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Lithuanian cuisine — recipes of national dishes with photos

Lithuanian cuisine — delicious recipes of national dishes with photos

Lithuanian cuisine or national cuisine of Lithuania — quite diverse. It has its own traditional dishes, as well as dishes borrowed from the Baltic countries, as well as from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. In general, Lithuanian cuisine can be divided into two main types: Starolitovskaya and Novolitovskaya. The differences between them are colossal. Let’s figure out which ones!

Starolitovskaya cuisine is the cuisine of the nobility, the rich class of Lithuania, which is characterized by intricate dishes from products that are completely exotic for us. For example, on the rich man’s table one could see various game: bear meat, venison, elk meat, boar meat, bull meat, pheasants. In addition, spices were widely used, and since Starolitovskaya cuisine was most prevalent in the period from the 14th to the 18th century, it is obvious that such additives were very rare and expensive. In general, it should be noted that the dishes were exquisite and very unusual, so that they received worldwide fame.

Novolitovskaya kitchen is the kitchen of the peasantry, which in the second half of the 19th century supplanted the oldolitovskaya kitchen. It is more simple, without any frills and any delicacies. The most popular product in the Novolitovka kitchen is potatoes, from which dozens of dishes are prepared. The most famous of them are zeppelins (potato patties stuffed with meat). In addition to the previously mentioned root crops, the Lithuanian peasant cuisine uses the following products in its recipes: carrots, beets, onions, cabbage, all kinds of legumes, greens, and meat (mostly pork), as well as milk and dairy products.

As for the modern national cuisine of Lithuania, this is exactly the Novolitovskaya cuisine. It is very simple, its recipes are simple, and at the same time it is quite tasty. Her most famous dishes are zeppelins or, as the Lithuanians themselves call them, didjukukulyay, vedarai (potato sausages with lard), zrazy, brushwood (fried cookies) and many others. However, it is better to get acquainted with them in more detail in those photo recipes that are shown on our website!

And on top of that, we would like to note that the Lithuanians are very hospitable people. Getting to their house, you just do not go hungry! Guests are fed their fill and at the same time served to the table the best dishes. Therefore, having appeared even in the restaurant of the national Lithuanian cuisine, you will be pleasantly surprised by the almost homely hospitality and the most cordial welcome!

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