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Moisturizing face mask at home: rules of application

What to cook moisturizing face mask at home

Moisturizing face mask at home allows the epidermis cells to provide moisture. Women who, since their teenage years, regularly use moisturizing facial masks for their skin, preserve its beauty until old age. The older the ladies, the more often they must use external means that allow water to be retained in the cells. Moisturizing the skin is a daily procedure in adulthood. This rule allows you to look great at any age.

Moisturizing face masks at home are an affordable procedure, because they contain only natural ingredients. When caring for your face, you can always experiment and create new blends for masks that will perfectly suit a particular skin type.

Moisturizing for young women

Beauticians advise to use all that is in the kitchen for moisturizing. This motto is well suited for women under 30 years old. They can take to improve the appearance of the skin of the face at home any vegetables and fruits that are on the table and make their own unique recipes that allow you to look great. The exception is the fruit that causes an allergic reaction.

Moisturizing face mask of juice and pulp of fresh fruits nourishes the skin with beneficial elements that have a beneficial effect on its appearance. Especially recommended for moisturizing juicy grapes, kiwi, strawberries.

They not only fill the cells with moisture, but also level the tone of the face, because they have whitening properties.

Cucumber mask perfectly allows you to moisturize tired skin. This vegetable is rich in potassium salts that retain moisture. It contains 98% of structured water, which is well absorbed by the cells. It is recommended to use in all variants for young skin. A common recipe recommends using vegetable circles on the eye area to moisten the thinnest and delicate surface of the epidermis.

Squeezed cucumber juice can be mixed, if the skin is dry, with rose water. The resulting tool can be frozen in cubes and wipe their face with them in the summer.

Masks for moisturizing the skin of the face that whiten it slightly and even out the tone should contain fruit acids. To do this, fit a tomato mask. It removes oily shine, moisturizes dry areas, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands. For its preparation, you need to momentarily lower the tomato into boiling water, remove the skin from it, cut into two parts, remove the seed lobes with a spoon. Turn the remaining pulp into a puree using a blender. Put a spoonful of starch in the prepared mass, mix and apply on face.

Moisturizing for mature skin

For mature skin, you need to select recipes where there are components that not only moisturize, but also tighten it, making it more elastic. Caring for the skin at home, you need to constantly experiment, making new types of masks. The best moisturizing recipes can be created individually, based on the recommended. To do this, you can mix suitable products and apply them to the skin. She will be grateful for the care.

Noting that it helped to look better, you can make the top favorite masks and use them regularly.

Cottage cheese is useful for the epidermis of mature women. If it is mixed with strawberry juice or grapes, then this mixture will be a good moisturizing and nourishing agent. Women often admire the effect obtained after applying to the face a mixture of moist fat cottage cheese and a small amount of flower honey. It has a rejuvenating and whitening property.

After 35 years, it is best to use complex recipes that help fight age-related complex aging. They should rejuvenate, act as a soft peeling, moisturize and tighten the contours. There is a wonderful recipe that performs all these functions.

Its preparation begins with the creation of a decoction of the collection of chamomile flowers, herb St. John’s wort and hop cones. You need to wait for it to cool, you should take 50 ml of broth, 1 egg yolk, 5 ml of flower honey, 2 tbsp. l lemon juice and 5 ml of glycerin. All beat in a mixer in a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture is applied to dry, flaky skin. After half an hour, the mask is washed off with warm water. Citric acid works like peeling, herbal decoction moisturizes, the egg and honey nourish the skin. This is a good mask that can be used for express rejuvenation.

If you need to quickly moisturize your face and make dry skin supple and radiant, you can hold an event aimed at its rejuvenation. For this you need:

  • steam your face with a hot towel;
  • clean the surface with a scrub;
  • apply a thick layer of this mask;
  • steam again;
  • apply a repeated layer;
  • and steam again.

For the last time, instead of a mask, apply any dry skin cream and steam out your face with it again. After all the procedures, you should wash well, rub your face with an ice cube, let it dry off and admire the result. The skin will shine, the eyes shine, and the overall mood will be positive.

Masks for women after menopause

Recipes for aging skin should contain foods with a lot of nutrients. This skin should not only be moisturized, but also nourished and toned. This function is well performed by a mixture of honey and red rowan juice. When making a moisturizing face mask, it is recommended to mix them in equal parts and add a spoonful of vegetable oil to the composition.

