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Mask of the yolk for the face: the effect of the procedure, recipes means

The mask of the yolk with their own hands: moisturizing, rejuvenation and nutrition for the face

Shopping and pharmacy face care products are very expensive. The effect obtained after their use is not always able to justify the money spent, forcing regret for the purchase.

At all times, women and girls tried to preserve their youth and beauty as long as possible. They coped well with this task, thanks to the use of absolutely affordable natural remedies. And now, more and more, ladies opt for such methods of skin care as a yolk mask for the face.

The following should be noted immediately. In its pure form, egg yolk is able to give the skin discomfort when drying, tightening it and thus causing the appearance of wrinkles, as well as clogging pores. Therefore, the product must be mixed with other components, then the procedure will bring not only visible benefits, but also real pleasure.

What is useful yolk mask?

An egg is an incredibly nutritious product, and for the face, the yolk is just a storehouse of nutrients. The result of applying a mask based on it pleasantly surprises:

  • skin is intensely moisturized due to the action of vitamin A, which actively fights dehydration and its unpleasant consequences in the form of desquamation and the appearance of fine wrinkles;
  • the skin acquires elasticity and is noticeably tightened under the influence of lecithin, which acts as a conductor for nutrients, contributing to their deep penetration into all its layers;
  • potassium helps the skin retain moisture and maintains good tone;
  • melatonin is known for its anti-aging properties, as it stimulates the formation of new cells;
  • Vitamin E is responsible for maintaining the vitality of skin cells, their protection from exposure to harmful factors, it is a powerful antioxidant;
  • Biotin and other B vitamins provide the skin with a healthy and blooming appearance, eliminating itching and redness, relieving irritation, regulating blood circulation;
  • vitamin D significantly inhibits the destructive processes, slowing down aging;
  • fatty polyunsaturated and monounsaturated acids promote cell regeneration, tissue renewal, maintain a healthy skin structure — their source can always be the egg mask for the face.

How to make a mask?

Egg yolk masks for the face are prepared very quickly and are immediately used. You should never leave a tool in reserve, as it quickly loses its useful properties, simply speaking — it deteriorates. The egg must also be of good quality, that is, fresh. To verify this is very simple by dropping it into a glass of water. The old will surely come up, from this you should not cook anything. Fresh will sink to the bottom.

Mixing warm components, you need to make sure that they are at the correct temperature: it should not exceed 65 degrees Celsius, otherwise the yolk coagulates. You can take almost any egg: chicken, duck or quail, it is important to wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

The mask of eggs for the face, as a rule, is composed of vegetable oil. The beautiful evergreen olive tree and its fruits, which have many useful properties, presented people with a universal product — olive oil, which is successfully used not only in cooking, but also in the beauty industry. It is added to the facial mask from wrinkles most often.

What ingredients can be added to the mask for the face at home, you need to decide on the basis of what type of skin means intended. It is also prepared from honey, juice and pulp of fruits and berries, sour cream or natural yogurt is added, mixing the ingredients in the right proportion. First of all, the mask of egg yolk is shown to the skin, prone to dryness, combined or normal type.

Mask Recipes

A simple facial mask with a yolk against wrinkles includes only the yolk itself and olive oil. In this case, they are not mixed, and proceed as follows. Warm oil is applied on clean skin with a thick enough layer. Beaten into a gentle foam, the yolk lies on top and is kept until it dries a little.

Then another egg layer is applied, and time passes again. The third time, the skin is smeared with yolk foam, and after a few minutes, the mask can be washed off with warm, but not hot water, and the face with mineral water at room temperature. For such a mask, you will need two or three yolks of the egg, if you also process the neck and decollete area.

Recipe with additional ingredients

Face mask with yolk and honey is prepared as follows:

  • the yolk is ground with one teaspoon of natural honey;
  • spread the mixture over the face and neck.

This mask is suitable for oily skin. If the skin is dry or combination, you can safely add olive oil, it will be enough for two dessert spoons. The composition is kept on the face for 15-20 minutes and washed off with warm water.

Another egg mask for wrinkles consists of one tablespoon of the fattest fresh cream and yolk. Having carefully mixed products, it is possible to start rejuvenation. After a quarter of an hour, wash off. This tool, used regularly, can work wonders.

To whiten the skin and get rid of age spots will help face mask with yolk and lemon. The yolk in this recipe is whipped with two teaspoons of fresh honey that did not have time to thicken and one spoon of lemon juice. This composition is able to eliminate even seasonal freckles.

A face mask of yolk and sour cream is an excellent way to remove signs of fatigue from your face. One yolk and two tablespoons of this fermented milk product will return the skin a fresh and rested appearance.

Intensively nourishes and rejuvenates the skin mask with egg yolk, cottage cheese and banana puree. All ingredients must be taken in equal proportions, evenly distributed over the face and neck, and after 20 minutes, wash with warm water.

Some tips

  • Before applying the mask, it is important to thoroughly remove makeup and other impurities from the skin.
  • You should not use a brush to distribute the composition over the face, it is much better and more convenient to do it with finger pads, along massage lines, with light movements and gentle pats, as if driving nutrient mixture into the skin.
  • While the mask remains on the face, you need to relax as much as possible, you can relax while lying in a warm, fragrant bath.
  • It will be easier to remove the frozen mask from the skin if you use a cotton pad dipped in warm milk.
  • In addition to olive oil, it is possible to include wheat germ or grape seed oil in the composition, and flax oil is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • After the mask is washed off, it is recommended to wipe the face and neck with a tonic and apply a light cream.
  • The mask should not be applied to the skin around the eyes.

Egg yolk, despite the rich vitamin content, is dangerous because it is a very strong allergen. Therefore, masks based on it are suitable only for those who do not have intolerance to this product. To check the reaction of the skin to the yolk and other components of the mask, it would be reasonable to carry out a test by applying a little bit on the skin of the wrist. If after some time itching appears and the skin turns red, then it is better to refrain from using these products and look for another recipe.

Egg yolk is a real find for those who monitor the condition of their skin. Another undoubted advantage of it is accessibility. This facial does not hit at all.

The secret lies in the regularity of the procedures. In order to reanimate tired and deprived skin, it is enough to do a course of 10-12 masks. Apply the composition 2-3 times a week. After that you can maintain the result, pampering your face and neck with these wonderful masks four times a month.

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