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Nourishing face mask at home: nourish and tighten the skin

Nourishing mask for any type of skin at home

It is known that skin cells receive nutrition due to vitamins and trace elements entering the human body with food. Thanks to good nutrition, cells are able to function normally. But the body can be helped. Additional nutrition using face masks moisturizes the skin and restores the water balance in the epidermis.

Nourishing face masks are very easy to make yourself at home. Thanks to them, the blood circulation is significantly improved, the blood carries life-giving oxygen to the cells, and the complexion improves significantly.

Vitamins and minerals, which also carries blood, penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, nourish and restore cells. As a result, the skin becomes clean, radiant, tone and elasticity appear, the relief is leveled.

There are several types of facial skin: normal, dry, oily and combination. Care for each type of dermis should be special.

  • Normal skin is the one whose color is even, the pores are not enlarged and not clogged, there are no pimples and blackheads, and no roughness. This dermis looks fresh and supple. Unfortunately, there are not so many owners of this type of skin. The fault is the deteriorating environment, constant stress and overwork, too fast pace of life and unhealthy food. Normal skin also needs care and care, otherwise over time it will lose its merits and will be transformed into another type. Proper care will help to prolong her youth and visual appeal.
  • Dry skin has a slightly yellowish tint. This type of dermis is almost never seen in children and adolescents. The pores on it are almost invisible, the oily shine is completely absent, there is no acne rash. In youth, this skin type looks great. But the low level of collagen and insufficient production of sebum lead to the fact that small wrinkles, folds and peeling begin to form rather early. When washing, there is pain and a feeling of tightness. Red spots may appear in the cold. To supply this type of skin, you must carefully select the ingredients for the mask. The best homemade products for dry skin type are honey, yolk, olive oil, cream, avocado, essential oils.
  • Oily skin is very common in adolescents in puberty. Its distinguishing feature is earthy tint, oily luster and enlarged pores. It delivers a lot of problems to its owners. But at the same time, this type of dermis has one big advantage: it is late in aging. The best nourishing masks for oily skin have a drying effect, this is achieved by adding special ingredients to the masks.
  • Combined skin combines the signs of dry and oily at the same time. As a rule, there are fatty areas on the forehead, nose and chin (the so-called T-zone), and the cheeks, temples, and neck are dry. It is important to learn how to choose these products so that care for this type of skin benefits all areas of the face.

Devices, ingredients, appliances

So, before you proceed directly to the preparation of a nourishing face mask, you must prepare in advance all the necessary components and accessories. This is very important, because high-quality cooking does not tolerate interruptions, otherwise some of the ingredients will lose their nutritional properties and will not bring the expected effect.

In order for a nourishing face mask at home to give the best results, it is necessary to include only fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Apply the mask should be immediately after preparation, the composition can not be stored.

Before applying the mask, the face must be thoroughly cleaned. It is not enough just to wash off decorative cosmetics, it is necessary to clean it well with the help of a special milk, lotion or micellar water. It is advisable to carry out a soft peeling to remove the top layer of dead skin cells of the epidermis. After such manipulations, the nutrients in the mask penetrate well into the skin.

Prepare a glass or ceramic bowl, a beater, a spoon, a mortar for grinding. You can also make a coffee grinder and juicer. In a coffee grinder, dry orange peel or berry seeds are crushed to make a natural scrub. Still need clean gauze and cotton pads.

You need to apply the mask correctly, you can use a special cosmetic brush. After cleansing the skin, application should start from the chin, moving upwards along the massage lines. It is important to evenly distribute the mixture over the entire face, but without affecting the area around the eyes and lips. The border of the mask ends approximately 1 cm from the hairline.

Mask incubated from 20 minutes to half an hour, then gently wash off with warm water. After application, it is not recommended to laugh or talk, as this is fraught with the formation of additional wrinkles.

If the mixture keeps bad and drains, then gauze will come to the rescue. A piece of cloth must be folded several times and dip in the nutritional composition. Then gently apply to the face like a compress.

It is important to observe one more rule: during the procedure, complete rest and relaxation are necessary. Therefore, try to set aside time for yourself, turn on pleasant calm music, lie down and rest. In such a positive mood, the effect of the mask will be simply magical.

Best recipes

The best recipe for a nutritional mask for dry skin type of skin includes very fatty foods. But this mask is suitable for combination skin. This procedure is best carried out in the winter season.

  • Recipe: Mix 1 tbsp. l olive oil with yolk, add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well and add 1 tsp. liquid honey, whipped, add a little oatmeal to the mixture for thickness. This mask will not only moisturize, but also perfectly tighten the skin.
  • Another way to use honey is to melt 1 tbsp. l sweet product in a water bath, add the yolk, a little grape seed oil and carrot juice. Mix well and apply on face.
  • Fruit masks help prevent vitamin deficiency. For cooking, you can mash strawberries in mashed potatoes, mix with oatmeal, to get a rather thick consistency. Then you need to add lanolin warmed in a water bath.
  • Another blend will make fading skin more toned and smooth. Freshly squeezed juice of any ripe fruit should be mixed with yolk, add a little thick sour cream and any vegetable oil. If the mask is too thin, then add oatmeal or starch as a thickener.
  • The ideal component for drying oily skin is chicken protein. After the first procedure, the condition of the skin improves significantly, the oily shine disappears for a long time. Recipe: beat the chicken protein in the foam, add a little lemon juice, mix everything well and apply to clean skin. After 15 minutes, the mask should be washed off, and you can rinse your face with warm green tea.
  • Good components for homemade masks are cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir. Cottage cheese helps to improve blood circulation, relieves any inflammation, softens, whitens the skin. If you mix a small amount of cottage cheese with kefir and add a pinch of salt, you get a unique mask that is able to clean and soften the skin of the face. After washing the skin is useful to wipe with an ice cube.

Take care of yourself. Remember that any type of skin needs care: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. If everything is done correctly and regularly, then beauty and youth will go hand in hand for a long time.

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