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Milk soups — for children and not only: delicious cooking recipes with photos

Milk soups — detailed and delicious cooking recipes with step by step photos (for children and adults)

Milk soups — This is a great first course category, combining a lot of culinary recipes. Such soups are not only tasty, but also very healthy and nutritious. Milk contains proteins, vitamins, fats, mineral salts, trace elements. All these substances are needed to maintain normal body function. Of course, in the process of cooking milk for making soups, some of them are destroyed, but, nevertheless, the first dish on the basis of milk still remains very useful.

Milk-based soups seem to many as an exclusively children’s dish. However, we are in a hurry to dissuade you. In fact, adult milk soups are much larger. And this is not banal noodles or rice porridge on milk. There are many recipes for fish soups with a milk base. Such a combination seems simply impossible, but such first courses are really very tasty and enjoy considerable popularity.

As for the types of milk soups, they are not limited to adult and children’s soups. Similar entrees can be divided according to the dairy product used for cooking. In addition to the milk itself, fermented milk products are used. Also for the preparation of milk soup can be used milk powder and condensed milk. In addition, the above first dishes are prepared on the basis of vegetable milk, for example, soy or coconut milk. Such soups can be called exotic, but there are many of them. By the way, the recipes of such «strange» dishes can be found in this section of the site.

There are two more large types of milk soups — sweet and unsweetened. Sweet, as a rule, is prepared on the basis of whole, powdered or condensed milk with added sugar. As the grounds use a variety of cereals and pasta. Unsweetened soups are made from whole and dried milk, as well as fermented milk products. The set of ingredients for the ground in this case is more diverse. All sorts of vegetables, cereals, fish, seafood and meat products can be used.

Enumerating types of milk soups can still be quite long, but we will not go into this topic further. Next, we consider the main tricks and secrets in working with milk in the preparation of milk soups.

Preparation of milk soups is not particularly difficult, but still you need to know some secrets. They may not be listed in the basic recipe, but are implied by default.

With whole milk, there are no special questions, but it may not be entirely clear how to inject milk powder into the soup. It is correct to do it this way — the right amount of milk powder is first dissolved in a small amount of warm water, and then the rest of the water of the same temperature is injected to the resulting mass. The fluid is thoroughly stirred. Its consistency should be uniform, without lumps. The amount of powdered milk is easy to determine. For one glass of water you will need from one to one and a half tablespoons of milk powder.

You can start cooking soup based on milk powder only after it is diluted.

Sweet soups are boiled out of condensed milk, as a sufficiently large amount of sugar is added to the specified product. Condensed milk is first diluted with hot water, and only then add the other components. The proportions of condensed milk in relation to water are 2 tablespoons for one glass, respectively.

You will not find this advice in many recipes, but you need to know it when making milk soup! Before you pour the milk into the pan, rinse it with cold water. Due to this, the milk will not burn. In addition, you should cook similar soups on low heat. This will also prevent sticking.

In order for it not to curl up when introducing milk into the soup, you need to do this — add a tablespoon of any flour diluted in half a glass of cold boiled water to the saucepan with the first dish, boil the dish for a few minutes and then add milk to it. Boil the first dish will need about five more minutes. If we are talking about fish soup, then the fish before the introduction of flour should be removed from the pan. You can return it back at the very end of cooking. Do not use sour vegetables for cooking. They are most often the cause of the milk curdling.

Keeping fermented milk products into the soup is much easier. So, the first dish is cooked as usual, but left to boil on the stove until the liquid evaporates almost completely. Then the resulting porridge is diluted with any fermented milk product to choose from. It turns out very unusual, but, nevertheless, quite tasty!

As you can see, the secrets of recipes for making milk soups are completely unpretentious. They are few, but still know them. You will be able to learn about all the other nuances of making milk soups at home from those step-by-step photo recipes that are given in this section. The process of cooking this or that first dish is described in as much detail as possible. As for the step by step photos, they will be an excellent addition to the recipe. They make the cooking process vivid, and therefore more understandable.

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