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Oil masks for hair: types, methods of use, recipes

Effective oil masks for hair of various lengths

For many decades, oil masks for hair have been effectively used by representatives of the fair sex to maintain the natural shine and health of scalp hair.

Women have long collected the gifts of nature, from which they subsequently made various cosmetics. To preserve and increase the brilliance and attractiveness of their curls, they made masks for hair growth with their own hands.

Nowadays, girls are given a unique opportunity to take advantage of the centuries-old experience of their ancestors. Many healers, as well as various professionals, strongly recommend that natural, natural ingredients be used in the care of curls.

Therapeutic and cosmetic effect

The great popularity of the use of vegetable oils in the care of curls is largely due to their unique properties.

Among the many advantages and advantages should be highlighted:

  • the presence in their composition of a large amount of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and trace elements that strengthen and protect the hair structure;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • oils contribute to the regeneration of damaged hair structure;
  • activation of hair growth;
  • normalization of glands.

In addition to the cosmetic effect, which is manifested in the fact that hair becomes elastic and elastic, natural oils are actively used as part of complex therapy. Their combination with drugs can eliminate many of the inflammatory phenomena, stop attacks of itching and peeling of the epidermis on the head.

As a rule, masks for hair from oils are relevant in such cases when the following problems are observed:

  • brittle hair;
  • weakness of curls;
  • excessive loss;
  • lack of shine;
  • excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

However, it must be remembered that, despite the fact that most of the ingredients that make up the cosmetic masks are natural and do not pose a threat to the health of a woman, you should not relax. First of all, it is strictly forbidden if a person has individual intolerance to the active ingredients, use hair masks with oils. In this regard, to prevent possible undesirable effects it will be appropriate to determine the degree of skin sensitivity. To this end, the prepared tool is applied to the dermis of the hand and left for 8-10 minutes. Having sustained the specified time, the medicinal component needs to be washed away, and to examine the place on which it was located.

The absence of discomfort or visible symptoms of irritation eloquently indicates that the body normally perceives the proposed option.

With particular attention to the choice of used cosmetic miracle remedies should be addressed to girls whose curls are characterized by high fat content. Such a precaution is due to the fact that the active functioning of the sebaceous glands in excess saturates the hair with its own fat. In this case, the addition of extra fat will lead to blockage of the pores and the corresponding negative consequences. Therefore, to minimize the likelihood of undesirable effects, it will be appropriate to first consult with a specialist.

What components are best to use?

Oil hair masks can be easily done at home. For this purpose, apply a variety of ingredients. The preference in favor of a particular component is largely due to the individual characteristics of a woman’s hair, as well as the result that she wants to get.

In this regard, the most good reviews and recommendations are:

  1. Coconut oil. Oil masks, made at home on the basis of this tool, will not only endow your locks with health and brilliance, but also make them beautiful. Due to its unique qualities, the mask of coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, nourishing the damaged strands, it gives them a healthy look. Many experts note that coconut oil for hair improves their growth and prevents loss.
  2. Burr oil. The use of this ingredient provides an opportunity to get rid of many of the discomfort associated with hair. Most girls are enthusiastic about this component. Compliance with all the rules and recommendations on the use of cosmetics based on burdock oil helps minimize baldness rice.
  3. Masks from olive oil. Due to the presence in its composition of many vitamins and useful elements, this natural substance richly nourishes the hair. If your haircut has lost its former freshness and intensity, then an olive oil hair mask will be the best solution in the fight against this temporary phenomenon. Dry scalp, brittleness and hair loss will forever be a thing of the past.
  4. Sea buckthorn oil. The content of beneficial trace elements and nutrients provides the hair with an attractive shine, dazzling silkiness, natural softness. Improving growth and nourishing the scalp, this oil also fights dandruff. Due to its ability to improve the restorative processes at the cellular level, this cosmetic ingredient is used after frequent staining.
  5. Jojoba oil. Its most valuable qualities are widely used in cases where the hair is fragile and brittle, and the scalp is dry. The mask with jojoba oil is easily prepared at home, which makes it a popular way to eliminate the problems associated with the loss of natural charm.

