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Oily skin care: golden rules and possible mistakes

Care for oily skin at home — it’s easy!

Not every woman can boast perfect skin. One of the most frequent problems that women face is the excessive fat content of the skin. Oily luster, enlarged pores, acne — the eternal companions of oily skin. Epidermis of this type requires regular special care, and it must be complex: it must include not only the use of proper cosmetics, but also compliance with certain recommendations.

Oily skin and the golden rules of care

Many feel that the proper care of oily skin is incredibly difficult to implement. But in fact, you just need to remember the correct algorithm of the necessary cosmetic procedures and clearly follow it day by day all year round.

First of all, you need to understand that oily skin requires regular thorough cleansing, and simple morning and evening washing with clean water will not be enough for it. To get rid of greasy shine, enlarged pores, acne and black spots, you need to choose a mild cleanser for everyday use. Best of all, if it is a special cream or foam for oily skin type. Apply this makeup on your face with the help of a special brush with neat massage movements — this will allow you to deeply clean the pores and remove excess fat and dead skin from the skin.

To further narrow the pores, it is recommended after rinsing to rinse your face with cool water with lemon juice or rub the skin with an ice cube. You can also use vegetable tonics, and not only after washing, but also throughout the day to remove greasy shine and refresh your face.

The procedure of cleansing massage with the use of gel or foam should be carried out in the morning and in the evening. Evening washing is strictly necessary: ​​firstly, it removes all the dirt accumulated on the face during the day, secondly, removes make-up, which in no case can be left for the night, as it threatens to even more blockage of pores and the appearance of acne. Use only warm or cool water to cleanse the face, as hot stimulates intensive sebum production.

The next step after washing should be proper moisturizing. It is widely believed that oily skin of the face becomes even fatter if a moisturizer is applied to it. But in fact, insufficient nutrition of the skin only worsens the situation: this not only leads to premature fading of the skin, but also increases the production of fat. The cream must have a light texture and must necessarily match the age characteristics of the epidermis. For example, care for oily skin after 30 years involves the use of creams with a rejuvenating effect.

1-2 times a week it is necessary to carry out peeling and scrubbing, as well as procedures using cosmetic masks. All these manipulations have an additional cleansing, caring, nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect. Natural home remedies based on herbal ingredients are excellent for such procedures.

In the matter of how to care for oily skin, a healthy diet also plays a significant role, because the condition of the skin depends largely on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to abandon harmful additives and foods high in fat, and in return you need to enter into the diet more fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. And, of course, eliminate destructive habits from your life.

Top 5 mistakes in eliminating oily skin: how not to care for your face

To understand how to properly care for oily skin, you need to remember what you can not do, trying to get rid of enlarged pores and greasy shine. Here are the most common mistakes care for oily skin at home:

  1. The use of aggressive cleansers. We are talking about cosmetics with potent ingredients, including ethyl alcohol. Using such cleansing compounds, the owners of the problem skin try to remove the ugly shine by degreasing the epidermis. But in fact, it turns out to be a strong stress for the skin of the face, and the body begins to produce more sebum to protect the epidermis from drying out.
  2. Too frequent peeling and scrubbing. Deep skin cleansing is useful in moderation. Abuse of these procedures leads to dehydration of the dermis and depletion of cells, and as a result there is the same effect that has already been described above in the case of the use of potent cleansers. In addition, peeling and scrubs should be temporarily abandoned, if there are inflammations on the face.
  3. Squeezing pimples and comedones (black dots). This provokes skin damage and can also lead to the spread of infection and much more serious problems. It is best to entrust the mechanical cleaning of the face to a professional who will conduct it according to all the rules.
  4. The use of therapeutic agents against acne without a doctor’s prescription. Care for problem skin with the use of medicines can be practiced only after consulting a doctor. At best, an improperly chosen remedy will not have any effect, and at worst, it may further damage the condition of the skin.
  5. Abuse of diets. It is imperative that girls with problematic skin need to follow their diet, but some perceive this rule too literally and “sit down” on the strictest diet, thereby only aggravating the situation: this greatly harms the gastrointestinal tract and, accordingly, affects the condition of the epidermis.

These errors play a big role in skin care after 25 years, and in a more mature age and are able to nullify all the benefits of proper care for your face, so be sure to refuse such manipulations if you want to normalize the condition of the skin.

Home masks, scrubs and peels for oily skin type

Regardless of how old you are — twenty, thirty or forty — special products for the care of a fat face should become permanent residents of your home cosmetic shelf. For the capricious problem skin, cosmetics made from natural safe ingredients will be the best choice. Masks, scrubs and peels from natural ingredients have a great effect on oily epidermis, deeply cleanse, nourish it and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

At home, you can cook peels and scrubs according to the following recipes:

  1. Fruit peeling. Grind in a blender 2-3 tablespoons of ripe pomegranate seeds, 1 tbsp. l honey and 1 tbsp. l lemon juice. The mixture is rubbed into the face with massage movements and after 10 minutes it is washed off with cool water. It is recommended to apply on previously steamed skin.
  2. Sugar Scrub. It is necessary to mix 1 tbsp. l sugar, milk and crushed in aloe blender, apply to the skin with rubbing in a circular motion, after 1-2 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  3. Oat scrub. 1 tbsp. l oatmeal is combined with 1 tbsp. l kefir or natural yogurt, add a pinch of fine food salt. The mixture is gently rubbed into the face for 3-4 minutes, then washed off.

For oily skin types, care necessarily includes the use of masks. It is most effective to carry out the procedure immediately after using peeling or scrub: at this moment the skin is deeply cleansed and is as ready as possible for the absorption of nutrients.

One of the best care products for the epidermis, prone to fat, are compositions based on cosmetic clay. For example, you can mix white or blue clay with egg white to obtain a homogeneous thick mass and apply the mixture on your face for 10 minutes. A great way to improve the condition of problem skin will be a mask of white and blue clay, taken in equal proportions and diluted with fresh cucumber juice.

Perfectly suitable for fat skin mask from fermented milk products. Try to use for the face a mixture of 3 tbsp. l kefir and 1 tbsp. l low fat cottage cheese. Mass impose on the skin for 15 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

Whatever means you choose, before the first use you will certainly test for an allergic reaction, especially if the mask, scrub or peeling includes fruits, berries or honey: rub some ready-made mixture on your wrist and wait a few minutes. Redness, rash, or itching that appeared on the skin at the site of application, is a reason to refuse to use it.

If you follow all the rules of oily skin care and regularly take care of your face, the changes for the better will become noticeable in just a few weeks, but this does not mean that you can stop using the procedures from now on. Only constant monitoring of the condition of the skin guarantees the preservation of the result for a long time.

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