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Oily hair — what to do and what kind of mask to use at home

Greasy hair for a woman or a man, this is a rather unpleasant problem that causes a lot of discomfort. Of course, you can wash your hair every day, but the owners of long hair on this procedure takes too much time, which becomes impractical. The problem of oily hair needs to be solved in other ways, but first let’s consider the reasons why this problem may arise.

Adolescence is the most common cause of hair getting greasy. At the same time, many girls may note that not only their hair, but also their skin, as well as acne and dandruff appear greasy. For adolescents, this problem is temporary and most often disappears immediately after the girl or boy leaves the adolescent age.

But sometimes even an adult notices that the hair becomes too fat very quickly. This is due to the fact that the body is hormonal failure. It can be triggered by various factors, starting with pregnancy and ending with stress and unhealthy diet.

Among other things, the cause of too fast contamination of the hair can be skin diseases. Also, because of them dandruff may appear, and the hair will become not only greasy, but also thin. This will be especially noticeable at the roots.

Let’s try to consider other reasons why hair becomes greasy too quickly.

  • Your food is directly reflected in the hair. For example, if your diet contains a large amount of fatty or spicy foods, then this will not be the least merit of greasy hair.
  • The less water you drink, the more fat the scalp secretes to prevent the roots from drying out. Try to drink as much fluid as possible.
  • Improper care and selection of hygiene products also has a strong effect on oily hair.
  • If you often dry your hair with a hair dryer, Try to make sure that the stream of hot air does not get on the scalp, as the hair can get oily much faster and even start to fall out.

If you are faced with the problem of oily hair, then it is quite possible to get rid of it at home. To learn how to do this, we suggest you read the following section.

If your hair looks greasy after washing, it may mean that you picked up wrong shampoo. First of all, you need to get the right care products for your hair type. It is best to ask the pharmacy shampoo for greasy and brittle hair.

In the event that you have extra time and you are a supporter of traditional medicine, then you will surely like homemade masks that will help to cure greasy hair at home. We offer you several recipes for effective masks for oily hair.

Kefir is one of the most common products for creating hair masks. It will help make your hair less greasy by controlling the amount of fat secreted by the skin. And it’s very easy to use. You can put it on the hair and hair roots, gently rubbing into the skin, and then wash your hair in the usual way. You can also mix it with essential oils or mustard, in order to enhance the speed of hair growth.

Using kefir at least twice a week before washing your hair, you will see that the hair has ceased to be so oily and brittle.

Mustard is a natural irritant to the scalp that stimulates hair growth. In addition, mustard is able to dry the skin, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of emitted fat. However, if you overdo it with this ingredient, then there is an opportunity to earn dandruff.

And to use mustard as a mask for hair at home can be such a simple way:

  • Add two large spoons of mustard to a glass of hot water.
  • Let the mixture infuse a little, after which this water will need to be poured into a liter pot.
  • Add more hot water by filling the pan to the top.
  • Rinse the hair with the mixture, thoroughly massaging the scalp, then wash the hair in the usual way.

When applying mustard to make hair less greasy, do not forget that it is not recommended to dry them with a hairdryer after washing.

Take 145 grams black bread and send it to the blender, bringing to a mushy state. After that, dilute the crushed bread with a hot decoction of chamomile and leave to infuse in heat. When the tool has cooled, filter it through a sieve and rub it into the scalp. Leave the mask on the hair for at least forty minutes, then wash your hair without using shampoo.

This mask of black bread will help not only make your hair less greasy, but also increase their volume.

To make a mask based on aloe juice, you need to pick a few fresh leaves from the plant, put them in a jar and pour over one hundred grams of alcohol or vodka. The remedy should be infused for at least seven days somewhere in the pantry, after which it must be rubbed into the hair roots for five minutes. Rinse after half an hour with warm water without using shampoo.

Essential oils also able to help in the fight against oily hair, if properly applied. You should also know that not all oils act on hair in a similar way. In order to make the hair less greasy, you need to give preference to essential oils from:

  • sage;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • mint;
  • burdock;
  • calendula;
  • orange;
  • lemon;
  • daisies;
  • lavender;
  • eucalyptus and others.

Essential oils can be added in small amounts to your daily shampoo, and you can also use them as a separate hair mask. Just remember: essential oils are rather poorly washed out.

Fragrant and healthy mask against oily hair with honey and lemon will help you forget about your problem, if not forever, then for a very long time. You can cook it this way:

  • Mix lemon juice and honey in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Add as much aloe juice.
  • Peel a few cloves of garlic and chop them with the garlic press.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and apply the mixture to slightly damp hair.

Rinse the mask should be half an hour after application. If you are afraid of the unpleasant smell of garlic, you can rinse your hair with water with the addition of garlic and mint essential oil.

Ordinary home potatoes — This is another incredibly useful ingredient that will help make hair less greasy and brittle. Based on it, you can make an excellent hair mask. To do this, just grate two medium potatoes on a fine grater (if the hair is long, then it is better to increase the number of potatoes), then squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel with gauze and add it to the kefir glass. After mixing both ingredients, apply the mixture on your head in gentle movements, carefully working through the root area.

You can wash off such a mask in thirty minutes, and when your hair is dry, you will see that they are not greasy at all.

With the help of the above recipes you can once and for all forget about the fat content and brittle hair. Just do not forget to make sure that you are not allergic to one or another component that is part of the mask.

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