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Ombre hair coloring: how to do at home

Ombre hair coloring: create a fashionable image with your own hands

Ombre hair dyeing has unprecedented popularity today: after celebrities, thousands of women all over the world wanted a stylish shade of curls. Stylists and hairdressers immediately began to learn new techniques, and beauty salons — to offer the Ombre hair dyeing service, however, for a fairly high cost, which is why many people refuse to make fashionable dyeing. But, fortunately, you can create a new image with your own hands, if you know how to dye your hair with an ombre at home.

A few words about ombre: what is it

Ombre’s complex hair coloring (it is also often mistakenly called amber or amber) was first talked about back in 2010. It was then that the beauty wizards noticed how the curls of California surfers look advantageous: in the hot sun, the strands undergo a natural burnout, and when the hair grows a little, the roots become visible, and a smooth color transition from dark to light is obtained.

Stylists quickly developed a technique that allows you to achieve the same effect with the help of dyeing compositions that brighten the tips of the hair, and gave it the name ombre (from the French l΄ombre — “blackout”).

The classic ombre staining, which implies a smooth lightening of the lower part of the strands, was called Californian, and a little later various varieties of this style appeared — the opposite, multitonal, sharp, ombre “flames” and “horse tail”, color, Scandinavian and many others.

The most important advantage of the ombre technique is that such hair coloring will suit absolutely any woman, if done correctly, — and a blonde, and a brunette, and even the owner of fiery red curls. Overflows from light to dark and vice versa look great on both long and short haircuts, decorate and curly, and straight hair, make hair more expressive and visually increase the volume, while keeping the image alive and natural.

It is noteworthy that the effect of ombre on the hair lasts a long time and does not require constant correction, unlike other types of coloring. This means that you will be able to enjoy your stylish hairstyle for a long time, and your curls will not be exposed to frequent exposure to chemical dyes.

Home coloring ombre: we select a good combination of colors

To make an ombre with your own hands, you must first decide what the color transition will be: the successful outcome of the home procedure depends on this. When choosing a shade of paint, rely on your natural hair color.

If you want to make an ombra dye on dark hair at home, you are incredibly lucky: almost any color combination is suitable for brunettes — both the classic transition from dark roots to brighter tips and bold coloring in bright hues. Amber, wheat, honey, caramel colors look very beautiful on strands. Those who want to make an ombra on black hair at home should pay attention to bright coloring compositions — for example, fiery red, burgundy or red.

Bold girls who are not afraid to experiment, can paint the tips in purple, blue and even fuchsia.

But it is not recommended to strongly lighten dark hair at home: firstly, it is possible to severely damage the strands, and secondly, the result of such dyeing can be unpredictable — it will turn out not at all the color that was expected.

Making ombre on light brown hair, you can also use caramel shades — they favorably secrete locks. Light tips will also look natural on a smooth transition from the roots. Difficult coloring ombre on blonde hair also gives room for imagination. For example, the opposite combination looks very good — the roots are light, and the tips are dark — coffee, chestnut, chocolate. Those who are not averse to experimenting can make the strands bright crimson or lilac. Finally, you can dwell on the classic ombre and simply brighten up the tips harder, creating a soft overflow of shades. You can do the same with red curls, but if you want something extraordinary, the lower part of the hair should be dyed black.

Making fashionable coloring yourself: step by step instructions

So, we finally come to the main question: how to make an ombra at home? Contrary to popular belief, it is not so difficult to paint the ombre at home by yourself; it will take only a little time, some skill and a little preliminary preparation.

First of all, you need to take care to bring the tips of the hair in the proper form. This means that splitting and too dry ends will have to be cut, otherwise, when dyeing, you can damage them even more, and besides, such strands will look ugly after finishing the painting.

Having carefully thought out your future image and having acquired a coloring composition, you can proceed to the procedure by choosing the most suitable Ombre hair dye technique for you at home.

You will need gloves, dishes, in which you can dilute the paint (not metal), brush for applying, film (to protect clothes from paint), small hair bands and a flat comb.

Those who want to achieve a smooth transition of colors, use the following technique:

  1. Comb the strands and divide them into 4 parts, securing with rubber bands, — 2 tails should be on the face, and 2 on the back of the head. Gum should be placed 1 cm above the future line of coloring, which is usually located at the level of the chin. According to your desire, the place of transition of shades can be made slightly higher or slightly lower, but remember that in ombre it presupposes naturalness in the first place, so it is not worth overstating the coloring line.
  2. Mentally divide the length of the hair under the elastic into 4 equal parts. Put a strand on a piece of foil and quickly apply to the lowermost part of the strand a previously prepared coloring composition using a brush, then wrap the foil and leave it for 15 minutes. Do the same with the rest of the curls.
  3. Expand the colored section of the strand and continue dyeing in the next section, re-close the hair with protective material and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Repeat the same for 3 parts of the strands and again leave for 10 minutes.
  5. Paint the last area in the same way, reducing the paint exposure time to 5 minutes.
  6. Remove the foil, rinse the hair thoroughly using shampoo and nutrient composition and allow it to dry without using a hair dryer.

If you make ombre staining at home according to this technique, you will have a smooth transition with strands of saturated colors. If you only want to slightly change the shade of the curls, do not use foil — in this case the effect of the paint will not be so intense.

At least in the first weeks after the procedure do not expose the dyed hair coat to thermal and chemical styling — this may adversely affect the health of the hair.

As a rule, independently making a fashionable ombre effect on strands thanks to step-by-step instructions is not difficult even for those girls who have never tried to dye their hair before. Do not be afraid to experiment and be irresistible!

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