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Pies — cooking with your own hands at home according to photo recipes

Cooking different types of delicious pies with your own hands at home using simple recipes with step by step photos

Pies — is a type of baking, which can be made from any kind of dough and started with a wide variety of fillings. May be both sweet and not sweet. However, in this case, it still goes about sweet cakes.

At home, make cakes of all shapes and sizes. The variety in this case is limited only by the culinary imagination. There may be pies closed, half-closed and open. As for the first variety, any non-liquid dough is suitable for its preparation. Semi-closed cakes visually resemble open cakes, only the upper part is made in the form of a lattice of dough stripes. In open cakes, the top part is the filling itself.

The basis of such baking, as a rule, is yeast (sponge and straight), yeast-free, lean, rich, puff, shortcrust pastry. Less often use liquid biscuit dough. Its use refers the cake to the category of bulk baking. This means that the filling is placed in a pre-prepared form and simply poured with dough. By the way, such pies are obtained, as they say, in haste.

Another type of pies, which at home can be cooked in a hurry, are bulk pies. To create them, dough preparation is not required at all. The basis still remains flour, but only add it in a dry (loose) form.

By types of pies can be listed also depending on the affiliation to any national cuisine of the world.

A lot of simple and tasty step-by-step photo recipes for cooking various pies can be found in this section of the site.

The recipes for making sweet cakes at home are quite varied. In each case, there are secrets to create a truly fragrant and delicious pastries. However, you can select and general recommendations that will help in baking pies.

If you need to make yeast dough to make a cake, then you need to consider the following tricks:

  1. Eggs make dough heavier, and therefore they should not be added in the case when the pastry should be tender and airy.
  2. Also, any vegetable oil will make the dough airy, and creamy will give a very delicate delicate taste.
  3. The amount of sugar used to make yeast dough should be exactly as stated in the recipe. Excess, as well as the lack of this component will not allow the yeast to work properly.
  4. All products for kneading dough must be brought to room temperature.
  5. Wheat flour before kneading, as a rule, sift. This will save her from extraneous inclusions and help make the dough more airy.
  6. Blending the ingredients for a yeast pie correctly is a science! Dry components are first mixed, and only then pre-whipped liquid components are introduced into them.
  7. It is necessary to work with yeast dough in a warm room with the exception of the possibility of drafts (in warm dough will be better suited, but because of drafts it may fall off).
  8. When baking cakes from yeast dough, excessively high temperatures should be avoided. One hundred and eighty degrees will suffice. In addition, it is not possible to open the oven door in the baking process, otherwise the baking will settle.
  9. Before sending the cake to bake in the oven, it should be allowed to approach. It will take from 10 to 20 minutes.

There is a little trick in making sponge cake. Baking will be tastier if you replace the milk in the recipe with orange juice.

Some types of toppings in cooking recipes also have some secrets:

  • if the raisins roll in flour before adding to the cake, it will be distributed evenly in the dough;
  • in order that the filling of fresh berries or jam does not boil when baking, they need to add a little starch or wheat flour, respectively;
  • Nuts as a filling will be much tastier if you pre-fry them in a frying pan or bake in the oven (a microwave is also suitable for this purpose);
  • the curd filling will turn out especially tender if the curd is pre-ground through a sieve.

In the case when the recipe for making a cake suggests flavoring it with vanilla sugar or citric acid, be aware that it is better to pre-dilute these ingredients in a small amount of water. Due to this, the flavor of the dough is distributed evenly.

You can add a delicious nutty flavor to the cake if you put some ground hazelnuts on the bottom of the baking dish.

Appetizing ruddy crust on the cake can be created by smearing the top with whipped yolk.

Do not rush to pull out the finished hot cake. In this state, it is easily deformed. It is better to wait until the cake is cool.

Of course, the secrets of making pies with your own hands at home do not end there, but you can learn more about them in the corresponding recipes of our site.

To make the cakes really tasty, airy and tender, you should always remember one rule: you can start cooking only in a good mood. Then it will wake up and no difficulties will arise!

Our step-by-step recipes with photos will help you to prepare various types of sweet cakes. They will not only write out the cooking process in detail, but will also illustrate it with a photo for each stage.

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