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Pancakes — how tasty and quickly cook at home, the benefits and harm

Calorie and composition of pancakes, product description with a photo; recipes, how to cook at home with a video; use in cooking; benefit and harm

Calorie: 189 kcal.

The energy value of the product Pancakes:
Proteins: 5.1 g.
Fat: 3.1 g.
Carbohydrates: 32.6 g.

Pancakes They are delicious soft cakes of ruddy color (see photo), for the preparation of which thin batter is used. Most often they are round, but there are square pancakes. Such a culinary product can be served either by itself or in addition with various fillings. Often, these cakes are found in some dishes.

As mentioned in the history, pancakes began to be cooked in ancient Egypt, so they are considered the oldest flour product in the world. However, the recipe for yeast cakes appeared only a thousand years ago.

The ancient Slavic peoples pancakes were ritual product. They were fried for weddings, funerals, and also on the day of the spring solstice. The first cake was always laid out on the window sill in memory of the dead.

Today, thin pancakes are a traditional pancake snack. On this holiday, they symbolize the sun, good harvest and well-being.

In every part of the world pancake cakes are prepared in different ways:

  • in Russia they are made from wheat or buckwheat flour;
  • in Ukraine, this dish is prepared immediately with the filling, which is made from cottage cheese, porridge, meat or mushrooms;
  • in Mexico, pancakes are stuffed only with beans, after which the dish is watered with tomato sauce;
  • in America, pancakes are most often baked — thick fluffy pancakes;
  • in France they make thin lace pancakes with holes;
  • in England, malt flour is added to pancake dough;
  • in the Netherlands, pancakes are made with chocolate filling only;
  • in Germany, this dish is filled with sugar and fresh lemon;
  • in Ethiopia, they bake cakes from dough made from yeast and teff flour;
  • in Vietnam, this culinary product is made from rice paper;
  • Indian crusty pancakes made from lentils or rice flour.

It is noteworthy that the pancakes are subject to freezing. Therefore, such a popular product can be done with a margin. The shelf life of frozen pancake cakes without filling is two months.

Cooking pancakes at home is not so difficult. Despite the fact that there are many recipes for this dish, the basic principle of its production is one. A portion of the liquid dough is poured onto a red-hot frying pan, forming a thin layer. When the edges of the pancake acquire a ruddy color, the product is turned over to the other side for full frying.

The main component of classic pancakes is flour. At the same time, it can be either wheat, or oatmeal, and buckwheat, and barley. Also, this ingredient is almost always supplemented with salt, sugar and eggs.

Today you can make homemade pancakes with your own hands in several ways:

  • on yeast;
  • on soda;
  • on milk;
  • on kefir;
  • in mayonnaise;
  • on mineral water;
  • on beer;
  • on yogurt;
  • on ryazhenka;
  • on cream;
  • on sour cream;
  • on serum;
  • on semolina.

In addition, flat cakes can be made from potatoes, zucchini, as well as other vegetables and not only.

In the table below we will share a few recipes for the most delicious and unusual pancakes. We also recommend to watch the video below, which reveals in more detail the process of making this flour product.

Simple pancakes for beginners

In deep dishes, beat the eggs (2 pcs.) Well with sugar (1 tablespoon) and salt (pinch). In a separate container, mix the flour (1 cup) with baking powder (1/2 bag), and put the mixture in small portions into the eggs. Then pour warm milk (1 cup) into the dough and mix everything well. Fill the prepared mass with vegetable oil (3 tablespoons) and use as intended.

Banana pancakes

Blend together bananas (4 pcs.) And milk (1 cup). In the mixture, add sugar (1 tsp.), Egg, baking powder (0.5 tsp.), Vegetable oil (1 tbsp. L.) And flour (1 cup). Once again, all well whisk and proceed to the preparation of cakes. The same method can be baked fast coconut, squash and potato pancakes.

American pancakes (pancakes)

Eggs (2 pcs.) Whip carefully with sugar (1 tbsp. L.). In the mixture, add salt (0.5 tsp.), Milk (1 cup), vegetable oil (1 tbsp. L.) And slaked soda (0.5 tsp.). With constant stirring, pour the flour into the mass (1 cup). Stir the dough and use for frying pancakes. Note! Turn the cake to the other side immediately after the bubbles appear.

