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Porous hair: causes of damage and ways to restore strands

How to quickly put in order porous, damaged, dull hair?

Well-groomed, healthy and smooth hair has always been the main component of a beautiful hairstyle. Unfortunately, not every girl can boast of good curls. Porous hair with damaged scaly structure is a problem for many women.

How to care for porous hair? If the porosity of the hair bothers you, you are seriously interested in this issue, then this article is for you. We have collected all the necessary information that can help many girls faced with this problem.

Causes of porosity

The porosity of the hair in most cases is an acquired quality, not inborn. As a rule, its appearance can be triggered by such factors:

  1. Regular contact with hot air. This applies to women who often use a hairdryer, ironing or styling tongs, thus overdrying their strands.
  2. Hard water. Washing the head with unfiltered water can lead to the raising of scales, which is why the hair structure changes.
  3. Frequent staining, highlighting or discoloration. Any hair dye is harmful. The dyes in the composition absorb moisture, thereby damaging the protective layer of hair. To this item you can add a variety of styling using varnishes and mousses.
  4. Improperly selected cosmetics. If for dry strands use products that are designed for fat, it can dry them even more.
  5. Bad care. Many do not attach importance to this, but inaccurate combing can also cause porosity.
  6. Bad weather conditions. If you do not wear a hat during heat or cold, then it can badly affect the beauty of the curls.

Signs of damage

Porous hair can be distinguished from normal by the following features:

  • strands split and broken, dry and stiff to the touch;
  • after staining, the curls become dull and brittle;
  • hair gets sloppy appearance: strands start to curl and stick in different directions;
  • the hairstyle changes shape, it becomes disheveled;
  • laying procedure is more difficult than before;
  • even after visiting the hairdresser, the haircut looks ugly, strands are difficult to comb and style;
  • open scales on the hair begin to clog with dust, moisture, residues of cosmetics, which leads to rapid contamination of the strands.

Caring for porous strands

Proper care for porous hair should include such rules:

  • To wash the head only with soft water (it is advisable to defend it before this) and not to abuse water procedures. After washing off the balsam, rinse the curls with cool water.
  • Completely eliminate the use of shampoos with sulphates, as they can greatly harm already damaged curls. Ideal option — high-quality baby shampoo or a professional tool with the presence of beneficial proteins.
  • After the shampoo, always use a grooming mask, balsam or conditioner.
  • For some time, give up the hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, and it is also advisable not to carry out curling and dyeing.
  • In windy and cold weather, always wear a hat, and in the rain use an umbrella.
  • When choosing a paint, always pay attention to the fact that there is no ammonia in it. In such a situation, it is better to choose a tint balm.
  • At least 2 times a week apply balsams, sprays with proteins or apply nourishing masks made at home.
  • To improve the porous hair, it is advisable to rinse them with a solution of apple vinegar once a week.
  • In the neglected case, you can get a full treatment in the beauty salon.

Salon Treatment

Damaged hair in the salon is treated using procedures such as keratin repair, silk protein lamination, make haircuts with hot scissors and apply various balms and masks. Before any procedure, you must ensure its safety. In the care products should not be aggressive chemical elements, they must be environmentally friendly and tested by dermatologists. Unfortunately, not every beauty salon can provide all this to you. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to the next item.

Home Treatment

Since not every girl can afford expensive procedures, it is quite possible to carry out home treatment for curls. People who carry out health procedures in the salon can also treat their hair using the methods described below in order to speed up the effect of salon procedures. To return a well-groomed look to damaged hair, you need to follow these tips:

  • Diversify diet. Revise your menu and include more vegetables, fruits, greens. Due to the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the body, metabolic processes are stabilized, which affects the health of the hair.
  • To do only simple haircuts that do not require long curls and styling.
  • Regularly apply herbal teas, medicated oils and homemade masks to strands.

Tips for applying homemade products:

  • All ingredients must be mixed just before use and kept on the strands for about an hour.
  • Do not store the mixture, as their healing effect disappears after a while.
  • Care will be much more effective if you use essential and base oils with products that improve the structure of the hair.
  • Home remedies should be washed off with shampoo or balm, and the strands should be dried in a natural way.

Try to prepare one of the best masks for hair restoration. To do this, mix in glassware one teaspoon of olive, coconut and argan oil, after which the resulting liquid is slightly heated in a water bath. Mask carefully applied to each strand with a brush. Wrap your head with a towel, keep the mask for about an hour. Then rinse with shampoo. Using this mask to cure the porosity of the hair can be quite quickly.

How to care for curly hair?

As practice shows, it is in a curly person that porosity is most often noted. This type of curls is prone to breakage, damage and often looks untidy, even if its carrier is an incredibly well-groomed person.

What to do in this situation? Care for porous curly hair is based on a whole set of rules and useful tips:

  • You need to wash your hair only as needed. Shampoo for curly porous hair is better to choose only the one that is designed for curly curls. From time to time it is worth using deep cleaning shampoos.
  • Washed curls need to be squeezed gently, without effort, as this can damage the natural structure of the curls.
  • Use balsams with silicone content. Apply them only to the hair, trying not to touch the skin.
  • Be sure to once a week to make a mask. If the porosity is low, use moisturizers; if the strands are badly damaged, then use repair masks. For curly curls, a homemade mask is well suited, the recipe of which is given above.

How to maintain the beauty of hair?

No girls are insured against the appearance of porosity, so it’s worth keeping to a certain number of rules:

  • Properly care for your hairstyle (regularly wash your head with a soft agent, use protective equipment).
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the hot sun.
  • Do not use low-quality coloring and tinting preparations.
  • Do not abuse styling products.
  • Do not subject locks to frequent heat treatment.
  • Use only a comfortable comb made from natural materials.

These simple but effective tips will help prevent the occurrence of hair porosity. Remember that only a person caring for their health can look beautiful and impressive.

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