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Mask of gelatin and activated carbon from black spots: the best recipes

Mask of gelatin and activated carbon: an effective home remedy for black spots

One of the most popular modern beauty recipes is a mask of gelatin and activated carbon. This effective cosmetic can be easily prepared by yourself. One of its important advantages is the availability of ingredients that are easy to get without spending a lot of money. Before learning how to make such a mask at home, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages of the tool, as well as the important features of its proper use.

The benefits of the famous mask

The main feature, which has a gelatinous mask with activated carbon, making it a unique cosmetic — undeniable benefits for the skin of each ingredient in the composition.

  • So, gelatin is an excellent source of collagen — the main assistant in the fight for the beauty of the skin. He easily penetrates into the inner layer of the epidermis, ensuring its lightness and elasticity. In addition, gelatin is rich in natural protein — an important participant in all metabolic processes. It also stabilizes the functioning of the glands responsible for the production of sebum, and helps to get rid of dead cells.
  • No less important properties has the second basic ingredient of the mask — activated carbon. It contributes to the drying of excess sebum, and also effectively tightens pores. I influence the work of the sebaceous glands, it significantly reduces the number of rashes, helping to stop inflammation at home and deeply cleansing the epidermis. It is important to bear in mind that such cosmetic coal is of natural origin — it has been extracted from the ashes of trees and has been used for many centuries.

Thus, the mask of activated carbon and gelatin — an excellent cosmetic product created by a unique recipe. It provides maximum cleansing of the face, and also contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin.

Indications for use

You can use a face mask with coal and gelatin for every girl who aspires to effectively take care of herself. It is recommended to begin its application after reaching the 30-year mark, when the skin begins to undergo the first changes associated with age. At this time, a face mask with gelatin and activated carbon should be used once every 4–4.5 weeks. When the 40-year mark passes, the frequency of use increases to 1 time every 7 days. And for women older than 50 years, it is recommended to resort to this tool with an interval of 3-4 days.

It is reasonable to use courses for face masks, and in principle gelatin and charcoal should not be used for skin longer than 5-6 weeks in a row. It is necessary to rest the epidermis. The break between courses should be about 1-1.5 months.

After several weeks of use, you can notice the effect that gelatin and coal have on the epidermis. The skin is noticeably softened, the depth of wrinkles is significantly reduced, inflammatory foci are removed, making the face clean and radiant. And if you use this tool regularly for at least 4 months (with indicated breaks), it can be noted that even fine wrinkles have disappeared. The face again becomes young and fit.

Another important indication for the use of the recipe is black dots. Now face mask Coal and gelatin is considered the most effective tool in the fight against this problem at home. With its regular use, you can completely get rid of black acne. Therefore, in the presence of this problem, the age limit for the use of a mask is significantly reduced — anyone can resort to it in the absence of allergic reactions to the components.

You can also make a mask if you have the slightest pigment spot on your face. Its brightening and leveling properties will help to get rid of these problems as quickly as possible.

Required Ingredients

The composition of one of the most effective cosmetics is extremely simple, you will need three ingredients:

  • gelatin;
  • black activated carbon;
  • some water (some recipes suggest using milk to supplement and even out skin color).

It is these components that are basic for the preparation of gelatin and activated carbon face products. If desired, you can add the recipe with other ingredients. It can be dairy products, certain fruits and vegetables that are suitable for your skin type. If you choose them correctly, you can prepare a universal remedy to deal with any problems.

The main thing is to be careful and pre-check the skin for signs of allergy to the component funds.

Main cooking method

A mask of gelatin and activated carbon from black dots can be made according to the following algorithm.

  • One tablet of activated charcoal (black) is crushed into powder.
  • In a bowl with 2 tbsp. l chilled boiled water is added 1 tsp. gelatin. After 15-17 minutes, the gelatin swells, which has absorbed all the liquid.
  • After that, pre-crushed coal is added to the bowl and placed in a water bath. With continuous stirring, the mixture must be heated until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
  • Allow the mask to cool to a comfortable temperature and apply it to the skin with a thin layer.

The mask of coal and gelatin is kept on the face until it dries. It should turn into a thin film that needs to be carefully removed.

Other ways to create a mask

In addition to the basic recipe, there are many options for how to make a mask of gelatin and black coal. The variety of ways allows you to choose the most suitable for each type and problem.

  • Aloe juice and finely ground sea salt: chop 2 tablets of charcoal, then add aloe juice (1 tsp), sea salt (0.5 tsp), and a little water until you reach a not too thick mushy consistency. This mask with coal should be applied not too thick, wait until it is completely dry and gently remove the formed film. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil will greatly enhance the cleansing properties of the product.
  • Low-fat yogurt and lemon: grind 2 tablets of activated carbon, add lemon juice (1 tsp), yogurt (1 tbsp). Stir the mixture gently, apply and leave for 25 minutes. It is advisable to use warm water for flushing.
  • Cosmetic clay (blue): 1 tablet of coal crush into powder, add clay (1 tsp), water (50-60 ml). Mix thoroughly, apply and leave for 25 minutes. It is necessary to wash off this mask from black points with activated carbon with warm water. After the removal of the agent, care must be taken to close the opened, cleaned pores. To do this, you can gently rub your face with an ice cube. For greater efficiency, you can freeze the pre-crushed coal, diluted in water.

Each recipe has its own advantages, and the final choice depends on the personal preferences of the user.

How to apply a remedy

A face mask made of gelatin and coal requires adherence to certain application rules:

  • use a special brush, because the watery consistency will not allow you to effectively apply the product with your fingers;
  • put 2-3 layers of the mask against the black dots, with the main attention being paid to the first, ensuring that all active elements penetrate into the pores;
  • start applying a mask of coal on the nose, gradually moving to the chin and other areas of the face.

Secrets to enhance the effect

To mask from black dots with gelatin and coal gave an excellent result, you should consider certain nuances:

  • when using the product do not apply it to the area near the eyes;
  • use a mask against black spots with gelatin and activated carbon before going to bed;
  • after each removal of the product, be sure to apply a cream on the skin according to the type of skin with a soothing or moisturizing effect.

In order for the gelatin face mask to give maximum results, steam out the skin before applying it. This can be done using the bath. It will open the pores, ensuring the smooth penetration of the components of the product with gelatin and activated carbon. It will also help to more effectively cleanse the skin of the face and smooth it out. However, we must not forget that the open pores must be closed after the procedure using ice.

Thus, a mask with gelatin and activated carbon is not only effective, but also an affordable homemade cosmetic product that can be used without restrictions. The result of the procedure will be noticeable after the first acquaintance with it, and regular use will help keep the skin in excellent condition.

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