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Procedures for cellulite in the salons — how easy is it to get rid of the orange peel?

Procedures for cellulite in the salons — how easy is it to get rid of orange peel by salon methods?

Procedures for cellulite conducted in salons or, so-called, anti-cellulite procedures today are the most effective and problem-free way to get rid of the infamous «orange peel». For the first time such a phenomenon was started up in the USA in the 70s of the last century, when they noticed the appearance of changes on the skin in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It was in those years that women began to appear in public more naked, clothes and swimsuits became smaller and more frank. The causes of cellulite are not fully understood; it is reliably known that this problem is purely feminine, due to the fact that subcutaneous fat is deposited more intensively, and the skin is still softer and thinner. Often the problem goes hand in hand with overweight.

Treatment of the disease, and cellulite has long been equated to the disease, should be comprehensive with a multifaceted approach. Therefore, the best solution is to contact the specialists who find out the causes and degree of skin lesions. And only then, on the basis of the data obtained, the patient will be prescribed treatment.

There are 4 stages of development of cellulite:

  • 1st pre-cellulite stage — the blood flow in the capillary tubes slows down, their permeability increases, due to which venous outflow occurs and the circulation of fluid through the lymphatic system is reduced. Obvious signs are not yet noticeable, but the first symptoms still appear: scratches and cuts heal much longer, with the slightest effort, bruises appear, a slight swelling of tissues is noticed. The skin begins to take on a porous appearance and slightly swells.
  • Stage 2 — due to increased edema, lymphatic vessels are overworked, in which toxins begin to accumulate and malignant processes occur due to lack of oxygen. Changes are seen only if you take the skin in the fold, cellulite is also expressed with increased muscle tension. In the affected areas, you can notice pallor and a significant decrease in the elasticity of the skin, you can also feel a decrease in temperature in these areas.
  • 3rd micronodular stage — there is a “soldering” of fat cells in the so-called celluli, where they are surrounded by scarred tissue. Partitions of cells harden and prevent microcirculation. The “orange peel” becomes obvious, under the skin small nodules can be easily felt in large numbers, capillary stars can appear, painful spasms can be felt with strong pressure. The skin itself becomes warm, tactile sensitivity is disturbed.
  • 4th makronodulyarnaya stage — lymph stagnates strongly, severe swelling, venous outflow is disturbed, and lack of oxygen leads to even more scarring, a kind of vicious circle occurs. Externally, the nodes are enlarged, become very painful, soldered to the skin.

Given all the changes that will take place with the course of the disease, experts will be able to make a quality decision and prescribe a course of effective anti-cellulite procedures in the beauty salon.

Hardware saloon procedures to get rid of the problem

The anti-cellulite hardware procedures performed in the salon are a complex of measures to combat skin deficiency. Such methods have many advantages:

  • very intense exposure with deep penetration of cosmetics;
  • a significant decrease in the volume of the whole body;
  • increase muscle tone and skin elasticity;
  • no pain when carrying out salon procedures;
  • pleasant feeling of relaxation in the process of dealing with the «orange peel».

There are more than enough methods for treatment, but specialists usually practice their combination (parallel or sequential), and it is desirable to continue them with a certain regularity. After all, in spite of the miraculous effect, they will not be able to stop natural processes in the salon, so your task will be to maintain the skin in good condition.

Anti-cellulite programs in the bulk affect the blood circulation, remove local fat deposits, activate all metabolic processes, lymph flow.

Consider the main and most common salon procedures:

