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Moldavian cuisine — recipes of national dishes with photos

Moldavian cuisine — recipes of national dishes with photos

Moldavian cuisine or national cuisine of Moldova has a rather long history of existence. Its formation was influenced by Greek and Byzantine culture. So, for example, Moldavian cooking has been enriched with a recipe for such a dish as vertu. In addition, the impact on the emergence of specific technologies and techniques in cooking. Also common in traditional Moldavian cuisine was the use of puff, oil and exhaust dough, the use of vegetable oils in cooking, as well as the use of wines for cooking vegetable and meat dishes. In addition, you can find in the national cuisine of Moldova and some Russian notes, since this country in the period from the 8th to the 13th century was part of the ancient Russian state. Slavic influence to a large extent affected the tradition of making blanks for the winter. In addition, thanks to Russian Moldovans love cabbage pies! It is also worth noting that thanks to almost three hundred years of submission to Turkey, the Moldovan cuisine has also been enriched with oriental notes. So, for example, Moldovans prefer meat products to be mutton, as well as during cooking, the products are amenable to combined processing, which is typical for Turkish cuisine.

As for the list of types of dishes of the national Moldavian cuisine, among them you will find the first and second dishes, snacks, a variety of flour products, desserts. Traditional soups stand out with a touch of sourness in their taste and the constant addition of a whole bouquet of various greens: parsley, dill, celery, tarragon, thyme, peppermint, lovage. Prepare them on the basis of vegetable, meat and fish broths. Acidify the first dishes with the help of bread kvass called Bors or citric acid. As a dressing use flour with a beaten egg. In general, in the Moldovan cuisine, two types of soup are most known: chorba or thick soup and deputy or chicken broth.

The second dishes in Moldavian cuisine can be very diverse, however, the addition of vegetables or fruits, which grow in abundance in sunny Moldova, is invariably added! The greens of all kinds are also an invariable component in the preparation of such dishes. Thus, the taste of the dishes is saturated and spicy. As for cooking methods, one of the most popular is baking in clay pots. In restaurants of the same Moldavian cuisine often cook fish and meat on the coals, which gives such dishes an incredible flavor!

Moldavian recipes are very diverse. This is directly related to flour products. They are represented by cakes, pies, cakes, and rolls. The filling can also be the most diverse, but the most common is the filling of cheese, as well as nuts and pumpkin. In addition, Moldovans bake all kinds of cakes, pastries and cookies. The stuffing of such desserts, as a rule, consists of local fruits and berries.

Speaking about the national cuisine of Moldova, one can not fail to mention the wines of this country. They are truly diverse! The nature of the Moldavian region allows you to grow different varieties of grapes, which in fact led to the development of winemaking.

You can get acquainted with the national Moldavian cuisine, or rather, with the recipes of its dishes, on our website. All of them not only have detailed descriptions, but also provide photos of all stages of preparation.

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