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Omelets and scrambled eggs — step by step photos of home-made cooking recipes for a simple and tasty breakfast

Omelets and scrambled eggs (in the oven and in the pan) — home-cooked recipes with step-by-step photos of a simple and tasty breakfast for each day

Features cooking omelets at home

Omelets and scrambled eggs — dishes that are often prepared for breakfast or as a light snack between main meals on the basis of eggs. The variety of their recipes is so great that you can include such dishes in your diet at least every day. Moreover, each time the dish can be cooked in a completely new way.

The difference between scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs is that omelets are prepared with the addition of milk, dairy and dairy products, and scrambled eggs in a «pure» form. You can supplement both of these dishes with a wide variety of products: cheese, vegetables, greens, spices and spices, sausages and meat products.

Both scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs have some peculiarities in cooking. To take them into account is worth it anyway, because you want to make such dishes at home no less tasty than that of a professional chef.

You can make a tender and sumptuous omelet for breakfast by following these recommendations:

  1. The ratio of eggs and the liquid part should be 2 to 1, which is approximately 1-1.5 tbsp. liquid per egg.
  2. It is possible to cook an omelet not only with milk, but also with ryazhenka, sour cream, cream, as well as with other dairy products, and even with mayonnaise. It is mayonnaise and sour cream in the composition of the dish that help him to acquire a delicate creamy taste.
  3. The ingredients of the omelet must be thoroughly mixed and whipped by hand. It is better not to use the blender and mixer for these purposes. Kitchen tools such as a whisk and fork are ideal.
  4. If necessary, wheat flour will help to condense the structure of the omelet. However, this component should be used in small quantities. So for 4 eggs you should not use more than 1.5 tsp. flour.
  5. To make an omelet, you can use only proteins. Then this dish for every day will be light and dietary. If you use only the yolks, then the omelet will be quite dense. But the recipe for making omelet souffle requires the use of both protein and yolk, but only need to be whipped separately.
  6. The classic way to make an omelet is to fry in a pan with the lid closed, but you can also make an omelette. In this and in another case, you need to use thick-pot dishes with non-stick coating. It should warm up and give off heat evenly. The most suitable option — a cast iron pan, covered with teflon.
  7. Fry an omelet most often in sunflower oil, but it will be more tasty if you add a piece of butter to it or use it only.
  8. When frying, pour out the whipped egg-milk mass of the omelet only on a well heated pan. Over high heat the dish is fried until it is crushed from below. Then the fire is reduced, and the dish is kept on fire until it is completely baked.
  9. To increase the satiety and improve the taste, add various products to the omelette. It is best to lay them in the egg-milk mixture, when she grapples a little in the pan. However, additives can also be mixed with raw omelet. At the same time, vegetables and some other products are recommended to be heat treated in advance, since they require more time to cook. In addition, pre-processing require too «juicy ingredients,» such as zucchini and tomatoes. In the process of frying, they emit a lot of juice, which can adversely affect the pomp of the omelet.
  10. Cheese and herbs sprinkle omelet need only a couple of minutes until tender.
  11. Cooking an omelet should be covered with a lid with a hole for steam. In this case, the lid, greased on the inside with butter, will allow the omelet to rise much higher.
  12. Preparing an omelet for breakfast, do not rush to immediately remove the lid and arrange the dish on plates. Let it stand for a couple of minutes. Due to this, the omelet will not fall off and will be filled with the flavors and taste of the additives, if, of course, there are any.

Omelet is a wonderful dish for cooking at home for every day. Like any other, it has its own characteristics of creation. The main nuances that should be considered when making an omelet, were listed above, all the others will be listed directly in the selected recipe.

Scrambled eggs, no less popular dish for everyday breakfast than an omelette. It is cooked easier and faster, and it turns out quite tasty and easy. However, if necessary, you can increase the satiety of this dish by adding ham, slices of meat, cheese, vegetables, or even using a side dish.

Recipes for cooking scrambled eggs are very diverse. The most popular, perhaps, is the cooking recipe for cooking. All you need is to drive an egg into a frying pan heated with butter and fry until ready. Readiness is determined by the desired degree of roasting. For three minutes, the protein will completely seize, and the yolk will remain liquid. In seven minutes, the egg will be fully fried.

In addition, there are several types of scrambled eggs. The most famous can be called chatterbox and Mazun. The recipe for cooking the first variety of dishes involves mixing protein and yolk, and the second recipe suggests separating the protein and yolk separately, whipping separately, frying the protein portion in the pan first, and then pouring the whipped yolk on it, which should also be finished.

Salt scrambled eggs are advised either at the beginning of the cooking process or in the middle so that the crystals of salt have time to dissolve. Sprinkle with herbs should be a couple of minutes before readiness, as, however, and cheese.

Dry scrambled eggs will be saved by adding juicy tomatoes to the pan. In addition, the position will save any sauce to taste.

Recipes for cooking eggs, as a rule, involve the process of roasting. In this case, you should choose a pan with a non-stick coating, because eggs like to stick to the surface of the dish. When baking in the oven forms for eggs should be smeared with butter. So the taste of the dish will become more pleasant, and the eggs will not take root in the dishes tightly.

When cooking scrambled eggs at home, remember that this dish requires the addition of a small amount of fat. It is best to use butter. Fried eggs cooked in a teflon pan without fat will be too dry, and, accordingly, not so tasty.

Here, perhaps, all the basic secrets of cooking at home delicious scrambled eggs for every day.

Omelets and scrambled eggs, without a doubt, excellent breakfast dishes, which can be prepared with a minimum of effort and a minimum of time. Simple, fast and tasty — that’s how you can characterize these dishes.

Step-by-step recipes with photos from this section of the site will help you to look at omelets and scrambled eggs in a new way. In addition to the classic cooking options, they offer a lot of new options.

Cooking omelets and scrambled eggs according to our step-by-step recipes will be a real pleasure, because the text descriptions are supplemented with step-by-step photos. Thanks to them, the implementation of a procedure will not cause any doubt.

So, choose the appropriate recipe and cook with pleasure!

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