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Pancakes — and fillings for pancakes: photo recipes at home

Pancakes — and fillings for pancakes: step-by-step photo cooking recipes at home

Pancakes — This is a dish that existed in Russia since time immemorial. The history of their existence is quite large and has more than one hundred years. It is even believed that people began to bake pancakes at home much earlier than bread.

Pancakes accompanied the person throughout their lives, and not one solemn feast could not do without this dish. In addition, pancakes were considered the head of the table for the holiday of Shrovetide. Being a «tasty prototype» of the sun, they symbolized the end of winter and the onset of spring. Cooked pancakes throughout the Maslenitsa week and generously treated them to friends and acquaintances.

In general, the attitude towards pancakes was reverent. So, for example, in Russia there was a belief: pancakes cannot be cut with a knife or pierced with a fork, they need to be taken only with your hands, otherwise you will end up in trouble.

It is worth noting that the popularity of Russian pancakes is still so high today! They are happy to bake in many families, and not just at the carnival.

The classic recipes of pancakes from antiquity have come down today with all sorts of transformations, and therefore there are not one hundred species of them. For example, pancakes differ depending on the flour from which they are baked. They can be wheat (classic version), buckwheat, corn, oat, rye, etc. Thus, in the preparation of this dish, you can use any kind of flour. Of course, the taste of this pancakes is obtained radically different, but each is good in its own way.

The differences in the types of pancakes can also be related to their “liquid base”:

  • water;
  • kefir or sour milk;
  • milk;
  • beer;
  • sour milk;
  • ryazhenka;
  • serum, etc.

In addition, pancakes can be yeast, that is, with the addition of any type of yeast to the dough, and they can also be with the addition of soda (then all over their surface are formed by holes). In addition, they can be thin, which can be filled, and thick, more reminiscent of pancakes (they are also called pancakes — the American version of this baking). Also, pancakes come with a bit of sugar. This means that pieces of vegetables or small pieces of meat are added to the dough. Thus, the filling or stopping is inside the pancake.

In this section, we would like to draw attention to another type of pancakes — to lean pancakes. They are cooked on wheat flour and water without adding eggs. Thus, believers, even during the strictest fasting, can feast on their favorite dish.

Special attention deserve openwork pancakes. They differ from the classic version in that they are baked in a rather unusual form, not in the form of a solid circle, but in the form of a very delicate and ornate lace. This type of dish is suitable for celebrating a special occasion.

Of course, these are not all types of existing pancakes, there are still very, very many of them, but you can learn more about all types in the step-by-step cooking recipes given in this section of this site.

The question of the recipe for the filling for pancakes excites the minds of the cooks no less than directly the recipes of the pancakes themselves. So what can pancakes be cooked with ?! Let’s find out!

Before choosing a filling, you need to decide what your pancakes will be, sweet dessert or savory snack. In the first case, you can use a variety of fruits (for example, bananas, apples, etc.), berries (in this case should be based on the seasonality factor, that is, the presence of certain berries on the shelves of shops), dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, raisins), cottage cheese, honey, jams, jams, etc.

For savory pancakes, you can use these types of toppings:

  • from meat (most often it is chicken or pork);
  • minced meat;
  • from sausage and other meat products;
  • from offal (very tasty pancakes are obtained with fried liver);
  • fish and seafood, including caviar;
  • from various mushrooms (suitable as forest varieties, and artificially grown);
  • from cheese with various additives;
  • from vegetables (onions, carrots, etc.).

Also in the context of fillings for pancakes, it is impossible not to mention pancake cakes and pancake rolls, which can also be called a kind of interpretation of stuffed pancakes. Such culinary masterpieces are very unusual, but most importantly, very tasty. You will learn more about such cakes and rolls from step-by-step photo recipes of this site.

So, pancakes, cooked at home, can be very diverse. Therefore, even the “eaters of the fastidious” will find for themselves a tasty version of this dish. We wish you to orient yourself in the variety of pancake recipes that we offer to your attention!

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