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Laser hair removal — a description of the procedure with pros and cons; contraindications to it

Laser hair removal — description, benefits and harm of the procedure

Description of the procedure and contraindications for its implementation

Laser hair removal — This is a modern way that helps get rid of growing hair, which can be in different parts of our body. It is applied using a narrow beam of light, a laser designed to «eradicate» the problem completely, preventing hair growth. It acts in a destructive way on the hair follicles, and therefore, completely solves the problem of unwanted vegetation on the body. Slowing the active development of hair growth, as well as their absolute removal, is carried out through the influence of a laser light beam, the flashes of which can penetrate into the epithelial membrane of our body at the required depth. If we talk in more detail about the mechanism of action of the above procedure, then it is worth understanding that there is a pigment melanin in the hair follicles, it is he who is responsible for the color of the hair columns, which we consider as hairs, and he is also able to absorb light energy. And at the same time, the entire surface area of ​​the hair is heated, which necessarily leads to the destruction of the hair follicle and deceleration up to the complete cessation of its development in the future.

Thanks to this mechanism laser hair removal is used only on dark, thick hair, because they contain more melanin pigment. In order to destroy the fluffy, light hairs, there are completely different, more acceptable methods. And because of this, people with a pronounced tan or increased darkness do not use laser hair removal as the main way to get rid of hair, because the laser pulse energy will definitely be neutralized and will not be able to reach the hair follicle.

It is precisely this that causes this popularity of this method, but still the possibilities of science in our time are not limitless, and during this procedure it is impossible to get rid of this problem once and for all in a matter of seconds. After all, a small area of ​​the body can be processed with a laser at a time, so for a full-fledged result, it is worth holding several sessions, because apart from a small area of ​​the area treated at one time, there is also such a moment: the hairs do not grow all at the same time, therefore having destroyed the eyes visible, we week we will see new ones here. This does not mean that the procedure is not effective. The previously hidden hair follicles were simply activated.

These factors are the reason why laser epilation of the upper lip, underarms, bikini zones and deep bikini zones is most often used, because the area being processed is quite small and can be perfectly brought to perfection in two or three sessions. While on such a vast area as the legs may require much more time and money.

The effectiveness of this method has the highest rates among the existing ones. For example, in just 9-10 sessions, even a person with dark, thick hair on his legs can completely get rid of them for many years.

But, like any intervention in the natural functioning of the body, laser hair removal has its own contraindications, everyone who has decided to use this method of hair removal should know in time and in time:

  • purulent formations and skin rash, herpes;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • some forms of diabetes;
  • a large number of warts, birthmarks, moles and age spots;
  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of superficial injuries, cuts, wounds, and so on;
  • very dark skin, or having an intense tan;
  • acute viral infections or flu;
  • pregnancy or lactation period;
  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • very light and thin hairs on the intended site of treatment;
  • poorly repaired tissue;
  • period of menstruation.

Remember that only if you follow all the regulations and rules, the method of laser hair removal will be safe for you, and the result will be of high quality.

Pros and cons of laser hair removal, of course, have a place to be. For example, the advantages of this method may be the following features:

  • Painless procedure. Indeed, this method allows you to reduce the discomfort that is always pursuing those who want to get a beautiful smooth body. When laser hair removal pain will be an order of magnitude lower than with wax hair removal or shugaring.
  • Lack of scars, scars and bruises. This method allows you to work on the skin without applying physical contact. This means that you do not injure your skin, such as shaving and other types of removal of unwanted hair.
  • The speed of the procedure. Or rather, high speed, because the duration of one session takes from 15 to 60 minutes.
  • Security. Owing to the same lack of mechanical action, the possibility of infection and infection of the organism is completely excluded.
  • Performance. You get a result that will be fixed for a long time. And when conducting several sessions on high-quality equipment and forever.
  • No side effects. If you choose the right equipment and take into account the state of health, then laser hair removal in no way can cause deterioration in health.
  • Skin rejuvenation. This is true, one of the pleasant features of the effect of a laser on the subcutaneous layers is the activation of the vital forces of the body and the production of various substances, such as collagen, which are necessary for beautiful, toned skin, devoid of wrinkles and stretch marks.

But each barrel has its own fly in the ointment. So, even in such a wonderful way to get a beautiful body, there are small negative features that should be taken into account when choosing hair removal:

  • Cost Indeed, the cost of one session of laser hair removal can be quite high. But it is worth thinking that it will no longer be necessary to shave your legs every day, suffering irritations and cuts or to go through waxing hair removal tests every month, and the price does not seem so high.
  • Contrast skin type with hairs. Only under this condition will laser hair removal be very effective. Although this minus is already not a minus, because the newest lasers were developed, which are effective even with a light type of hair.
  • The possibility of a burn. However, this is possible only with the lack of professionalism of the person conducting the procedure. A burn can occur only if the laser is directed to tanned skin, which has already received a shock dose of ultraviolet radiation. In this case, the laser will simply cause blisters and burns.

As you can see, the advantages of laser hair removal are many, while the disadvantages are rather relative. In addition, as mentioned above, science does not stand still, and more and more new types of devices are being developed that can cope with any type of hair on any type of skin.

