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Perfect manicure — fashionable colors and a description of how to make at home; his views

Perfect manicure — a list of its types; fashionable colors; description of how to do a manicure at home

Perfect fashion manicure for a woman — This is one of the main indicators of its success, a kind of self-expression. Despite the fact that naturalness is in trend today, it still needs to be adjusted a little, so regular visits to the cosmetology office are extremely necessary. It is almost impossible to give a beautiful and attractive look to your hands and nails without using nail polish.

For the first time nail polish appeared in 1930 — the Revlon company, today known to the whole world, developed a unique formulation of dye, which steadily rested on the nails. The product did not dissolve in water, was washed off only with acetone, but still could not boast stability and safety. And the color scheme was very poor — manufacturers offered only a few shades of red. Nevertheless, varnishes were in great demand, which led today to the development of an entire industry with a huge assortment of resistant products of various high-quality colors.

There is another question now facing women: how to choose from this variety, which will not only give you a neat and elegant look, but also preserve the healthy state of your nails.

We offer you a small theoretical excursion on the components of varnish:

  • Polymers — substances that form the basis of the coating, they form a film on the surface of the nail. These substances are purely synthetic, but not all of them can harm the plate. However, try to avoid having the following names on the labels — toluene, formaldehyde, methacrylate, DBF, they are toxic and cause damage to the structure of the nail.
  • Solvents are responsible for the quality of varnish application and the rate of its drying (when the solvent evaporates, the polymer surface becomes hard). Usually this role is performed by the esters — ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, as well as isopropyl alcohol and dimethicone, each of which performs a specific function. These substances will not bring much harm, except in very high concentrations and quantities, which is not observed in varnishes.
  • Plasticizers — substances that are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the applied coating, usually used for this camphor.
  • Pigments are the most important component, since thanks to him, we get a variety of colors and textures. Lacquers use both natural (mica, clay and nacre) and synthetic (silicates, titanium dioxide, bismuth salts) additives that are responsible for the gloss and texture of the coating, as well as colored dyes of various shades.

In addition to lacquers directly, there are polymer-based aids that have no color. So, the so-called bases (bases), which include a multitude of caring fortified components, are extremely in demand. They are applied to a clean plate, preparing it for subsequent staining. The tool protects the nails from the penetration of the pigment lacquer with the structure, and also levels the surface to obtain the most accurate manicure. After applying directly colored lacquer, the special composition will not damage, which additionally fix the polymer layer and make it more durable.

When purchasing nail polish, try to choose an exceptionally high-quality product in specialized stores, and not in transitions or on the market. Evaluate its appearance, the mass should not have a divorce, and foreign inclusions. The exfoliated look suggests that the varnish is already quite old, and you will get poor-quality results after its application — pay attention to the shelf life.

The quality of the perfect manicure will greatly affect the initial state of your nail plates, stratified weak nails cannot be hidden under a layer of varnish, rather, it will even highlight the flaws.

Manicure options that today occupy top positions on the fashionable catwalk are notable for their diversity. But the attractiveness of modern trends lies in tracing the features of naturalness, elegance and some restrained originality. Natural beauty is gaining more and more positions, sometimes replacing fake stilettos and multicolored acid tones. What is the manicure today is becoming the most fashionable?

We can designate several design ideas for your manicure that are feasible not only in the salon, but also at home, which will surely look perfect in any situation:

  • French manicure — it can be called a timeless classic, sometimes causing boring gape — but not in modern variations. Stylists capture the general trends and moods, so they decided to diversify the proven manicure. The usual white color was changed to a more restrained peach, pink, or, on the contrary, contrasting black metallic. For a fun party, you can opt out of a combination of a transparent and colored background, replacing it with a combination of two completely different tones — such staining was called french art and offer incredible ideas.
  • Moon motive — a kind of «jacket», just the opposite. The tip of the nail is covered with a dark tone, and the hole is lightened, the main thing is to maintain the basic principle — contrast. Designers are not limited to the combination of colors, providing complete freedom of action, but still it is desirable to choose colors that match each other.
  • Ombre effect — fashionable coloring gradually captures more and more open spaces, from make-up and hairstyles such a technique smoothly migrated to the art of manicure, providing great opportunities. This effect is achieved by a smooth transition from dark to light colors on the plate, or even more interesting is the change of color tone by the fingers on the hand.
  • Horizontal and vertical lines — the main novelty, striking in its simplicity. It is enough to paint the plate with the main color and hold a pair of horizontal or vertical lines, and you become the owner of a trendy manicure. Using various variations (vertical, horizontal, fan, contrasting or in tone), you can achieve completely unique effects. Color combinations can be chosen at your discretion, taking into account fashion trends.
  • Peacock feather — Fashionable manicure with this pattern looks very bright and original. The beautiful plumage of a magnificent bird looks very luxurious. Naturally, such chic and glitter could not help but notice the designers and apply it to a manicure. You can use two options — two-color with a contour image and multi-color with unique rainbow overflows. There are several colors that without which there will be no pattern on the nails — be sure to use a palette with rich green, blue and yellow tones, which are interwoven into intricate patterns.
  • Wedding manicure — this type of decor is completely deservedly related to a separate design, because it can be the final touch to create an immaculate wedding look. The hands of the bride will surely come into the view of all the guests and into the lens of the photographer, and this day should be remembered for a long time. Basically, wedding manicure requires the most natural elegant forms and images, with the decor in the form of Swarovski stones.

Of great importance in creating a fashionable beautiful manicure is not only the colors, but also the very shape of the nail plate. For example, today requires natural almond-shaped nails or very short nails with a rounded shape, which are so often seen in Hollywood stars. Such a manicure is the most practical and allows bold decisions that on long nails would look a bit vulgar and eccentric.

