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Lip masks — types and methods of cooking at home

Lip Masks — Home Cooking Recipes

Lip Masks — this is a necessary measure for every girl who wants to have an irresistible smile. There is an unimaginable number of types of masks, starting with masks for lip augmentation, and ending with masks for removing tendrils or wrinkles over the upper lip.

The texture of the skin of human lips is significantly different from the skin of the face or hands, so it needs special care. Lips require thorough and proper moisturizing. If you do not care for them, the skin begins to peel off, becomes rough and dry. To prevent this from happening, you should regularly use lip masks. Fortunately, today there is a huge selection of masks in stores. The most popular are the following:

You can easily buy any of these masks in the cosmetology shop. Instructions for their use you can find in the package. Besides, there are also special lipsticks that have the effect of a mask for moisturizing. It is also possible to purchase the shine of any color that softens the lips and at the same time emphasizes your makeup.

Nevertheless, we still recommend that you give preference to lip masks that will be made at home. In our article you will find several recipes with which you can cook them.

There are many types of lip masks: collagen, moisturizing, nourishing, tissue, hydrohelium, silicone, hyaluronic and others. We suggest you learn how to make a homemade lip mask on your own so that it brings more benefits than store masks.

Wonderful lip mask with honey will help you moisturize them, prevent dryness and peeling. To use this tool, you need only honey, which must be fresh and not very thick. Just apply a little honey on the skin of the lips, as well as around them, and leave for fifteen minutes. After the required amount of time, you need to lightly massage your lips with light movements of your fingers, after which you should gently wipe the honey with a wet cotton pad.

Home lip scrub can also be considered a mask of sugar. To cook it, you need to find brown sugar, because it contains the greatest number of useful elements. Sugar should be mixed with any essential oil and rub the mixture into the skin of the lips. Do not overdo it! Strong pressure on the lips is not necessary, just gently spread the composition on the surface of the lips, leave for a few minutes, then gently remove with warm water.

Such a simple home scrub recipe will help you make your sponges pink and tender, as well as save them from peeling. Some girls use a mask of sugar to increase the volume of the lips, as well as for their plumpness, but the effect is not very well noticeable.

What can moisturize the skin of the lips better than sour cream? It’s no secret that this product is quite successfully used by girls as a mask for hair. But not only hair needs constant care and nutrition, vitamins are also necessary for lips. A homemade sour cream mask will make the skin of your lips incredibly soft and smooth. And now let’s learn how to cook this beauty:

  • Buy fat sour cream, take out a small convenient container and send one large spoonful of product there.
  • Cut a slice of lemon and squeeze a few drops of juice into a container of sour cream.
  • Arm yourself with any essential oil and add a few drops to the total weight of the ingredients.
  • Stir the mask thoroughly and apply with a wide layer on the lips.
  • Twenty-five minutes later, the mask can be washed off with warm water and soap.

Such a mask will also help to cure the cracks on the lips when weathering, and also rejuvenate them a little. It can be used every day, even as a prevention of cracking and dryness.

Using the cranberry balsam, you will notice that your sponges have become much pinker and softer. Useful components that make up the berries, will provide the skin of the lips with essential vitamins. It is very easy to prepare cranberry-based balm: take ten berries of cranberries, mash them with a fork and rub through a sieve to get rid of the stones. Then take one small spoonful of almond oil and honey, mix with a small amount of vitamin E and send to the water bath for a few minutes to warm the mixture.

Now mix the crushed cranberries with the mixture, let it cool a little and you can apply lip balm to its intended purpose.

Absolutely everyone can use lip masks regardless of age and gender. The only contraindication is an allergy to one or another ingredient. You can read lip mask reviews before applying it on yourself. Read more about lip masks in the video below.

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