Warm honey can be mixed with raw yolk, olive or almond oil by adding sandalwood oil, jojoba or wild rose seed oil. Such mixtures are especially good for eliminating increased dryness.

Mask with honey is the best moisturizing face mask for those women who tolerate bee products.

Homemade moisturizing face masks with hercules are traditionally recommended for women in the reproductive age. Hercules mucus perfectly moisturizes and softens tired skin. After applying a hot mass on the face, blood circulation is improved. The pores are enlarged, the sebaceous glands begin to function actively, which is especially necessary for aging women. The skin begins to shine, because it is saturated with moisture, it becomes elastic. Such a mask is good for problem skin, as well as a dull, pale, covered with fine wrinkles. After her sagging folds are removed, and the face acquires taut contours.

To get a glass of mucus, you need to take 2 cups of cold water and pour 2/3 cup of hercules into it. The mixture must be put to stew. After boiling it is removed and insisted. The cooked cereal remains at the bottom, while the nutrient slurry remains at the top. It is saturated with B vitamins that stimulate metabolic processes well. If you add vitamins A and E to the mucus, you get an excellent tool that helps moisturize not only the face, but also rejuvenate the hands.

In the broth you can add honey, lemon juice, aloe in equal quantities. The duration of such a mask is at least 20 minutes. It restores the water balance of the tissues.

For moisturizing with a lifting effect, they mix liquid honey, aloe juice, almond milk with a tablespoon of white flour. It should be a liquid sticky mixture that is applied to the skin. During her «work» you need to lie down, relaxing, thinking about how the skin becomes beautiful. After some time, the moisture from the mask will leave, and the honey and flour will tighten the surface, forming a spectacular appearance without wrinkles. It will have to be washed off, but first you need to admire your magnificent reflection in the mirror and admire the youthful face. Such an attitude towards oneself helps to keep the appearance in good condition for a long time, and after 50 it looks 15 years younger without the use of beauty injections.

Universal Masks

To moisturize the face at any age, you can use cold-pressed vegetable oils. In any oil there is vitamin E, which is involved in many biochemical processes and accelerates cell regeneration. All cold-pressed oils contain such a large number of nutrients that are important for nourishing that they are an excellent way to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Vegetable oil can create a protective film on the face that prevents water from evaporating from the skin. It is good to do such masks in hot weather when the person strongly suffers from the hot sun.

The problem of oil masks is that after them you can not be in the fresh air, and even more so under the open rays of the sun. They contribute to the rapid burning of the skin under the rays of ultraviolet radiation. Especially dangerous is bergamot oil, which very well rejuvenates the face, but causes pigmentation. This essential oil is recommended to use only in the cold season.

The mask with honey works very well on tired, dried skin. It contains a large number of valuable elements and is included in the recipes of many face masks. When applying liquid honey, the cells so actively feed them that most of the mask has time to be absorbed into the skin. Natural candied product can be used as a scrub. It moistens the cells, eliminates the cornified cells, promotes the rapid recovery of the upper layers of the epidermis, has anti-inflammatory effect.

Sour cream works well for the face of the house. It has an exceptional effect on the epidermis. This super moisturizing face mask is ideal for all skin types. It contains a lot of moisture, amino acids, animal fats, which quickly restore the water balance of cells. It has a beneficial effect on the skin burned under the sun, nourishes the mature cells of the epidermis and returns elasticity. If you use this tool from adolescence to old age, then your face will be beautiful and tender for a long time.

Egg brings many benefits to female beauty. Whipped protein and lemon juice masks are used by girls to get the perfect face contour and a fresh look. The effect of yolk on the skin begin to evaluate the ladies at a more mature age. It contains a large number of beneficial trace elements.

Due to the large amount of nutrients in the yolk, masks based on it deeply moisturize the layers of the epidermis and nourish them. The yolk is mixed with vegetable oil, and this cosmetic mix has a beneficial effect on the driest skin.

The main problem of aging is that a woman forgets that she is beautiful, and without taking care of her beloved face begins to fade. Strong-willed women who love their entire body completely without a trace admire those who are surrounded by beauty to a great age. They have a smooth back and beautiful well-groomed skin. Her moisturizing — only part of the entire program for the care of appearance.

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