In the modern market of cosmetology developments and mechanisms, the range of equipment necessary for carrying out a high-quality and efficient procedure is constantly updated. Because of this, at the moment there are the following types of lasers for hair removal:

  • Ruby Laser — has an excellent result of working only on light, with a small amount of melanin, skin that has rather dark and thick hairs. In order to obtain a high-quality result, it is necessary to conduct quite a few sessions of the procedure.
  • Alexandrite laser — has a sufficiently high speed and power. It penetrates to a rather large depth, so that it can even be applied on dark and naturally dark skin. Laser hair removal with alexandrite laser is one of the most famous and common varieties of this procedure in modern salons and centers of laser hair removal. It will be a great solution for very sensitive skin.
  • Diode laser — this type of laser has the strongest penetrating power, and therefore, gives amazing results that are recorded for a long time, until the complete disappearance of hair on a selected area of ​​the body or face. But with these advantages, it has one drawback — a very low speed, therefore it is used on small areas of the skin, for example, for epilation of the upper lip or axillae. At the same time, the diode laser allows you to deal with such a problem as tough hair and an excessive amount of hair, because with each session the hairs will become thinner and softer.
  • Neodymium laser — one of the latest developments of modern cosmetologists, and thanks to innovative technologies it is able to cope with both thin and light hairs, and dark hairs on dark and dark skin. Like any innovation, it has a fairly high cost, but nevertheless, along with a diode laser, neodymium is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming quite popular in modern salons and beauty centers.

Hair removal procedure in the center of laser hair removal

The procedure of hair removal in the center of laser hair removal is already quite a wide and widespread type of services offered in modern cosmetology. And this is not surprising, because the result after carrying out this method is simply magical. But still this is not magic and not magic, but modern achievements of science, and therefore they must be carried out according to the rules by a specialist with a fairly high level of training and qualification. When using laser hair removal The following rules should be observed in specialized shops:

  • The master must determine your skin phototype before each procedure. After all, the individual perception of the epithelial membrane of the rays, the color of the hair and skin should drastically affect the choice of equipment and tools used in laser hair removal. According to this, in good salons, before the session, additional tests are carried out to determine the personal perception of laser irradiation. This will help you choose absolutely safe for you, but at the same time the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair.
  • You should also determine the threshold of sensitivity of the client, and develop an individual line of use of anesthesia. It is extremely rare for patients to complain of very severe pain during the procedure, and then, most often, they are related to the fact that it is carried out in very sensitive areas. Most often, the sensations are more like tingling or a slight burning sensation. But each person is individual, which is why anesthetics in the form of creams or oils can be used in order to completely get rid of unpleasant sensations.
  • During the application of laser equipment, both the master and the client must wear special protective glasses.

In one procedure, you will not lose your hair forever, but after just one session the hairs begin to break off, which means that it is from these follicles that the hairs will not grow anymore. However, there are still inactive bulbs at the moment, which will give a hair after some time. It is then that the next session should be conducted. After a laser hair removal session, the skin may be slightly reddened, this is normal. But if the swelling does not subside within a few hours, you should still consult a doctor.

There are several rules to apply after laser hair removal:

  • apply sprays, lotions and other cosmetics recommended by the master in order to help your skin recover, become softer and more beautiful;
  • in any case not to visit beaches and solariums, baths and saunas;
  • treat with caution to take medications, it is best to consult with your doctor about taking medication;
  • in sunny weather use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30;
  • carefully study the cosmetics and set aside those that have alcohol in their composition.

If you follow these simple rules, your skin will delight you with its health, beauty and smoothness.

Home laser hair removal in our time has become an excellent alternative to salon procedures. When the technologies that allow to get rid of unwanted hair with the help of a laser, they were only available in specialized centers at very high prices. In our time, the situation has changed dramatically. Now it is possible to conduct a full-fledged laser hair removal at home.

Who can use this feature? Unfortunately, not all skin and hair types are amenable to laser epilators that are currently on the market of cosmetic products. If your skin is very dark, or your hair is very light and thin, then most likely you will have to consult a specialist. But if you have a light skin type with dark hairs (and this type is the most common in our region), then you can with peace of mind buy a set for home laser hair removal.

What are the advantages of home use laser epilator?

  1. Cost — as a rule, the cost of one device for home procedures is anywhere from two to five sessions of salon procedures. It seems that the amount is not small. But at the same time, it is worth thinking that in order to get rid of hair in a selected area, you should sometimes spend at least six to seven sessions, which means that the home version is fully paid off.
  2. Security — modern devices for home use have increased safety, so your health is not threatened.
  3. Convenience — what could be more convenient than home furnishings. You can relax in your favorite home cozy Kremlin while watching an interesting movie, and at the same time make yourself even more beautiful and perfect.
  4. Efficiency — which will not be lower than with salon procedures thanks to the innovative technologies of modern home devices.

Preparation for the procedure and skin care after it is no different from the salon option.

When choosing a laser epilator do not rush, because the reviews on them, as a rule, are ambiguous. But most often a negative opinion arises among those who unreasonably want to save. And the point here is not at all that too cheap options are bad. They can simply be calculated not at all on the area on which the buyer expects. So there are options for small areas of skin that capture one or two hairs and can perfectly cope with the area of ​​the eyebrows, antennae and chin. But at the same time, there are options designed for large areas, capable of capturing from twenty to sixty hairs at a time. And trying to use the first for the legs, and the latter for the area above the upper lip is stupid.

Therefore, carefully read the instructions, read reviews and forums about laser epilators, ask the opinion of friends. Only after that make your choice.

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Great procedure. For myself, I don’t see any cons in it — only a huge plus. I already did my armpits and legs, tune in to the bikini zone 🙂 There were no problems — everything goes great. My master is very attentive, after each epilation procedure she treats my skin with a special healing spray — Panthenol is called. There, still near the name, a smiley face is drawn, I noticed. So spray and cools the skin pleasantly, and heals all possible damage, redness «cleans.» I was most of all before the epilation of this burns and was afraid, but as it turned out, nothing

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