In addition to the above tools, cosmetologists advise to try options with peach, almond or linseed oil.

Rules and nuances

If someone thinks that literally after the first session, problematic hair is significantly transformed, then such assumptions are wrong. To oil masks for hair led to a visible improvement, it is desirable to carry out procedures with their use regularly. At the same time for the severity of therapeutic and cosmetic effect is recommended to take into account a number of nuances and adhere to certain rules.

First of all, most experts insist that it is preferable to make masks before bedtime. In this case, they will have a beneficial effect throughout the night. It is difficult to spoil the hair with oil, with the exception of those cases where the sebaceous glands are more productive.

The procedure will be much more effective if the natural mixture used is preheated. The exception is flax oil, which loses its positive qualities at high temperatures.

Thermal effect on medicinal ingredients is carried out sparingly, because overheating neutralizes the action of beneficial components. In this case, you will waste your time and effort. The best option for heating the healing compositions is a water bath. The use of oils in large quantities is unacceptable. After the mask has been applied to the surface of the head, the hair should be covered with polyethylene and a towel. Such a sequence creates a greenhouse effect. An alternative would be a warm hat. In this case, you can safely go about your business and move freely around the apartment throughout the procedure.

Masks are preferable to apply before you are going to wash your hair, but this is only a recommendation, do as you see fit. An unambiguous position on this subject does not exist. Some prefer to use the mixture on clean hair, believing that the oil interacts poorly with grease and dirt. Others, on the contrary, argue that frequent water procedures adversely affect the hair. In any case, the choice is yours.

Particularly noteworthy are the roots, which must be carefully processed with an oil mixture and massaged with fingertips. The oil mask is washed off the hair in the usual way, but in order to consolidate the result obtained it is appropriate to use a tonic balm.

Making masks with your own hands

Homemade recipes are distinguished by their diversity. After reviewing some of them, you can choose the most suitable and convenient option:

  1. Cosmetic composition based on olive oil. Olives have found their application not only in the culinary field, but also in the field of cosmetology. If a woman is worried about excessive dryness of her hair, then a hair mask containing olive oil will be the perfect solution to this problem. The preparation of this recipe begins with the fact that 4 tbsp. l of delicious oil is mixed with 50 ml of plain water. 2 fresh eggs are taken and the yolks are separated. Subsequently, all ingredients are thoroughly mixed until smooth. The mixture is applied to pre-washed and dried hair for 20 minutes. Good reviews enjoyed a combination of homemade honey and olive oil in the same proportion. Using a water bath, the composition heats up slightly. In order to improve the interaction of the healing mixture with the hair, it is desirable to wet the head.
  2. Recipe based on flaxseed oil. With dry hair, homemade recipes are extremely effective, especially when it comes to flax oil. How to do? First of all, you need to find the burdock root, which is cleaned and crushed accordingly. This component in the amount of 100 g is mixed with the main active substance in the same volume. Having been adhered within 24 hours, the cosmetic mask is ready for use. The application is carried out on pre-moistened hair.
  3. Almond oil for shine. Masks that use almond oil work wonders. Professionals advise, for the expressiveness of the effect, to carry out such a procedure before visiting a bath or sauna. The action algorithm involves the gradual rubbing of almond oil: first in the roots, and then in the very structure of the hair. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 2 hours. Reviews of the fair sex who have tried this recipe for themselves emphasize the severity of positive dynamics even after a single application.
  4. Nutrition hair with castor oil. In preheated kefir in the amount of 150 ml is added castor oil. With the help of massaging movements, this wonderful mixture is rubbed into the skin, and then distributed to the entire surface of the hair. The duration of the procedure is 1.5 hours.

Oil masks, if used correctly, can in a short time return the lost attractiveness and former health to the locks.

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