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Lunch — delicious photo recipes for everyday meals at home

Lunch — delicious photo recipes for everyday meals at home, made in a hurry and not only

Dinner — It is an integral part of a healthy healthy diet, the recipes for which can be not only complicated, but also vigorous. Therefore, do not think that cooking dinner is an unimaginably long procedure that takes too much time.

Speaking about lunch, you need to understand that This is a very important part of the diet, which accounts for the bulk of the food consumed per day (about 40-50%). It should be quite satisfying. However, it should be understood that overeating is unacceptable! The number of dishes that are consumed at lunchtime can vary from two to four. If we talk about a full meal, it should consist of appetizers, soup, main course, as well as dessert, accompanied with some drink. Although most often lunch consists of two dishes: the first and main second.

In the formation of the lunch menu, you should consider some rules of a healthy balanced diet. For example, meat and fish are best combined with light vegetable salads, but not with potatoes or pasta. This is due to the fact that protein and carbohydrate products are poorly digested together (fermentation processes occur in the stomach, due to which the digestive system is heavily overloaded). As for dessert for lunch, it should also be light if possible. For example, the ideal option would be a sweet salad of seasonal fruits and berries, the recipe of which, by the way, will not require you more time and effort.

Those two options for lunch, which we considered earlier, it is rather homemade family dinners. In reality, they look quite different. We all have to earn money, but at work “to feast” at home surely will not work! However, lunch at work can also be made full. First, forget about sandwiches and a variety of fast food. Secondly, prepare in advance. Prepare a meal for lunch from the evening or sutra before work. This may be, for example, a piece of baked fish with vegetables and fruit salad. You can also take the soup with you, because today there are special compact thermoses for first courses. So in this case, no problem, in fact, no! Good nutrition at work is just a matter of your desire!

Special attention is also worth children’s dinners. They must be carefully thought out, because a growing body requires a full range of vitamins and minerals. For example, a soup must be included in the child’s diet. It can be cooked both on vegetable broth, and on meat. Also in the menu of children’s lunch meals should be the main hot dish. Only it is necessary to consider that meat should be easy dietary. Pork in the child’s diet is unacceptable (it is too fat and difficult to digest). The same goes for mushrooms. Must be included in the children’s lunch, and even natural juices or compote.

If you have any questions what to eat for lunch or what to cook, then welcome to our website! On it you will find a lot of photo recipes, which describe in detail the procedure and technology of cooking. Step by step pictures visualize the cooking process. This is most helpful to beginners in the culinary business who have very little experience. Also here you can learn a lot of interesting and original ideas, surprising your household with something delicious for lunch!

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