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Mask for hair at night — home cooking recipes

Hair mask for the night It will be a great helper for you if you are the owner of problematic hair. This tool will help your hair to acquire its former beauty and health. It is recommended to apply hair masks for the night to those who have increased dryness or oily hair, as well as split ends and excessively brittle structure. Also, such procedures will help stop their loss and significantly accelerate growth. You can see this if you try to apply a hair mask for the night at least several times.

There are a large number of hair masks, feeding and restoring their roots, but you don’t have to go through a huge number of recipes. We have already selected for you some of the most effective recipes for preparing masks for hair, which we are in a hurry to share.

Burdock oil is the most common hair treatment product. This oil is very easy to make at home, if you do not trust the pharmacies, however, it is best to still buy it in a ready-made form, as you may incorrectly maintain the proportions.

Burdock oil for hair is most often used in the case of baldness and to accelerate their growth. You can use it as a mask, however, it is very greasy, so it will be extremely difficult to wash it off from hair.

Make a mask is very simple: you can not dilute the oil of burdock with other oils, putting it on your hair and hiding them in a special cap for swimming. Or you can make a complex mask by adding other ingredients. Combines burdock oil with such ingredients very well:

  • chamomile oil;
  • oil beat;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • honey;
  • mustard;
  • egg;
  • cognac;
  • bow;
  • kefir and others.

Mixing burdock oil with any of these ingredients, you can quickly heal your hair. In addition, this tool will help improve blood circulation in the blood capillaries of the scalp, which will provoke accelerated growth of new hair, as well as increase their volume. Leaving the mask of oil of burdock at night, be careful, as the cap may fly off, and you will stain the pillow with oil.

Coconut Oil is another natural product whose beneficial properties have been successfully used in cosmetology for a long time. It has a moisturizing effect on the hair and makes it less fragile. After applying the masks of coconut oil hair growth increases significantly, improves their internal condition. At home, it is very easy to prepare a mask of this oil for the night.

Most popular mask recipe from coconut oil such:

  • Take the egg and divide the albumen with the yolk. The yolk should be laid out in a separate dish, and add one more yolk to it.
  • Stir the yolks, then add one large spoonful of coconut oil to them.
  • There also add the most fat sour cream.
  • Warm it all up in a water bath, then apply this mask on all your hair.
  • Pack them under a bath hat and leave overnight.

It is necessary to wash off such an oil mask very carefully, otherwise the hair will remain oily after washing. Use as much shampoo as possible when flushing.

Over time, honey has not lost its popularity for human health. It is very often used to treat colds and also to treat hair. Honey produces excellent nourishing masks that can shine and make your hair thicker. Also, a mask made of honey for the night will suit girls with hair damaged by frequent staining, as well as with split ends.

Prepare a mask of honey for the night in two ways, which we now tell you.

To make a mask for hair at night with honey and chamomile, you need to take thirty grams of dried flowers of the plant and fill them with 130 grams of strong boiling water. Leave to infuse for half an hour, and then add some honey to the decoction. The resulting product gently rub into the hair with massaging movements to improve blood flow to the hair follicles, and then leave your hair under the bathing cap for the night.

Crush in a blender peeled onion and mix it with five spoons of honey. This mask should be gently rubbed in a circular motion into the scalp, however, if you feel a strong burning sensation, you should immediately wash off the tool.

Castor oil is almost always used with burdock oil. You can use it without various additives, applying to your hair, and you can make a mask by mixing with burdock oil and chicken egg yolk. To kill the smell, you can add a little mint oil to the resulting mask, which you should subsequently apply to your hair. Leave a mask of castor oil on your hair at night, and when you wash your hair, you will see that your hair has become much better looking.

Kefir — This is another tool that is used not only as an edible product, but also as a product of cosmetology. Kefir masks help moisturize hair, stop hair loss and help them become much healthier. Also, kefir masks help smooth the split ends with constant use. And you can make a mask of kefir for hair for the night in the following way:

  • Take one small box of cocoa and dilute it with water to get a thick, mushy mixture.
  • Stir the mixture with egg yolk. It is best to use a mixer for this, as it will help to achieve the perfect consistency.
  • Add 150 grams of kefir and whisk again.
  • You will need to apply the result with a thin layer over the entire area of ​​hair, wrapping it with a warm towel overnight.

If necessary, you can increase the number of products, as these proportions are indicated for medium hair.

Sometimes instead of kefir mayonnaise is used, however, it must be home, and not bought in the store! Using mayonnaise, you can not add egg yolk.

Gelatin mask is also very easy to prepare yourself. The use of such a mask replaces the expensive procedures for biolamination of hair in a beauty salon, helps get rid of the split ends, and gives even dyed hair many times a lively shine.

Gelatin mask for hair should be prepared in this way:

  • In a ratio of one to three, fill the gelatin with warm water and leave to infuse. You can use the water bath to help melt the gelatin.
  • After the gelatin has cooled, take your hair balm and add it to the gelatin in the amount of one tablespoon.
  • Mix the mask and add a little mustard if you want to accelerate hair growth.
  • Use a mask as intended.

Be vigilant when flushing, as in the hair may remain not thickened gelatin, which will adversely affect the hair.

Hair masks with dimexidum — this is already a classic. There are a large number of varieties of this mask, however, they all share one thing: the use of this tool helps to make hair light and thick, as well as accelerate their growth and make it less greasy. It is not recommended to make a mask for girls who have dry and too brittle hair.

To create a wellness mask, you need to mix three small spoons of lemon juice, a couple of teaspoons of vitamins A and E, and also add one small spoonful of Dimexidum there. Now you can use the mask for hair as intended.

Flax oil is the product that is applied to the hair without admixture of other ingredients. You can slightly dilute it with burdock oil and leave the resulting mask overnight. Be prepared for the fact that washing the hair from the oily shine after this mask is difficult enough, so do not skimp on the shampoo.

When choosing a suitable recipe, be careful, as some ingredients may provoke allergies. There is also a list of recommendations that should be read.

  • Use mask an hour and a half before bedtime, in order to have time to feel discomfort in case of applying an unsuitable mask and to have time to wash it off.
  • Dry and carefully comb your hair before applying.
  • If you are not sure of the response of the scalp to the mask, apply a little product on the elbow bend and wait half an hour. If the skin does not turn red and does not start to bake, then you can use a mask on your hair.
  • Rinse the hair after the mask with water, which should be added in advance lemon juice. It will also help to lighten them a bit, provided that the original hair color was also light.

After reading our article and taking note of the recommendations, you can do everything in order to have beautiful and lively hair.

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