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Pigment spots on the face and body — folk remedies and salon procedures to get rid of them

Pigment spots on the face and body — their varieties; causes of occurrence; folk remedies and salon procedures to get rid of them

The causes of the appearance and types of pigment spots

Dark spots — unnatural formations in the skin, causing a darker color, appearing for various reasons, both on the body and on the face. They are considered a cosmetic defect, which is accompanied by dryness and coarsening of the skin, and vascular bleeding. Although sometimes malignant tumors can be masked under them, therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand the nature of their appearance. And for this you will have to undergo a comprehensive examination by an endocrinologist and a therapist.

Pigmentation of the skin gives a lot of trouble — red, brown spots of all shades, large and small scattering, they all have a negative effect on the skin of its owner. Defects appear as a result of a violation of the concentration of melanin pigment, which serves as a barrier that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

The reasons for the formation of age spots on the skin are very diverse:

  • active exposure to ultraviolet radiation (natural or artificial), as a result of which an increased amount of melanin is produced, and because of the possible uneven distribution, the risk of skin pigmentation is high;
  • pathological changes in the liver, for example, hepatitis A, and the gallbladder — often such phenomena are accompanied by vascular couperosis;
  • violation of the endocrine system, and compliance and hormonal levels, as a result of taking medications, contraceptives, menopause;
  • diseases of the digestive system and changes in metabolic processes;
  • psychological and neurological diseases — stressful and depressive states, neuroses, mental disorders;
  • lack of vitamins, leading to inadequate functioning of the body and changes in the composition of the blood;
  • changes in the body during pregnancy;
  • violation of the rules of application of cosmetics and procedures, as well as the use of low-quality products, because of which the sensitivity of the skin to the action of sunlight may increase, essential oils in perfumes and toilet water also contribute to this;
  • skin scars and injuries (scratches, burns, severe acne), where there is a very high risk of melanin concentration;
  • changes in the balance of pigments and substances in the skin due to aging processes, as a result of which the natural cell renewal slows down and hormonal changes take place, especially in the female body;
  • genetic causes, for example, as in the case of albino skin, which is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation due to the absence of melanin (its reduced content can also lead to the formation of pigmentation).

Depending on the lifestyle and the above conditions, various types of pigment spots on the body can develop (see table).

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