But the owners of elongated nails still should not be upset, it is enough to give them a beautiful fashionable shape. The leaders today are the actual rectangle with rounded corners or the classic oval, but it is best to forget about the fashionable fashionable in times gone by.

A gel polish manicure allows your pens to look attractive and neat much longer. Such a the coating has excellent strength properties, very even and incredibly brilliant, which will maintain its perfect appearance for at least 2 weeks (until the nails grow back and everything becomes obvious), even if you do all the household chores.

The substance shellac appeared in the USA in the middle of the 20th century, but was used only for industrial purposes. Later they tried to replace the technology of capacity, which looks very unnatural. For women who can not boast of their own nails, this technology has become a real discovery and salvation. And judging by the fact that it has become extremely popular, we can talk about general problems. But most likely gel varnish was liked because it offers a universal option for busy women.

There are many advantages of shellac, one can even say that at the moment it does not have disadvantages (compared to all existing materials):

  • fast application technique;
  • extreme stability of the coating;
  • ideally smooth texture and elegant shine even with vigorous activity;
  • optimal cost compared to the build procedure;
  • healing your own nails, because under reliable protection they are not exposed to the environment and chemicals.

The only drawback is that you will have to be satisfied with the applied color long enough until you go for a correction. All those who have already been able to try, claim that they no longer wish to replace the new type of fashionable manicure with anything. Moreover, today there is such an elegant color range.

The latest development is a fantastic gel-thermolac, which changes its color under the influence of temperature. Nah cold it gets darker, and indoors under the influence of heat becomes lighter and brighter.

The colors for a fashionable manicure change every year, which is very pleasant for most girls, because there is so much space for imagination and experiments, because changing the color of varnish is much easier than repainting the hair. Magazines are full of photos with fashionable colors for manicure, you can use these ideas to create a variety of images.

Choosing the color of nail polish has much less prohibitions and recommendations. Of course, ideally, it is necessary to relate it to the type of your skin, choose the color of lipstick, handbags and shoes under your clothes, but there are no strict rules, which pleases. Current trends offer the following combinations for your perfect nails:

  • black and white — as ancient as our world, the contrast allows a variety of options for manicure, and even for strict laconic outfits will be a successful accent, supporting the overall style;
  • Bordeaux — it is appropriate and very deep looks both in everyday life and in a festive manner, adding elegance and well-being to it, but only accuracy is honored;
  • blue — and not just a blue tint, but its combination with a metallic sheen, which was called hoarfrost, which adds a little bit of sheen to the gray everyday life of everyday life;
  • gold and silver — bright accents even on the most ordinary and ordinary manicure, which can be applied either to one nail or to cover all the tips with glitter;
  • naturalness — lacquers nude beige, milk, peach, natural pink tones are appropriate at any time and for any occasion, such a manicure is attractive because of its stealth and accuracy;
  • cold grays are a great alternative to brutal black, which in some cases looks too defiant, gray (dull or wet asphalt) also looks great in an informal and business style;
  • wine and plum — rich deep colors, which in themselves represent an image of some mystery and torrentialness;
  • Red — indestructible classics, the value of which you can not say anything, any of its shades will always be in trend.

If you do not have enough brightness in this palette, then just add it: in the form of a small element, decor, stripes — art allows everything, while avoiding vulgarity.

Make the perfect fashion manicure at home — there is nothing easier, if you have a simple arsenal of tools and decorative tools. After all, not always we have the opportunity to visit the master, and the need for well-groomed and beautiful nails is always present.

At home you will need: a nail file, cuticle remover, nail scissors and wooden spatula, nail polish remover, hot water bath and cotton pads. Remove the remnants of the old coating, process the plate, giving it the necessary shape, get rid of the cuticle, which gives a slightly inaccurate look to the entire manicure (simply slide it to the base of the nail) and pamper your nails with a bath with nutrients. At the end, apply a moisturizing cream with massage movements.

Now you can begin to decorate the nail. We offer you a simple ombre technique, which will look as if you visited a professional, and did not decorate the nails with your own hands.

Prepare the following «components» to create an incredibly stylish manicure:

  • capacity for mixing colors;
  • water capacity;
  • a small piece of sponge;
  • several toothpicks;
  • base varnish and color.

Apply completely to the nail base paint. While waiting for it to dry completely, drip the base and dye varnishes on a flat surface so that they mix in the middle and give a smooth transition from one to the other. The size of the pool should be the size of a five-kopeck coin.

Moisten a little piece of sponge and attach it to the resulting dye, so that it imprinted on the picture and quickly attach to the nail plate, trying to cover the entire surface. Because of the texture of the sponge, the picture may be a little bit loose, but this gives some spice. Cover it with clear lacquer on top to give it a smooth surface.

You can use a simpler option that is suitable for a holiday, which will require only basic lacquer and transparent with glitter fillers. You can also apply it to half of the nail, increasing the number of particles to the edge.

To get a great, or rather perfect, result, even at home, you can use the small secrets of the professionals:

  • if possible, try to make a manicure on the eve of the event, so as not to shine with inflamed wounds and redness;
  • after the bath varnish keeps worse, so the staining is better done in time;
  • look for the decor options in advance to select the appropriate image;
  • for events for which there is a photo session, do not choose large rhinestones, holographic luster, brilliant sand, which due to the glare will seem a nondescript colorless spot in the pictures.

Then any celebration or appearance will not catch you off guard, and you will always look immaculate, even without help.

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