all the nutrients contained in the products are destroyed. That is why raw foodists do not even cook cereals. For example, buckwheat, they just pour a little warm water and leave it to swell. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but the result, in their opinion, is worth it. In general, the theory of the benefits of products that are not exposed to heat, is correct. The fact that vitamins are destroyed as a result of heating, as well as micro and macro elements, is a well-known fact. That is why, together with the time saved (as a rule, such dishes do not require too much time for their preparation), you will also receive tremendous benefits for the body!

If the dishes without heat treatment are of interest to you, then we suggest to study the photo recipes of their preparation, given on our website. Thanks to them, you can make your daily menu more diverse. By the way, these recipes are designed not only for the venerable chefs and hostesses who have solid experience in cooking, but also for people who do not know how to cook at all. For example, all the steps in the recipes are painted in as much detail as possible, and they are also provided with photos that will become an additional hint!

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