  • Anticellulite massage — a variation of the classic massage, in which the main effort is made to increase blood circulation in the areas affected by cellulite. A course of 10-15 sessions is usually assigned, after which you can experience a very noticeable result. Massage movements are localized in problem areas (abdomen, thighs, buttocks), they are ground, kneaded, stroked, and as a result, in fatty tissue, fats break down very intensively. From the master requires a high sensitivity of the fingers, so it will be easy for him to detect problem areas.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage — improves the outflow and eliminates the stagnation of lymph, with the result that toxins and slag-like substances are removed from the tissues. The skin begins to look healthier, and therefore attractive. Excess fluid comes out, swelling decreases, and, accordingly, the appearance of cellulite decreases. In the salons can offer two options — manual and hardware.
  • Microcurrent therapy — Salon procedure based on the effect of a current of small amplitude on the skin cells of the subcutaneous tissue in order to improve all the biochemical processes that take place. After it, the processes of cell regeneration and rejuvenation are significantly activated. Often used for postoperative wound healing, because it is known for a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Improving the elasticity of the skin and reducing its swelling will become apparent quickly enough.
  • Myostimulation — the most pleasant of all salon processes, while it should be borne in mind that the effect of the procedure on muscle tissue is literally stunning, all muscles are involved, even those that are difficult to get to work during training. Of course, we cannot talk about the complete replacement of the same jogging by the salon procedure, but as an auxiliary procedure for weight loss, myostimulation is very effective — the fat layer decreases, cellulite disappears. This will require about 10-15 sessions, depending on the complexity of the disease.
  • Mesotherapy — Intradermal administration of drugs and biologically active substances for the treatment of cellulitis with the aid of an apparatus or manually. Means get directly to the affected areas, thereby improving the lymph flow, normalized metabolic processes. This salon procedure has a good effect even on the treatment of certain dermatological diseases. Usually, 2-3 sessions are assigned, after which the improvements will become very noticeable, after which it will be enough to repeat them once every two months for prevention.
  • Wraps — A great way to combat cellulite in the cabin, commonly used therapeutic mud compounds (sea or volcanic clay with biologically active additives). The meaning of the procedure is the active opening of the pores to saturate the skin with useful substances. Before wrapping, it is recommended to make skin peeling so that it is more effective. Today, chocolate wrapping is very popular, due to the fact that the composition of cocoa beans from which chocolate is made is saturated with useful elements and minerals, and the aroma during the session is absolutely magical.
  • Detoxification — purification of the cells of the whole organism from accumulated slags and toxins, which in conditions of megacities and industrial cities very quickly settle. With regular sessions, cells work much better and are saturated with oxygen. The most effective in the development of cellulite stage 2-4.
  • Vacuum massage — hardware correction of the figure in which local decompression of individual sections is applied using a moving applicator. It turns out the effect of lymphatic drainage, which increases the metabolism in all layers of the skin, decreases swelling, the skin takes on a healthy beautiful look.

All these methods will be useful to combat obesity, cellulite on the buttocks and legs, stretch marks, premature aging of the skin, recovery from pregnancy.

Contraindications to the conduct of salon procedures for getting rid of the «orange peel» on the body can be considered a number of phenomena and diseases, that before using the services of specialists, it is still better to consult a qualified therapist. You should not contact the hardware cosmetology for the treatment of cellulite in such processes in your body:

  • thrombosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute inflammatory and infectious processes;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, varicose veins, cardiopathology, the presence of pacemakers;
  • open wounds;
  • age spots, nevi, neoplasms;
  • pregnancy;
  • fungal skin diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • internal prostheses;
  • thyroid disease.

There is no perfect recipe for getting rid of cellulite, each case is individual and treatment methods are selected in the same way. Most often, experts select a comprehensive program that includes massage, special cosmetics, exercise and proper nutrition. If you were able to achieve the desired result, it does not mean that you can continue to lead the same way of life. In order to preserve the beauty of your body as long as possible and strengthen the effect of the devices, you should follow the recommendations of cosmetologists:

  • Nutrition is directly related to the formation of cellulite, but even if you follow strict diets, you will not be able to get rid of the existing problem. You just need to monitor the quality of food consumed and not lose weight very sharply. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will be extremely beneficial. It is necessary to avoid baked sweets, animal fats in ready-made meat products, smoked meats and pickles,
  • Give up alcohol and nicotine, they most negatively affect the appearance of the skin, but in addition have a negative effect on the work of all organs, which also leads to deterioration.
  • Keep an active lifestyle, because in this way, you stimulate the supply of oxygen to the cells in sufficient quantity for their vital functions. When building muscle mass, fat accumulations are perfectly burned, if you want to get rid of problematic deficiencies on your stomach, legs, buttocks, choose those sports in which they are actively involved. Riding a bike, swimming, jumping rope, jogging can have a magical effect on your appearance.

And the last piece of advice is love yourself, because in this case you will not want to spoil such an attractive creation. The momentary pleasure from the cake is simply incomparable with negative manifestations, which will have to get rid of for months.

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