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Picnic dishes — recipes of cooking in nature with a photo

Picnic dishes — recipes of cooking in nature with a photo

Picnic Dishes — This is a special section in cooking, because in this case, cooking is to be done not in home comfort conditions, but in nature, where your opportunities will be limited! You will not be able to use clever kitchen appliances. However, this is not necessary. The food that is prepared during a picnic is simple and straightforward in its preparation. You can be sure of this by examining this section of the site, or rather those photo recipes that are listed in it.

But still, what kind of food to take on a picnic, what to cook? Of course, in this matter you can focus on your own preferences, but still there is one important recommendation: such food should not be perishable. Good in this case, fresh vegetables, fruits, all kinds of snacks. If you are planning to make a kebab, you should not keep it too warm for too long, even if it is “well-marinated in vinegar”.

The components of the dish that you have planned to cook in nature must be prepared in advance. For example, vegetables for salad should be washed at home. If you cook meat, prepare it in advance, chop and pickle. In general, please note that not all operations are feasible in «field conditions».

Picnic menus can be quite varied. It can include all kinds of snacks, for example, sandwiches, first and second courses (you can easily cook fish soup, various stews, pilaf, goulash and much more), salads and even desserts on the fire and coals of it. All this is quite easy to cook on the fire and on the grill, as you can see, having studied the photo recipes of this section. Of course, each dish has its own cooking tricks, but we will definitely share them.

We would also like to mention that a picnic in nature can be held not only in the warm season. For example, you can organize it in the winter. In general, a set of dishes for the winter holidays is practically no different. Of course, if it is very cold, then enjoy the taste of cooked food, sitting on the street, will not work. However, dishes with the aroma and flavor of the fire will not become less tasty.

So, if you are going on a picnic and do not know what to cook, what to include in the menu for cooking in nature, then we invite you to visit our site, or rather, its given section. The proposed recipes are very diverse and, for sure, some of them will interest you. They are painted in as much detail as possible, and, moreover, they are still provided with step-by-step photos. Therefore, even without having special experience in cooking at a picnic, you still can easily cope with this task.

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