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Peel the skin on the face — what can be done to restore smoothness?

What you need to do if the skin on the face peels off

Both men and women want to be irresistible. Peeling of the skin on the face — one of the very common problems, because of which you have to turn to cosmetologists. It is important to understand what factors can cause such a phenomenon and how to cope with them correctly.

Why the problem occurs

The skin performs important functions in the body. Her condition is often an indicator of the general condition of the body. Although sometimes peeling on the face is only cosmetic in nature or is the result of improper care, this problem can warn about malfunctions of the internal organs.

All the reasons why the skin on the face peels off can be divided into 2 categories:

If a strong peeling is caused by external causes, most often it can be eliminated by changing the rules of skin care. If the root of the problem lies in the work of internal organs, most likely, you will need to change the diet and consult with a specialist.

External factors

Often the skin can crack and peel off due to the lack of competent care and protection. To provoke this phenomenon can such factors:

  • dry air indoors or on a hot day;
  • lack of nutrients in the diet;
  • unsuitable washing water;
  • windy weather;
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • effects after salon procedures such as cleaning;
  • the use of improperly selected cosmetics;
  • wearing poor-quality synthetic clothing;
  • irregular face hygiene.

If the skin of your face constantly peels off, what to do will prompt this list. First of all, you need to analyze your habits and, perhaps, change something in them.

So, the primary task is to understand why the face skin is peeling off. Sometimes the reason for this is the illiterate care and the use of low-quality or unsuitable cosmetics. It is important to understand that the use of ordinary soap for cleansing is simply unacceptable. You can use only soft special tools. In this case, cleansing should be done every day.

Sometimes men think that if they do not use decorative cosmetics, you can just wash your face with water. This is erroneous, because in any case, particles of dust and dirt fall on the skin, which clog pores and can cause ugly phenomena.

You should not use means that have good advertising, or even reputation, but do not match your type. Such an approach can provoke not only peeling of the skin of the face, but also more serious problems.

Internal factors

It is much more difficult to determine why the skin on the face peels off, if the reason lies inside. In most cases, you will need to consult a doctor and pass the appropriate examination. Nevertheless, there are factors that can be influenced independently:

  • drinking enough water;
  • proper nutrition with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • rejection of all bad habits;
  • leading an active lifestyle.

If the skin on the face peels off, this may indicate a malfunction of the liver or the immune system. Some skin diseases, including fungal ones, can be manifested precisely by desquamation.

When the skin on the face is very flaky, you should think about the medicines that you may be taking. Even if they have been prescribed by a doctor, medicines can cause skin problems. Nevertheless, these preparations contain chemicals that adversely affect the health of the whole body and the skin as well.

Principles of treatment

What to do if the skin of the face is peeling off due to internal problems, only a good specialist will tell. Never start taking medicines on someone else’s advice or from the experience of friends. Questions of treatment should be addressed by doctors. But even in this case, you should be careful, as hormonal drugs are often prescribed, having a long list of contraindications and side effects.

If skin exfoliation occurs due to cosmetic problems, this can be successfully resolved on your own. The following guidelines will help if a face is flaky:

  • pick up the anti-peeling cream with a natural base and use it regularly;
  • clean the skin every day, using only sparing gels, not soap;
  • Every day, eat 2-3 fresh fruit or vegetables;
  • drink the required amount of clean water.

In some situations, to improve the condition of the skin is necessary to revise the diet. Significant harm to the health and beauty of the skin caused by the use of fast food. Preservatives, alcohol, smoked meats and sweets also do not bring benefits to the body. Instead, it is better to make a menu, including as much as possible natural products rich in vitamins.

It is best to eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. In winter, you can cook vegetable dishes for a couple, seasoning with fresh greens. Dried fruits can be an excellent and useful substitute for store sweets. If you exclude what causes skin problems, you can keep her youth for many years.

Folk recipes beauty

At home, you can prepare a lot of excellent tools that can cope with many skin problems. They will not only update it and relieve peeling, but also will not bring any harm. It is necessary to consider how to prepare the oil from the peeling of the skin of the face, and which masks are best to use.

Oil use

For the preparation of oils it is necessary to use only those that contain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty compounds. Olive oil is excellent for this purpose. When choosing not worth saving, because you need a high-quality product. Preference should be given to the oil of the first extraction.

It may seem that for each procedure you need at least 2-3 spoons of the product. In fact, when the oil is warmed, it is very easy to apply, and 7-10 drops will be enough for treating all the skin on the face.

Oil needs to be slightly heated. With the help of the ring finger, the product should be gently applied to the skin and gently massage it. Best of all, the skin is able to absorb nutrients from the oils in the morning. Therefore, after washing it would be good to apply this compound immediately.

After about 20 minutes, unabsorbed oil can be removed from the face. You can wash again. However, do not use soap to completely remove the product from the skin. When applied correctly on the face will not be oily shine. It will be tender, smooth and velvety.

Mask Recipes

To prepare a mask of honey and olive oil products should be mixed in equal quantities, adding there 2-3 yolks of quail eggs. The composition is slightly heated and applied to the skin with a cosmetic brush or sponge. As drying is necessary to apply the next layer. After 20 minutes, the composition can be washed with soft water.

You can make a mask of flaxseeds. A few spoons need to brew with boiling water and leave to infuse for a while. There you need to add a little jojoba oil, mix and apply on the skin. It is important to ensure that the seeds have time to get a thick, soft consistency. If necessary, they can boil a little.

A good result is the use of homemade banana mask. A slice of banana pounded until a homogeneous slurry. The composition adds a spoon of olive oil, warms and applied to the skin. To achieve the effect, it is enough to hold several sessions of the procedure, each of which should not be shorter than 15 minutes. After this, the product can be washed off with clean water.

Preventive measures

Instead of thinking about how to treat a scaly skin site, it’s better to prevent such a problem. This will help the application of these simple recommendations:

  • every morning must begin with washing;
  • do not use hard water;
  • face can not be rubbed with coarse tissues or hands;
  • It is important to choose soft towels and napkins to care for delicate skin;
  • cosmetics should be of high quality, but at night it should always be removed;
  • do not use alcohol products for care, otherwise peeling will appear.

By following these simple tips, you can protect your skin. A healthy lifestyle and good habits will help to maintain not only the beauty of the skin on the face, but also the health of the whole body. And such a lifestyle, of course, will bring only joy!

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