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Oil for hair loss: cooking means at home

How to use oil for hair loss?

Probably, there is no such person who at least once in his life would not suffer from hair loss, be it a “seasonal shedding” or baldness against the background of any disease. Such a situation can unsettle anyone. It is important not to panic, but to begin to act methodically by adopting oil from hair loss.

Nature on guard of beauty

Noticing that the hair falls out more than usual, you should not immediately run to the store to buy the advertised miracle products. Not always the mass-market products are effective and harmless. It is better to opt for natural remedies, proven by many generations of beauties from around the world.

Oil against hair loss has a high content of active substances, the most beneficial effect on the condition of the locks. With proper and regular use of natural remedies, you can forget about such problems as dryness, brittleness, dandruff, poor growth and hair loss.

It is only necessary to get acquainted with what oils help with a specific problem, since their choice is so wide that you can get confused.

In cosmetology, use two types of oil for hair growth: basic and natural. They can be based on both exotic and more familiar plants, but they will all cope well with the task.

The best base oils to strengthen hair

Base oil for hair is obtained on the basis of various parts of plants (seeds, fruits, leaves or roots), which allow you to make your hair more healthy and attractive.

  • Burdock oil (burdock) is the leader among cosmetic oils for the care of hair, which helps not only strengthen weakened hair, but also eliminates itching, irritation of the scalp, dandruff. Moreover, it nourishes the roots perfectly, due to which the curls become more elastic, moisturized and flowing over time.
  • Castor — is an oil concentrate of castor bean seed. Oil with a specific smell, viscous, thick, and it scares many that will be bad to wash off. However, this can be done by several soaping with shampoo, and the effect of its regular use will not take long. After a course of oil therapy, the hair stops falling out, becomes much stronger and healthy, smooth and shiny.
  • Argan oil is also called “golden” oil, and it is not surprising, because its composition is a real storehouse of the most valuable and effective components necessary for hair loss. An additional pleasant bonus of the application will be the appearance of curls, as if after visiting the expensive salon. Strands acquire softness, shine, suppleness when laying. And all this, in contrast to salon procedures, has a long-term effect, because the hair is nourished and improved from the inside.
  • Olive No wonder the Italian beauties are proud of their thick shiny curls! This is one of the most popular oils for hair loss in women, who use natural means to take care of themselves. The fatty acids that make up it effectively cleanse the scalp of dead particles, opening up access of oxygen to the follicles and thus improving blood circulation and nutrition. And tocopherol and retinol strengthen curls along the entire length, filling them with strength and brilliance.

How to stop hair loss with oil

Cosmetic base oils help to return the lost strength and beauty to the locks, it is only necessary to know the subtleties of how to apply them correctly. Many of them have been successfully used in the manufacture of homemade masks for the scalp and hair, but they will bring great benefits in pure form.

To the maximum oil was able to reveal all its beneficial properties, it should be slightly heated in a water bath. The procedure is not difficult, as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to put a bottle of oil in hot water for 5-7 minutes.

In the heated form, the penetration ability of the oil increases, as a result of which the hair only gains. Under the influence of heat, skin pores open better, scalp blood circulation improves, and all useful substances are absorbed more actively, strengthening hair from roots to tips.

The benefits will be even greater if you add the right essential oil, just a few drops. The coat will thankfully respond to such a combination.

Warm oil should be applied on the parting and rubbed into the scalp with light massaging movements. The remainder is distributed over the entire length using a comb with wide teeth. Hair must be dry, otherwise the oil will not be absorbed.

To create a «greenhouse effect», it is necessary to warm the head with polyethylene and towels.

To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to withstand at least half an hour in this form, even better, 1-1.5 hours so that the strengthening effect is more significant.

The most important problem when using firming oil is flushing it. However, this will be easy if you apply a very small amount of the product. So it will be better for him (the skin will not absorb more than what she needs), and it will be easier to wash off. So, for hair of medium length, one teaspoon of oily concentrate will be enough.

Essential oils for the recovery of hair

Essential oils for hair loss are very effective, and if used correctly, they can heal hair and scalp. Only 2-3 drops of this saturated aromatic agent can significantly enhance the effect of any cosmetic product, be it oil, scrub or shampoo.

An important point: in any case, the essential oil can not be applied in its pure form or use it more than the recommended dose!

Otherwise, instead of benefit, you can cause serious harm to the epidermis, which will respond with severe irritation to the effect of such a shock concentration of ether.

The most popular essential oils against hair loss: beat, rosemary, cedar, sage, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, pine, ginger. It is very important to acquire this valuable natural product only from proven manufacturers, since at present there are many synthetic fakes that have nothing to do with natural oils.

How to use essential oils

There are several ways to apply fragrant extracts from plants for the benefit of weak hair.

  • Addition to cosmetics

If you do not have time to prepare your own firming mask, you can enhance the effect of your favorite shampoo or balm by adding a few drops of a suitable essential oil to it.

The most effective way to use ether to strengthen hair. The easiest and most effective way to make a homemade mask:

  • in a teaspoon of any suitable base oil stir one drop of rosemary oil, beat, sage, cedar;
  • mix and rub into the hair roots;
  • warm and leave for a few hours, and best of all — at night, then rinse as usual.

If the goal is not only to strengthen the curls, but also to give them shine and elasticity, the base oil can be replaced with two yolks, leaving the same set of essential oils. The resulting mixture should be kept for half an hour, then rinse.

Essential oils for hair can be used for daily combing hair. So at home by carrying out the usual hygienic procedure, you can affect the hair follicles, strengthening them and restoring hair growth.

It should be borne in mind that only a comb made of natural wood will be suitable for these purposes. 1-2 drops of a vegetable extract are applied on it and rubbed over the entire surface. This amount will be more than enough to achieve the desired effect. If the oils are applied more than expected, the strands will quickly take on a dirty, greasy look.

Hair combed only in a dry form, starting from the tips and gradually rising to the top. It is not necessary to massage the scalp too violently, otherwise the appearance of the curls will lose tidiness. All movements should be smooth, causing only pleasant emotions and a feeling of relaxation.

Aromatic combing lasts about five minutes, until oil remains on the comb.

Having made your own hair care program, based on their length, type and needs, you can return your healthy and attractive look to your hair at home. And the use of natural ingredients will avoid unpleasant consequences or side effects.

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