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Onion soups — recipes with photos step by step how to cook at home

Tasty onion soups — simple recipes with photos, how to prepare them step by step at home

Onion Soups They are considered hot soup, on the surface of which small pieces of fried or browned onions are floating. In this article we will study the history of the origin of the first dish, what types of onion soup exist, what is the use of such a hot product for the body, like onion soup helps with weight loss, as well as the secrets of its preparation.

Quite often, people ask, “How do they eat onion soup?” Those who have tried to eat such a first dish at least once know that a toast floating on the surface of a product can be broken into several small pieces. Melted cheese should be pierced, wound on the cutlery, moved to the edge of the dish, slightly cut off the edge of the plate and eaten. After that, onion soup can be eaten like a regular first course.

The history of onion soup originates from the time of the Roman Empire. The hot product received its name due to the fact that a large amount of onions were part of the soup. It was the most affordable vegetable for low-income families, because in those early times it was this vegetable that could be grown quickly and easily. Therefore, the product is constantly added to hot dishes, or rather, in soups.

A more modern way of cooking traditional onion soup was developed in the seventeenth century in France. Then the composition of the French onion soup included such ingredients as croutons or dry bread crusts, broth, beef, and, of course, onions. The technology of preparing a delicious onion soup was to properly heat the vegetable. Our ancestors could spice up onions so that it could give the first dish an unrivaled aroma and taste.

In addition, there are several legends that tell of different stories about the onion soup. According to the first legend, the very first onion-based soup was invented directly by the French king named Louis XV. One fine evening, the king very much wanted to eat. However, in his hunting lodge, except for onions, champagne and a small amount of oil, there was nothing. Then the king of France just put all the ingredients together and boiled until cooked. This is how the first onion soup was cooked.

But according to another legend, onion soup was in great demand in the Paris trade markets. Traders and ordinary market workers ate such a dish late at night. By the way, you can eat real onion soup in many restaurants in Paris.

Types of onion soup today invented just a huge amount. The most popular are such varieties of the first dish, as:

  • vegetarian;
  • pea;
  • potato;
  • classical;
  • cream soup;
  • vegetable;
  • lean;
  • creamy;
  • chicken;
  • cream soup;
  • tomato

In addition, the famous French onion soup is cooked in a slow cooker, and also baked in pots in the oven.

In addition to onions, meat products (beef, chicken, turkey, minced meat), fish products (pollock), vegetables (potatoes, onion arrows, spinach, celery, cabbage, green onions), onion rolls, mushrooms, citrus fruits (lemon ), dairy products (processed cheese, cream), eggs, paprika, cheese croutons, as well as bread.

Onion soup can also be cooked on water, with or without white wine. If you do not like celery or meat, then it is permissible to cook the soup without these ingredients. But if you do not have much time, then you can cook Finnish onion soup from the package. Hot dish is prepared in minutes.

However, the French are not the only ones trying to create their own recipe for onion soup. The various cuisines of the world (English, Belgian, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Czech, German, Mexican and Uzbek) offer their options for making delicious onion soup. But how to cook the classic onion soup, we describe in another section of the article.

What is the benefit of the first dish of onion soup for the human body? Experts say that this type of product is enriched with a mass of useful properties due to the fact that the composition of the soup includes onions containing an astronomical amount of nutrients necessary for health. In the process of cooking the vegetable, quercetin contained in onions does not disappear, but directly falls into the broth. In this regard, onion soup is so useful for humans.

In medicine, this vegetable is widely used to treat a variety of diseases. If you regularly use such a first dish, then you can reduce the risk of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system.

In addition, the benefit of soup onion broth is that the vegetable that is part of the dish is enriched with vitamin C, which acts on the body as an antioxidant, reacting with free radicals and removing them from the body, thereby preventing the development of diseases.

Onions also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. When you eat onion soup, the odor that penetrates into the nasopharynx helps to eliminate cough and runny nose. In addition, most experienced medical professionals recommend to use onion soup to treat colds and a fairly high temperature.

