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Other meat and meat offal — recipes for their preparation

Other meat and meat offal — recipes for their preparation

Meat by-products and meat, which for us is not quite familiar, can be used in the preparation of everyday and festive dishes along with the pork and beef we eat most often. Further we will tell about it in more detail!

For example, one of the most popular Oriental meat dishes is lamb. The choice of her is an art, it should not be very young, or, accordingly, the elderly. This is determined by the shade of the meat. By tour and smell. Mutton makes magnificent plov, shurpa and lagman, classic oriental dishes — hearty, mouthwatering and thick. By the way, it is worth taking note that green tea was first used in the East, once it was discovered that it improves stomach motility. For example, after pilaf and lagman, green tea was drunk with large drinking bowls.

Meat derivatives or offal — the liver, tongue, kidney, heart, even the genitals and those, with a certain skill and subject to the technology will be delicious delicious products. As a rule, they make delicious sausages.

A special place in our kitchen is also occupied by birds — chicken, duck, turkey and goose. Chicken is an absolutely universal international product from which absolutely everything can be cooked — from kebabs to complex chops. Duck and goose are most often baked with various fillings. Classic Antonov apples, which, when fried, secrete a sweet-sour juice and soak the whole duck or goose. It is very tasty to use fried mushrooms with onions as a filling, but at the same time it is necessary to completely remove the fat layer on the bird, since the meat itself is quite juicy and fat, and the filling too.

Turkey is an ideal product for young children and people undergoing rehabilitation. A huge amount of proteins and amino acids make it indispensable in our kitchen. But, turkey is rather dry meat and when cooking meatballs or schnitzel, it is best to use pieces of another bird’s delicacy — chicken or duck.

In addition, beef liver takes a special place in our kitchen, with which it is easiest to remove the film, if you drop it in ice water for a few moments. And it is imperative that before cooking you need to dip it into the milk for a couple of hours — any finished product will be amazingly tasty.

Of course, you can still talk about meat by-products and various types of meat, as well as the intricacies of their preparation, but still it is better to choose the favorite recipe, of which there is a great variety on this site, and following its instructions to prepare a tasty dish that will delight you and your loved ones.

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