Siberian Custard Pancakes

Using a fork, beat two eggs with vanilla (1/4 tsp) and icing sugar (2 tbsp.). Add milk (0.5 l), baking powder (1 tsp) and flour (220 g) to the egg mass. Mix and add boiling water (1 cup) and vegetable oil (7 tbsp.). Fry like regular pancakes.

Dietary pancakes (dry)

In one glass of warm water, mix the honey (1 teaspoon) and one egg. Then add the mixture with sifted buckwheat or rye flour (1 cup), a pinch of salt and olive oil (1 tsp).

In ordinary water (2 cups), stir the sugar and salt (to taste). Next, add flour (1.5 cups) and vinegar (to taste) to the mass. Stir the dough until smooth, then add soda (0.5 tsp) and vegetable oil (50 ml). Fry pancakes need on medium heat.

Mix rice flour (120 g), melted coconut oil (1 tbsp. L.), Almond milk (250 ml) and salt (to taste) in one saucepan. Before using the dough should stand in a cool place for half an hour.

In addition, there is an excellent way of mixing pancake dough, during which the kitchen is practically not contaminated and a minimum of time is spent. In this case, you will need a clean plastic bottle. On it you need to install a funnel, through which it will be convenient to skip the necessary ingredients. For mixing the dough, it is enough just to shake the container. Pour the dough into the pan or crepe maker must be directly from the bottle. Due to the fact that the pancake mass can be stored for 24 hours in such a capacity, you can fry delicious pancakes for two days in a row. This is especially convenient during the Maslenitsa period, when you want fresh flat breads literally every day..

In cooking, pancakes are used in different ways. Such flat cakes are sometimes left in large quantities, therefore with their use many interesting and tasty recipes have been invented. Most often pancakes are made with cakes, both sweet and savory. To cook one of these unusual dishes, you need to put in front of you a stack of perfectly smooth pancakes. Each prepared tortilla should be smeared with sour cream or a specially prepared sauce, after which a greased pancake should be added with filling and cover with the next pancake layer. You can start such a cake with fruits and berries, fish and meat, as well as cottage cheese, cheese and various pies. Before use, pancake cake should be infused for two hours.

Very often, pancakes are stuffed with chicken. To do this, poultry is carefully removed from the skin, and the meat is ground in a meat grinder, combined with bread, fried onions and cheese. The resulting meat mixture stuffed pancakes, which are then stuffed with chicken. The stuffed dish is smeared with sour cream and baked in the oven. It can be used both in the form of heat and in the cold.

Often, pancakes can be found in various casseroles, appetizers and salads. Fried mushrooms, eggs, as well as boiled rice, meat, fish and much more are perfectly combined with this product.

In Italian cuisine, famous for pancakes with mascarpone and berry sauce. This dish is a stuffed pancake bags, fried in a pan. For their preparation, ready-made pancakes are taken, which are laid out one by one in the pan, slightly heated, supplemented with cream cheese and folded into bags. After that, an unusual flour product is moved onto a plate, poured over with a sweet and sour sauce and served at the table.

Many people prefer to cook rolls from pancakes, stuffing them with various fillings, starting with chocolate with a banana and ending with salmon and cucumber. In Korean cuisine, it is customary to fill in pancakes with fried green onions and pour over the sauce made from soy sauce and table vinegar.

The advantage of pancakes is not only in the composition of the product, but also in the method of its preparation. To make the cakes undeniably useful, first of all you need to reduce the amount of saturated fat contained in them. For this, fatty milk is recommended to be diluted with plain water (1: 1 ratio). Fatty product can also be replaced with skimmed milk.

In addition, it is desirable to cook pancakes with eggs, as they contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. Flour, which is the main component of pancake dough, contains vital fiber.

Be sure to add vegetable oil to pancakes, because this product strengthens blood vessels and boosts immunity.

With diabetes and breastfeeding, ordinary pancakes can be harmful. In these cases, it is recommended to eat only diet cakes prepared according to a special recipe. This dish must be made without sugar and yeast, and in both cases it is desirable to cook pancakes from dietary types of flour.

Nursing mothers are recommended to eat pancakes not earlier than three months after delivery, as in the initial months the body of the newborn is incredibly weak and cannot accept such food.

Pancakes are quite a budget flour product, and only the selected filling can increase their value. The fact that the most expensive pancake tortilla in the world costs one hundred ninety eight dollars is recorded. Before serving, this simple, at first glance, dish is seasoned with vanilla, sprinkled with real gold leaf and complemented with fresh strawberries and jellies prepared on the basis of champagne.

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