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Mask for greasy hair: 15 best recipes that eliminate greasiness

What kind of mask for very greasy hair will save you from excessive greasiness of the strands?

What girl or woman does not want to boast a well-groomed hairstyle or lush romantic curls? Hair, as a rule, can tell a lot about its owner. They can tell about the character, lifestyle, habits, because not only by the clothes they meet. Curls play an important role in the appearance of the hair, it is necessary that they be healthy, luxuriant and beautiful.

Owners of oily skin often have oily hair by nature that needs to be washed daily, as the fat absorbs a lot of dirt and dust. Washing your head is often not harmful, but you have to do it right. It is necessary to use shampoo only for its type of strands, after washing it should be rinsed with various natural means to restore the acid-base balance. A mask for oily hair can turn greasy and dull strands into shiny and fluffy curls.

Beauticians do not advise applying shampoo directly on the head. It is much more economical and more beneficial to dilute the necessary amount of shampoo in water and then evenly apply it on wetted hair. For short hairstyles you need to use no more than 6 ml of shampoo. For medium — about 8 ml, for long ones — 10 ml of shampoo. As hairdressers say, in order to rinse the strands well, you need to make at least 200 massage movements.

For extra care, it is useful to make homemade masks for oily hair; we will describe the recipes for their preparation in this article.

Best Mask Recipes

Almost all masks are composed of ingredients, including acids, which have an active effect against the oily hair. You need to adhere to the exact recipe in the preparation, then the mask will be as useful as possible and will not provoke an allergic reaction.

  1. Grind dandelion and plantain leaves in a meat grinder, rub gruel into scalp. After a quarter of an hour, rinse off the mask with cool water without shampoo.
  2. For oily scalp is well suited the following mask. For cooking you need 300 grams of blueberries in fresh or frozen form. Berries need to crush and pour 200 ml of boiling water. When the solution has cooled, rub into the skin at the roots, put on a shower cap and wrap the head. Half an hour later, wash off the mask.
  3. To eliminate the increased grease strands and prevent their loss, it is recommended to use the following herbs. Mix in equal quantities hops, nettles, horsetail, yarrow, coltsfoot, chopped calamus root and burdock. Pour the mixture with water, let it boil, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Then strain and cool. Strained broth wash your hair.
  4. Half a liter of kefir or sour milk to rub into the roots. After half an hour wash your hair. This mask for oily hair well nourishes the epidermis and removes excess greasiness.
  5. Take 1 tsp. juice of aloe, lemon, honey, 1 grated clove of garlic, 1 yolk. All ingredients mix. Mask rubbed into the scalp for half an hour.
  6. Prepare herbal infusion of 1 tbsp. l sage and 1 tbsp. l chamomile. For this herb pour boiling water, insist for 20 minutes, strain. Squeeze juice from 1 lemon, apply on strands, then rinse. Rinse with prepared herbal decoction.
  7. For oily hair roots it is useful to apply an infusion of 60 ml of apple cider vinegar and 200 ml of water, as well as herbal decoction of 1 tbsp. l rosemary and 1 tbsp. l sage In addition to eliminating fat, rosemary makes obedient and gives shine to dark hair, and sage paints a light gray hair in a chestnut color.
  8. Mix crushed peppermint leaves with rowan berries to a mushy state and put on the scalp. After half an hour, rinse with water.
  9. Excellent mask for greasy hair is obtained from rye bread. Pour 150 g of bread with hot water and grind to a slurry. Rub a warm mixture into the scalp, put on a hat, wrap a towel for 30 minutes. Wash off without using shampoo.
  10. One pack of colorless henna, 1 whipped protein. Such an egg mask for very oily hair with the addition of henna perfectly strengthens curls, makes them flexible and soft, gives them a natural glow.
  11. Preparation of another hair mask: 20 g yeast, 20 ml of water, 1 protein. Dissolve the yeast in water and add protein. Rub the mixture into the hair and leave until dry. Then rinse the head and wash with sulfur soap.
  12. From kiwi is obtained effective mask for oily hair. It is necessary to take hard fruits, which contain a lot of fruit acids. With two kiwis, remove the peel, add 2 drops of 9% apple cider vinegar. Spread the mixture evenly on the strands from the roots, after 20 minutes, wash off the mask.
  13. In tomatoes is a huge amount of natural acids that need oily hair. These acids in tomatoes are an active agent in the fight against scalp oily skin. The result of the procedures will be the reduction of skin greasiness, excellent cleansing of the strands for a long time. From tomatoes it turns out very easy mask from fat content of hair. Apply 100 ml of tomato juice to hair, gently massage the scalp, put on a cap, wrap with a towel. Leave the mask for half an hour.
  14. Mustard is the main ingredient for the next mask for oily hair at home. In 200 ml of hot water dilute 2 tbsp. l mustard Dilute the mixture with another 1 liter of hot water. Mustard must be washed head, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Thanks to this mask, the production of sebum secretion is reduced.
  15. Recipes coniferous infusions are prepared very simply. Enough in 1 liter of boiling water to brew 3 tbsp. l needles needles. Boil for a quarter of an hour. Strained ready decoction should be applied daily to the hair roots.

Application technique

  • Masks for oily hair at home should be rubbed into the hair, then you should wear a shower cap (or wrap with polyethylene) over your head, wrap with a towel and hold for 10–20 minutes.
  • Owners of curls of mixed type (when the roots are fat, and the tips are dry) hair masks should be applied only to the roots, and the damaged tips should be lubricated with heated oil.
  • Any mask against greasy hair is washed off with warm or slightly cool water. Hot water only increases sebum production.
  • It is necessary to use masks for oily hair 4–6 times a month.

In the diet should limit the consumption of fatty foods. This is the only way to reduce fat content from the inside. Fatty strands require a lot of attention, because for the care of them it is necessary to use special cosmetics that reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands and carry out a thorough cleaning of the scalp.

Natural home remedies cope with this problem no worse than the store. In addition, you can competently organize care for curls that are prone to fat, not worse than the salon and with minimal costs. These tools are designed to effectively get rid of excess fat with strands.

It should be remembered that the appearance and condition of the hair is directly related to the health of the scalp. Tight, inflamed, oily scalp may indicate internal health problems, as well as inadequate care for the scalp. This is always reflected in the state of the locks.

Eliminate excessive greasiness of the hair can be with careful care. You need to use a mild shampoo, thoroughly rinse the strands under running water, do a daily head massage.

Stress is very strongly reflected in hair. Nervous stress causes many unpleasant effects in the body. From stress will help gymnastics, meditation, deep breathing, yoga and, of course, a healthy lifestyle.

Only permanent body care in general and hair in particular will provide beautiful, strong, luxuriant and health-shining curls.

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