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Lenten dishes — delicious recipes with photos for every day and for holidays

Lenten dishes — simple, but very tasty recipes with photos for every day and for holidays

Lenten dishes are a category of foods that Orthodox Christians eat on special days of fasting, when it is not allowed to eat meat, eggs, dairy products, sweets, and also to drink alcohol. Such a restriction in the products, it would seem, should have made the table too lean. However, in reality this is far from the case! Even from our usual fruits and vegetables you can make a real culinary masterpiece. In general, the category of lenten dishes is very diverse and is replete with thousands of various recipes, which you can be sure of by studying this section of our site.

Lenten food, like ordinary food can vary according to purpose. This means that there are dishes for both breakfast and lunch, as well as for dinner. In addition, these dishes can be quite everyday, that is, designed for each day, and they can also be festive. Because even at a birthday in the post, you can prepare a wonderful holiday table. It will turn out, we assure you, very tasty. Your guests will not even notice the absence of some products!

In addition, Lenten dishes are very diverse in types. For example, you will not have to exclude from your diet neither snacks, nor first courses, nor second hot dishes. Even from the sweet treats can not refuse, if you approach sensibly to their preparation. And even our favorite burgers can not leave the Lenten table, if the meat is replaced by fish or, for example, lentils.

Thus, even excluding some foods from your diet, you can still leave it approximately the same as before the post. And sometimes the replacement of some components to others makes the food more advantageous in terms of taste.

Dishes from cereals occupy an important place on the lean table. First of all, this is due to their satiety. Even the simplest porridge cooked in water can satisfy no worse than a piece of fried meat. In addition, this food will be much more useful.

Most often, during the fast, such cereals are prepared: buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal. As a rule, they are cooked as a side dish, and in addition are added to all kinds of lean soups.

In addition to cereals, legumes are widely used (peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans). In terms of their nutritional qualities, they are not inferior to meat, but there is much more benefit from them, because in their composition you will not find “harmful” cholesterol, as well as growth hormones.

The main components of the dishes during the post still remain vegetables. Of them prepare appetizers, salads, first and second courses. Besides the fact that they are tasty and low-calorie, they are also very useful. Vegetables are rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals, as well as a mass of other substances necessary for the body. Thus, vegetable dishes during fasting not only give believers the opportunity to demonstrate their humility before God, but also to improve their health, which, perhaps, will be a reward for humility.

The most common for use during fasting are such vegetables: eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, beets, pumpkin, spinach.

Quite a popular ingredient in many lean recipes are mushrooms. They can be an excellent substitute for meat, and in addition they can be widely used in the preparation of various dishes, like vegetables, which were discussed earlier. Oyster mushrooms and champignons, which are available on store shelves all year round, are most commonly used. However, you can use forest mushrooms if you have such an opportunity.

Also in this context, it is impossible not to mention the fruits. They, as a rule, are used in an independent form, as a substitute for desserts. In addition, they may be part of a sweet dish.

The most common fruit in our area is apples, however, and overseas fruits can be safely eaten on fasting days. So in consumption of pineapples, bananas and other gifts of nature you can not limit yourself. In addition to maintaining health, they will be very useful!

Meat during fasting can be replaced not only with vegetable food. On some days that are not particularly strict, you can eat all kinds of fish. Maybe it is river, sea or even oceanic. It doesn’t matter. Cook as a fish as you probably know you can be a real masterpiece! So in the case of any celebration that falls during fasting, you will be able to please your guests and yourself, with fish in any culinary processing that you prefer.

During fasting, consumption of seafood is also allowed: shrimp, squid, mussels, oysters, algae, etc.

Baking on fasting days as well as many other dishes listed above can remain on your menu. All that is required is to cook it on a lean dough, which does not contain milk, butter and eggs. Its basis is any flour at your discretion (traditional wheat, buckwheat, corn or any other). Other ingredients: water, baking soda, yeast, salt.

You can make any pastry from such lean dough: pancakes, pies and pies, pizza, rolls, etc. The filling can be vegetable, fruit, mushroom or fish.

Fasting is not just a limitation in food, it is your ability to exercise physical and humility and spiritual humility. However, this does not mean that you have to starve yourself and exhaust your body. Therefore, you should carefully consider the compilation of the Lenten menu every day, trying to make it balanced. Remember that health is paramount!

We hope that the photo recipes of our site will help you to create a tasty and varied diet for the duration of the post.

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