In addition, it is useful to eat classic onion soup in the presence of diseases such as:

  1. Osteoporosis. With this ailment, such a simple, but useful onion soup helps to maintain a supply of strength, strengthen the immune system, slow down the process of leaching of calcium from the bones. How to cook such a healing onion soup? The onion, along with the husk, is cut into small pieces, fried in vegetable oil, then poured with five hundred milliliters of water and boiled until the vegetable is completely softened. Then the broth, boiled on a vegetable basis, is added to the composition, mixed thoroughly and eaten. The treatment course lasts approximately forty two days. As for the treatment of onion soup with osteoporosis of the jaw bone, traditional medicine adherents do not give negative feedback. However, it is better to consult a doctor for advice.
  2. Gout. Onion soup, or rather broth, reduces joint pain, triggered by diseases such as gout. To cook onion soup, you will need three onions in the husk, pour a liter of cool water and boil on medium heat. The cooking process lasts until the vegetables are completely soft. After this broth should be filtered. Drink this liquid must be three times a day before the start of a meal. The course of treatment is about two weeks.

Many are interested in the question: “Why throw onion peel into the soup?” Experts say that it is onion peel that gives the soup a rich color, and also contains a lot of useful substances that combat the appearance of obesity, colon cancer, and diabetes.

Calorie onion soup is not too high. Therefore, this first course is suitable for weight loss. But we will tell about it in the section below.

The onion soup diet lasts approximately seven days. During this time it is possible to lose up to five, or even more kilograms of excess weight. In this section, we describe the correct recipe for onion soup, designed specifically for weight loss.

So, if you are going to stick to a diet designed for a week or for five days, then during this period you should eat the next onion soup daily. In a deep saucepan, fold the vegetables cut into small pieces (cabbage, tomatoes at your discretion, six small onions, a couple of green pepper pods, and a small bunch of celery), mix well, add some water and send to the cooker. How many cooked onion soup? The cooking process lasts until all the vegetables are soft.

Such dietary onion soup is permissible to eat in unlimited quantities. In addition to such a hot product, you must include additional products in your menu. Nutritionists offer this weekly onion soup diet by day:

  1. On the very first day, the use of soup and fresh fruit, except for bananas, is permissible. However, the amount of calories consumed should be significantly less than the amount consumed.
  2. Next day, besides onion soup, it is allowed to eat fried, boiled, stewed, and also fresh vegetables. In addition, on the second day you can eat a little baked or boiled potatoes.
  3. It is allowed to eat fresh fruits, soup and vegetables, with the exception of potatoes.
  4. It is allowed to use soup, vegetables, a couple of bananas and a cup of milk, but not too fat.
  5. In addition to fat burning onion soup, it is possible to include in the menu about five hundred grams of beef and tomatoes. But fresh fruit is not allowed.
  6. You can eat only the first dish in the form of onion soup, beef, as well as vegetables of green color.
  7. On the last day of the diet, you need to drink fresh juice from fruit without sugar and eat brown rice.

The results of such a weight loss onion soup will be different. In five days you can lose no more than three kilograms, and in seven days it can take up to 10 kilograms of excess weight. However, in order to achieve good results, in addition to diet, it is necessary to perform physical activities.

Another diet onion soup for 5 days. The menu, of course, will be scarce, not the same as for a week, but the result will be obvious. On the first and fourth day of the diet you need to eat only onion soup. It should be eaten every three hours. Also these days it is necessary to drink up to four liters of any liquid, except coffee and alcohol.

The second and third day of the diet suggests this menu: for breakfast, you can eat oatmeal, cooked in water without sugar. In porridge, you can add a little salt or honey. At lunch, you need to consume about nine hundred milliliters of onion soup. And for dinner, once again eat soup, drink kefir (preferably 1%) or yogurt. By the way, these days you can eat fruits, drink juices and tea.

The menu of the last day of the diet includes:

  • for breakfast — oatmeal cooked in water without added sugar;
  • for lunch — onion soup;
  • for lunch — two hundred grams of lean cooked meat and two hundred fifty milliliters of meat broth;
  • for lunch — onion soup and two hundred grams of dried fruit;
  • for dinner — soup, kefir or low-fat yogurt.

Thanks to a five-day diet, you can throw up to three kilograms.

In addition, nutritionists advise to adhere to the following recommendations for losing weight:

  • perform power loads and adhere to healthy lifestyles;
  • you should drink at least two liters of water a day;
  • Onion soup should be eaten only by the hour, three to six times a day;
  • the volume of the portion should not exceed two hundred grams.

However, onion soup diet has contraindications. It is not allowed to adhere to this diet for those people who have:

  • gastritis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • individual intolerance of onions;
  • ulcer.

In order not to harm the health, before you start a diet, you need to consult a nutritionist who will tell you which diet is best for you.

Secrets of cooking onion soup at home is quite simple. It should be clarified that here we describe only the general technology of making the first dish, and a more detailed step-by-step recipe for onion soup can be found on our website.

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