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Pasta and risotto — Italian recipes with a photo of cooking at home

Pasta and risotto — simple and tasty Italian recipes with step-by-step photos on cooking these dishes at home

Pasta and risotto — These are two famous Italian dishes that are the first to come to mind when it comes to cooking in this southern country. Both of them belong to the category of main dishes, but you can’t call them similar. So, pasta is made on the basis of traditional Italian pasta, and rice-based risotto. However, more detail on one and the other dish will be discussed later.

The word pasta means not only the famous dish originally from Italy, but also its basis, namely, pasta. However, the word pasta means dough and some products from it. For example, the famous dessert Fork in Italian cooking is also called pasta.

Pasta as a second dish is usually implies pasta served with any sauce. In this case, the immutable rule is observed: the shorter the length of the paste and the thicker the product, the thicker the sauce should be.

Types of pasta called pasta, there are many. They differ in the raw materials from which they are made, shape, size. Therefore, especially large pasta tubes, such as, for example, cannelloni, are used for stuffing. Such dishes are also called «pasta».

Every Italian cook, every Italian housewife has his own secrets of cooking delicious pasta. Of course, it will not be possible to find out all of them … Yes, and it’s unlikely to be listed in one article. Help in the preparation of delicious homemade pasta will help such simple recommendations:

  1. In order for the paste not to stick together, the capacity for its preparation should be capacious, and the amount of water for every one hundred grams of dry product should be at least one liter.
  2. You will need a lot of salt — one tablespoon without a slide for every liter of water, and, accordingly, for every hundred grams of pasta.
  3. In the process of cooking pasta should be stirred, so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan and not stuck together. But to add any vegetable oil in order to avoid the same problem is not worth it. Such a manipulation can harm the pasta mix with the sauce.
  4. In no case can one digest Italian pasta. It should turn out what is called «al dente», that is, practical ready. Each type of paste has its own cooking time, and therefore it should be clarified in the recommendations listed on the package.
  5. Cooked pasta can not be rinsed with water, because it will lose its noble taste. It only needs to be thrown back into a colander, and after all the liquid has been drained, combine with the sauce.

As for sauces, the secrets of cooking of one or another of them can be found in the selected recipe. There are no general recommendations to their account. The range of sauces is so great that it is simply impossible to summarize the secrets of their preparation!

Risotto, as mentioned earlier, This is a rice-based dish to which a variety of fillers can be added.: meat, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables. The “delicious secret” of this dish is its correct consistency. Risotto should turn out to be somewhat painful, but the cereal grains should not be digested. They should remain a bit tough.

Risotto is prepared according to a special original Italian technology, when still raw rice is fried with the addition of oil in a pan, after which either a broth or water is added in a thin stream, if you plan on risotto with the addition of seafood. As water or broth is absorbed, additional portions are gradually introduced until fully cooked, and only then meat, seafood or vegetables are added. For an extraordinary taste, after cooking, cream butter whipped into soft foam and soft cheese is introduced. This is the main technology of any recipe for making risotto, the unusual taste of which is hard to forget.

As for the secrets of cooking Italian risotto, they vary from recipe to recipe, depending on the set of products used.

Make homemade Italian dishes such as pasta and risotto is quite simple. It is only necessary to stock up on the necessary products and strictly follow the recommendations of a particular recipe. Since each of them is supplemented with step-by-step photos, it will not be difficult to cook such dishes even for the first time.

We hope that the recipes with step-by-step photos that are collected in this section of the site will help you to join the Italian culinary traditions.

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